Thunder Martial - v2 Chapter 2244 shocked the audience

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Facing the siege of the two families, the four of Zichen were the first to attack.

The effect is amazing!

The two young masters who were supposed to sit in the town were killed first.

As Zichen said, since you want to fight, let's get enough hatred.

The young master is dead, and the grievances between the two parties are naturally no longer resolved by a meal of wine.

Enmity can no longer be resolved!

Then you can only kill!

One shot!

Cheng Shan is dead!

This movement shocked everyone again!

The people in the management bureau were almost frightened. Some stood on a high place to watch the battle. They wanted to see how Zichen and the others died, but they were so frightened that they fell from the sky.

Zi Chen's name quickly spread.

There are many adventurers present, and naturally they have heard some gossip.

In order to find Zi Chen, the Du family often offered rewards.

"Oh my god, is he the Zi Chen who possesses the mythical spell!"

"That is Dayi destroying demons?! It is said that it is the archery technique passed down from the ancient Dayi?"

The audience was stunned.

The scene in front of them had a great impact on their hearts and minds.

"That's Miss Xiaolan? My God, this is a fairy! I'm so lucky to have a fairy serve me barbecue."

"That is Miss Yiling? This is also a great beauty!"

The drinkers were the most excited.

As regular customers, of course they knew Wang Yiling and Zilan, and sometimes they joked.

I never thought that these two are fairies like this.

Before, they were still worried about the safety of Boss Chen and the four of them.

As a result, the four of them directly zoomed in on their moves, showing their true colors and stunned the audience.

Mythical spells, any one that appears, are legendary existences.

Today, four kinds appeared at once.

That's right, although everyone couldn't recognize Zilan's method, they also felt that it was definitely not weaker than a mythical spell.

Moreover, it is obviously not ordinary to be able to stay with the owner of a mythical spell.

The battle situation says it all.

Zichen, who is in the fourth heaven of spiritual enlightenment, can shoot and kill the Chengshan realm without using Dayi's strongest state to destroy demons at all.

Following the death of one Chengshan, the other Chengshans were also taken aback.

"Quickly close the distance!"

You Chengshan roared loudly.

Zichen is only the fourth level of spirit enlightenment, as long as they get closer, a single slap can kill the archer Zichen.

Zichen continued to draw the bow.

The spiritual power in his body violently gathered towards the sunset bow.

At the same time, the spiritual energy of the entire Gesha market town also became chaotic.

"Da Yi!"

Then, Zi Chen roared again, and a tall figure appeared from behind Zi Chen.

Everyone couldn't see his face clearly, but they could really feel his stalwart.

As soon as he appeared, he seemed to be the center of the world.

Be the only one that exists!

On the sunset bow, the aura of that feathered arrow also became completely different.

The crisis of death hits my heart.

Cheng Shanjing snorted coldly: "He only has one arrow, but we have four!"

Obviously, they intend to take it hard.

Everyone has only a one in four chance of dying anyway.

The chance of survival is as high as three-quarters.

Once the Chengshan Realm approaches, the four will die.

Immediately, the four Chengshans mobilized their protection, which should be a family secret method, and it took on different forms.

The terrifying coercion is surging and suffocating.

The shocked onlookers started to worry about Zi Chen again.

There was a sneer at the corner of Zi Chen's mouth, "Dao Jian has three thousand arrows and four arrows!"

After saying a word, the feathered arrow flew out.


The moment the arrow flew out, one feathered arrow turned into four, and then turned and flew towards the four Chengshan Mountains.

This instant change made the four Chengshan horrified.

Can one arrow divide into four arrows?

"Fake, it must be fake!"

This thought flashed through the minds of the four of them.


Puff! puff! puff!

The four Chengshans fell from the sky, and the arrows hit their chests, as if they were precisely positioned.

Four dead!

This time, only six of the two Chengshans came over, but this time they met, five of them disappeared.

There was one left, holding Liu Jia's body, in grief.

Zi Chen looked at him.

The old man surnamed Wu felt something, and when he realized that the fighting situation was abnormal, his expression changed drastically, and he turned around and fled.

As long as he rushed into the crowd, under the cover of the crowd, it would be impossible for Zi Chen to kill him again.

Unless, Zichen did not hesitate to kill innocent people indiscriminately.

For Cheng Shan, this is just a moment.

The distance from the crowd was getting closer and closer, and the breath of freedom was ahead, which made him a little excited.

I have never felt that it feels so good to be alive.

Suddenly, a chill appeared in front of him.

Wang Yiling launched a surprise attack, and the old man avoided it with his keen perception.

It was such a delay that cost him his life.

The feather arrow came through the air, piercing through his back heart.

Staggering a few steps, the old man fell to the ground, unwillingly looking at the terrified crowd in front of him.

At this moment, he was only three meters away from the crowd.

Three meters, usually in the blink of an eye.

But right now, it seems like the end of the world.

So far, Chengshanjing is dead.

&nnbsp; Seeing this, the other two families dared not stay any longer, planning to flee from this place.

But Wu Haoqi's golden armored warrior had already blocked everyone's way.

Zilan's thought also blocked some people.

The crowd dispersed again, worried that when the two families fled, they would be implicated.

The people from the Administration Bureau have already fled from here, and their legs were weak when they fled.

They never thought that the existence of mythical spells would come to open a shop in such a small place as them.

Not to mention the power of the Mythological Alliance, these four people alone are definitely not something that ordinary forces can fight against.

It's only at the Qiling Realm, but it can easily kill the Chengshan Realm, which shows the strength of the battle.

You know, at Chengshan's level, he is already able to serve as the elder of the family, and he is a real big shot.

From the moment the four of them revealed their identities, the final direction of this battle was already clear.

In the end, Zichen still left four living people.

"Look, I've said it before, I'm a businessman, I beg you to let me go, but you don't listen, and you even threaten us, isn't it a big deal now?"

Zi Chen shook his head and said: "In that case, please help me to send a message to your family, saying that I will wait for them here for four days, and if there is any revenge, come quickly. Why is it four days, because four days After a few days, the old guys from our Mythological Alliance will be coming, and I guess you won't have the guts to make a move by then."

The four held their heads in their hands and squatted on the ground, trembling.

Zi Chen didn't speak, and they didn't dare to run away.

Zi Chen looked at the crowd again, "I would like to trouble you all, to help publicize what we saw today. We had no intention of fighting before, and we wanted to resolve the grievances between the two sides. Unexpectedly, they relied on their family power to be aggressive and insult my personality. Only passively counterattack."

When everyone heard this, their expressions suddenly became strange.

This statement sounds true.

Previously, Zi Chen intended to reconcile, even humiliated, the two families were indeed aggressive.

However, after you started your hands, what did you Zichen do, you don't know?

Your side first killed the two young masters of the family, making it impossible for the two parties to resolve their enmity.

According to the normal combat mode, kill other people first, and then the young master will make a move.

If the two of them hadn't died, they might have reconciled after seeing such a battle.

However, there is nothing wrong with Zi Chen's words, the arrogance of these two families before, everyone can clearly remember.

After Wu Haoqi picked up all the loot, he threw the corpses far away, and soon someone from the administration came to deal with them, and brought a sum of spiritual money along the way.

There are a million!

This is an apology!

Apparently, the management bureau in a small market town even tried to curry favor with the Du family and the Liu family when they met, so how could they dare to provoke the Myth Alliance.

Zi Chen was not polite either, and accepted the goodwill of the management bureau.

Take the money, don't worry about it.

The battle is over, and the store remains open.

In an instant, the place was full of adventurers, and the business was extremely hot.

They are still squatting in the corner, this is the old place.

Seeing Zilan come out with barbecue, they got up quickly one by one, keeping their eyes on Zilan's peerless face all the time.

Even wearing a large and ill-fitting robe, it still does not affect everyone's eyes.

And no matter how you look at it, everyone feels that Miss Zilan's robe is somewhat similar to Zichen's, not to mention the style, even the size is the same.

"All of you are too presumptuous."

Zi Chen came out with a bowl of wine.

Everyone looked at the familiar but unfamiliar Boss Chen in front of them, and didn't know what to say for a while.

I thought that everyone was like-minded, they could spank and chat, and even tell some nasty jokes.

Unexpectedly, this is a god-level figure.

In the past, everyone needs to look up!

"Why, are you surprised by my handsomeness?" Zi Chen smiled, "Look at you who have never seen the world, and each of you serves a bowl of wine, it's mine."

Mrs. Chen came out with the wine.

It's still the same Boss Chen, his appearance has changed, but his personality hasn't changed.

The adventurers started booing.

It's just that this time the wine is especially cherished.

After all, it was given by a god-level person Every sip is one less sip.

Lao Gao crouched in the corner and didn't chat with anyone.

Zi Chen came to Lao Gao and knelt down, "Old Gao, do you have something on your mind?"

As soon as Lao Gao saw Zi Chen, his expression became stiff.

It has only been two years since the store was opened, but among the drinkers back then, there was only one Lao Gao who was a regular customer.

Others either left or indulged.

"I never thought that my lord would be so extraordinary!"

Lao Gao admired him very much.

Zi Chen said: "Then why don't you hurry up and invite me, a big shot, to drink a pot of wine?"

"No need to talk about a pot, a bowl is almost the same." Lao Gao was generous once in a while, "Miss Xiaolan, serve Boss Chen a bowl of wine and settle my bill."

"Come on..."

Zilan is very diligent, like a gust of wind.

Zi Chen stood up holding the wine bowl, looked at these adventurers, "Everyone, we will be leaving in a few days, and the shop will depend on you to take care of the business from now on. Remember, don't waste time, you can drink a few more bowls if you live an extra day Wine, it's not bad."

"Of course, the few of us will come back, after all, this is a paradise for adventurers! Live well, wait for us to come back and invite everyone to drink!"

The adventurers were very reluctant, but they took it for granted.

The owner of the majestic mythical spell is destined to be a big shot in the future, and it is impossible to stay in this small town forever.

Their future is destined to be brilliant.

So everyone raised their wine bowls and respected Zichen.

The news that the Liu family and the Du family suffered a devastating blow quickly spread in Yiyang County, and the two families were furious.

But for some reason, there was no new movement.

Zichen was here and waited for five days.

Without waiting for the revenge of the two families, they could only leave.

Their identities have been exposed, and they have to report back to the league.

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