To The Lovely You - Chapter 1514 season finale

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   Actually, she is not joking, but serious. It's just out of the girl's restraint that she had to try this.

   Played a fake CP with Lee Min Ho for a few months, many times she often thinks, if this is true, it’s not bad.

  The two have known each other since childhood, and they are very natural when they are together, and they have no scruples. In four words, it is "free yourself".

   "..." Lee Minho lowered his eyes, his heartbeat suddenly out of control at a certain moment. What does Hou Xiaoting mean by this? Is it a joke or serious?

   Strange, why does he care if she is joking or serious? Does he also...

   Seeing that he had been silent for so long, Hou Xiaoting smiled a little embarrassedly, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Oh, it's just a joke, why are you so serious! Come on, give me a laugh for the uncle!"

  "..." Lee Minho glanced at her, the expression on his face was very cold.

   After a long time, it turned out that this woman was joking with him, which made him think seriously.

  Although she was smiling on the surface, Hou Xiaoting was actually a little sad. When she was rejected by Fatty and Song Yi in the past, she just felt ashamed, but not so sad.

   Could it be that she fell in love with Lee Min Ho? But looking at Lee Min Ho's appearance, it seems that he doesn't feel very much about her. A long, long time ago, all his heart was Luo Xiaoberry; a long, long time later, all his heart was food.

   In any case, he is faced with two major rivals in love. In fact, what Hou Xiaoting is most worried about is that Li Minhao has not forgotten Luo Xiaomei, who he deeply liked back then!

  Although, many years have passed, but after all, that is the first girl he liked, and he has liked her for so long.

   For the next few days, Hou Xiaoting deliberately avoided Li Minhao and stopped showing affection with him. In fact, after doing the math, the time they agreed on for a few months is almost here.

  Since it’s impossible, let’s end it early! If she continues to pretend to be CP like this, she is afraid that she will really be unable to pull away. Take advantage of the wrong signs now, and quickly extinguish your unrealistic fantasy.

   Lee Minho called her several times, but Hou Xiaoting either didn't answer, or she seemed very busy when she picked up.

   Finally, one day, Li Minhao couldn't help blocking her under the girls' dormitory: "Hou Xiaoting, what's going on with you recently?"

   "'s nothing!" Hou Xiaoting pretended to be indifferent, "By the way, Minho, you don't have to wait for me under the dormitory in the future. Because...the time we agreed on is today."

   "What did you say? Say it again?" Lee Min Ho didn't expect this to be what she said to himself, and couldn't help but stunned.

   A few months have passed so quickly! Because happy days always go by very fast. It is undeniable that when he and Hou Xiaoting are together, they are quite happy, without burden and pressure.

   "I said... we can break up, it's considered that I was dumped by you, okay?" Hou Xiaoting didn't dare to look at the expression on his face at the moment, pretending to be looking in another direction. What's even more strange is that even though it was a fake breakup, she had an urge to cry.

   "You...that's enough! If you say break up, then break up, what do you think of me?" Lee Min Ho didn't know why he was so angry, but he had to admit that he didn't like the word "break up" very much.

  "..." Hou Xiaoting didn't expect Li Minhao to say this, and looked at his anger-drenched eyes in confusion, "Then what do you think of me?"

   "Of course I am..." Lee Min Ho blurted out eagerly, but stopped at a critical moment.

   "What is it?" Hou Xiaoting's heart was up and down, and she asked, pulling her arm.

   "Let's go, let's go to eat." Lee Minho didn't answer her question directly, he turned his head embarrassedly and dragged her to the direction of the cafeteria.

   "Wait, you haven't answered my question yet!" Hou Xiaoting was dragged forward by him, but she did not forget to ask.

   Lee Minho finally stopped and looked at her sideways: "What do you hope? That's what it is."

   This time, it was Hou Xiaoting's turn to be embarrassed. She stomped her feet coquettishly, twisted her skirt and asked, "I'm hungry and want to eat."

   "Let's go!" Lee Minho took her hand, with a faint blush on his face.

   pretending to be CP for so long, this is the first time they hold hands, what it means is clear.

   Hou Xiaoting had a snicker on the corner of her mouth, and trotted along with him and continued to walk forward.

   Actually, she hopes... that he will become her husband one day!

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