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The wind is coming from all directions.

There was thunder in all directions.

Trapped in a thundercage.

The way of heaven is angry and disgusted.

This is the path Lu Qingshan chose.

However, he never gave in.

As a sword cultivator, he opened the way with the sword, and he never relied on the way of heaven from the beginning to the end.

God, what qualifications do you have to judge him?

Lu Qingshan clenched Lie Que tightly, bearing the pain of Wan Lei's body, and flashed his sword at the **** of the upper thunder department.

It was too late to reach the end of the world in an instant, and a sword fell in front of Lei Gong, who was above the nine heavens.

That Lei Gong frowned, neither flustered nor dodged, countless electric snakes jumped up in front of him to resist the sword.

These electric snakes not only contain infinite calamity power, but also have the addition of the rules of heaven, which is difficult to break.


Lu Qingshan shouted angrily.

"Yes, young master." Qin Yitian replied gently.

The sword appeared in the void, the dragon sparrow shook, and the fireworks overflowed, breaking the magic unparalleled, smashing these electric snakes all at once.

Then, Lu Qingshan's sword hit Lei Gong's face without hindrance.

Lei Gong was caught off guard, his head made of thunder and lightning was thrown back high, and the tribulation thunder oscillated and spilled out like blood.

But Lei Gong didn't even have time to show panic, Lu Qingshan's next sword strike came again.

"Let's see if it's me who can't survive it first, or you who can't survive it first." He sneered.

In line with the principle of catching the king first when catching a thief, and hitting someone in the face first, every time Lu Qingshan slashed, he slashed towards Lei Gong's face.

Every time the sword falls, there will be an unknown number of robbery thunders scattered.

After a while, Lei Gong's face became more than half smaller, and he was in a state of embarrassment. How could he still have the slightest majesty before?

In the thunder pool of the sky, Lei Gong was full of anxiety, and kept waving the wedge and hammer, causing the lightning to penetrate Lu Qingshan's body more violently, bringing him even greater pain and damage.

Lu Qingshan's skin gradually changed from crystal clear and moist to a charred color, one can imagine the pain he endured at this time.

But he ignored it completely, his will was like iron, his black eyes gleamed, and he chased and beat Lei Gong relentlessly.

He is a person who has experienced the test of the series, and his tenacity is comparable to that of a god.

Pain will only scare the weak, but it is the best training for the strong.

Therefore, the body-phagating pain caused by the Thunder God of the Nine Heavens could not cause any disturbance to Lu Qingshan, but instead made the sword in his hand more violent and fierce.

"Look at the sword!"

A loud shout sounded, implying the roar of dragons and tigers.

A pair of black eyes suddenly lit up, Lu Qingshan's long hair danced wildly, and his aura rose rapidly, as if he could swallow thousands of miles of land.

A long sword slashed down.

All in one go.

But there was no sword edge and sword light, and Lu Qingshan's figure seemed to have disappeared.

But it was definitely not Lu Qingshan who disappeared.

Silently, compared to the beginning, Lei Gong, who had already "thinned" a lot, was cut in half, and the two halves were extremely neat and tightly fitted.

His face was divided into two halves, showing an extremely exaggerated and weird expression.

No one, including himself, could have imagined that Lei Gong, who was a creature of the Heaven Tribulation, would end in such a manner.


The next moment, Lei Gong's burly body completely collapsed, like a delicate Buddha statue shattered, disintegrated into countless fine dust, and completely annihilated.

At the same time, the thousands of thunderbolts that continuously sharpened and landed on Lu Qingshan also disappeared.

Between heaven and earth, there was a temporary peace.

With the help of Dragon Sparrow's magic-breaking power, Lu Qingshan, who defeated the third heavenly tribulation, stood still on the spot, and then shook his body.

His skin that had been charged like coke broke off immediately, and then turned into ashes and dispersed, revealing the new layer of skin under the scorched skin.

There is no trace of scar, more radiant, almost perfect.

Even a sword cultivator who does not cultivate the physical body, after experiencing the pain of the thunder and lightning just now, the physical body has been reborn in the baptism of thunder and lightning, and has become stronger.

Lu Qingshan's newly born treasure body was as crystal clear as jade, full of the breath of life, his eyes became clearer, and the vitality of life became vigorous.

"Good time," Lu Qingshan looked up at the sky and smiled at Tianlang, feeling his own transformation, "Is there any more?"

next moment.

Lightning blazed and intertwined, and the sky became a blazing thunderfield.

Thunder shadows emerged from it.

Every thunder shadow is a thunder king, and there are twelve thunder shadows in total, which are twelve thunder gods.

The same appearance, the same dress, the same anger.

The twelve Lei Gongs all stared at Lu Qingshan with wide-eyed eyes like fire.

Just now, just one Thunder God was enough to give people infinite pressure and wipe out everything, so what about the twelve Nine Heaven Thunder Gods now?


"What nonsense are you talking to him, let's join forces to kill him!" one of the twelve Demon Venerables beside Luo Hu shouted decisively.

Even though Chu Mushen is a peerless sword fairy, but now that twelve supreme demons are gathered together, plus one Luo Hu, he no longer has the slightest fear.

This Demon Venerable's figure was casted like gold, extremely gorgeous and eye-catching, with two wings on his back, one wing was deep purple and the other was red, it looked a bit similar to Lei Gong from that day.

In fact, there is more or less relationship between them.

Because this Demon Lord is the top Demon Lord of the Thunder Beast Demon Clan, Chilong Demon Lord.


Chilong Demon Venerable spread his wings, and suddenly there was a strong wind, flames and lightning rushed up at the same time, like a vast ocean, its power was terrifying and frightening.

"Kill!" Someone started, and the rest of the demons followed suit.

Now that they have come, their opinions have been unified, and naturally no one will lose the chain at this time.

boom! boom! boom!

The killing intent was like a sea, coming in an instant.

The unworldly demons from various holy demon clans in the abyss show their magical powers.

bang bang bang!

The spilled aftermath is enough to penetrate the world.

The purple bamboo forest below was affected, and the purple bamboos continued to be turned into powder.

The bamboo body like a purple gold pillar exploded like a firecracker, making an explosion sound, which was somewhat similar to the roar of thunder and calamity in the distance.

At the right time, Lu Qingshan was crossing the catastrophe, facing the twelve Nine Heaven Thunder Gods.

God Chu Mu is also "crossing the catastrophe", facing the joint efforts of the twelve supreme demons.


The twelve supreme demons, together with Luo Hu, shot with all their strength, branding marks in the void, causing infinite ripples, and attacking forward.

In an instant, these ripples submerged Chu Mushen's "tiny" body, sealing up, down, left, right, and all directions, all ways out.

"Chu Mushen, let me see how you can still shake the sky today!"

It was such a scene that the top Demon Lords of the various Saint Demon Clans shot together, it was enough to look down on the world, so they dared to plot against Chu Mushen.

However, Chu Mushen had no intention of running away at all.

Clank and sword ming.

Draw your sword and swing your sword!

The sword collided with the ripples—the monstrous ripples created by the Demon Lords were shattered just like that.

The sword in Chu Mushen's hand was still not sharp, but it shattered such an offensive with ease.

Chu Mushen's eyes are deep, his white clothes are like snow, and his spirit is as rich as jade. Even in the face of such a siege, which can be called the most dangerous in the world, he still remains calm, but once he makes a move, he is like a supreme **** descending into the world.

"God Chu Mu..." All the Demon Lords were terrified, shocked by God Chu Mu's sword.

Such a ferocious attack was resolved by him so lightly?


However, without waiting for them to think about it, Chu Mushen stepped forward and almost rushed into the demon group.

He attacks indiscriminately, and regards all Demon Lords as targets.

This is the undisputed number one monk of the human race, the peerless sword fairy. Even in the face of so many peerless demons, he is not afraid, takes the initiative to attack, and has the spirit of ruling the world.

The power of the gods is unrivaled.

God Chu Mu killed himself among a group of top Demon Lords, like entering a land of no one, no Demon Lord could stop him.

Boom boom boom!

In the next moment, three supreme demons flew upside down, with injuries already appearing on their bodies.

The supreme Demon Venerable of the Dream Demon Clan made a move immediately, wanting to unleash a killer move.

The black succubi energy turned into a vast ocean, surged away, and attacked Chu Mushen with an incomparably terrifying soul.

Chu Mushen handed out the sword leisurely in the courtyard, directly shattering the succubi energy that had no entity and only aimed at the soul, shattered the black ocean, turned it into waves, and dissipated in the void.

The aura of the succubus was broken in an instant, and the top Demon Venerable of the succubus clan let out a loud cry, and was bitten back, and the blood flowed unstoppably from between his lips and teeth.

This kind of scene made every demon king feel chills in his heart.

Chu Mushen's combat power was astonishing, and everyone was stunned.

Going on with this mentality, I'm afraid that in the end, all the Demon Lords present will have to drink their hatred.

"With so many of us, can't we still kill a mere half-ancestor?" Luo Hu stood up decisively when morale began to decline.

He shouted loudly, inspiring the confidence of all the demons, and wanted to unite with everyone to make a move again.

"Don't panic, Sword Immortal's explosive power is the best in the world. It's normal to have such power, but it's just three tricks. As long as we hold our ground, how can he be our opponent!"

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"There's still this king here!"

With Luo Hu's stable military spirit, the demons also calmed down.

Twelve top Demon Lords of various races, plus Luo Hu, each Demon Cultivator is a hero, a monk in power of the major Holy Demon Clans, who is enough to look down on the world and stir up the situation.

Such an existence, if it wasn't for the purpose of suppressing and killing Chu Mushen, how could they get together and join forces?

Because their identities are too detached, they are the most noble people in the abyss world, how can there be any enemy that needs their cooperation?

Moreover, there are still gaps among the major saint demon clans, and they are not intimate, so it is difficult to join forces.

Now, they are united together for the first time, and it is definitely a combination that no one in the world can compete with.


There were a total of thirteen peerless Demon Lords, eight or nine of them took the initiative to rush up in no time, and the rest were using bloodline supernatural powers or tactics, and shot cold arrows in the distance, trying to kill Chu Mushen.

However, God Chu Mu is powerful far beyond their imagination.

His aura is too powerful, and the ancient sword in his hand is even sharper.

Wherever the sword's edge passes, the void will inevitably be shattered, shaking the purple bamboo forest.

Facing the joint attack of eight or nine Demon Lords, Chu Mushen waved the ancient sword in his hand, and met it with the most domineering posture.

On the edge of his sword, there seemed to be a lake. All the attacks were like countless ice cubes. No matter how many they were thrown into the lake, they would melt instantly without a trace.

All the attacks on Chu Mushen, whether it was runes, demonic energy or other incarnations, were decomposed into the most original particles by the power of the ancient sword, and then melted, or purified.

This scene looks so relaxed and freehand that people don't know how to react.

After dispelling this wave of offensive, Chu Mushen rushed to a Demon Venerable almost instantly, smashed the void with the ancient sword in his hand, and stabbed at the Demon Venerable's chest

Seeing that Chu Mushen's ultimate move had arrived, the hairs all over the Demon Lord's body stood on end.

The pressure to face Chu Mushen alone was too great. He felt the great danger, so he turned around and retreated without hesitation, and began to avoid danger.

His speed is extremely fast, as fast as a ghost, and elusive. It can be said that there are few comparables in the world.

But Chu Mushen was even faster, crushing the void, and immediately followed. The ancient sword drew a gorgeous trajectory, bringing up a bright rainbow, shaking the universe.


The space collapsed inch by inch, and the scene was extremely terrifying.

The sword rainbow slashed the rivers and mountains, and the divine light soared into the sky, so bright that people could hardly open their eyes, it almost cut off the sky and the earth.

Tianhe Sword Immortal rushed to the bullfight, bursting out with extremely powerful strength, which was almost unfathomable.

Seeing that there was no way to avoid it, the Abyssal Demon Venerable who retreated quickly gave a long roar, and the sky fell apart. He used a peerless combat method to meet him, and his demonic energy surged.


There was a deafening roar between the two, and all kinds of spiritual energy turbulently surged.

The demon lord yelled, and found himself as if he was imprisoned, unable to move.

Boundless sharpness rushed towards his face, and the ancient sword slashed straight at his god-monster body.

He opened his eyes wide, his expression seemed to be frozen, and he watched the ancient sword fall on his **** and demon body.


Blood stained the sky.

His formidable and nearly indestructible god-devil body was actually vulnerable to Chu Mushen's sword.

This abyssal strongest Demon Lord actually had his arm cut off by a sword during this face-to-face meeting with Chu Mushen, and a large blood spewed out from the wound!

Everyone was stunned and could hardly believe it all.

The six Demon Lords of the Northern Mang Demon Clan also changed their colors, and they were all cold.

Is the god-devil body of a supreme demon venerable so fragile in front of God Chu Mu?

You must know that among the demon cultivators present, who is not a well-known figure in the demon domain, overlooking the vast land, they are as powerful as them, and they still cannot resist Chu Mushen's sword.

"It's already here, and there is no way to retreat. Besides, we are such vulnerable people!" Luo Hu roared.

They are all extraordinary people, with great vision, and their determination is naturally firm, and they are not so easy to be destroyed.

At the next moment, the twelve Demon Lords made a joint attack, grabbed Chu Mushen's sword and slashed out before closing the sword, and delivered a shocking blow.


The twelve peerless Demon Lords led by Luo Hu shot together. It was an unimaginable terrifying power. The boiling of the demon energy was like a peerless demon abyss was opened, sweeping the entire world.

This is the supreme fighting method of the twelve Demon Lords, intertwined together, like a thousand troops.

However, Chu Mushen had already understood all of this, his black hair danced wildly, and two bright rays of light shot out from his eyes.

With a bang, thousands of auspicious colors rushed out from the ancient sword in his hand, unparalleled in the world, majestic and majestic, cutting across the road ahead, blocking all tactics, and dispelling the monstrous demonic energy.

At the same time, Chu Mushen kicked out himself, and kicked the Demon Lord with his broken arm flying thousands of feet away.


The Demon Venerable spit out a big mouthful of blood, suffered heavy wounds, and was in a state of embarrassment.

Then, Chu Mushen glanced at everyone, and those who were swept by his gaze all involuntarily took two or three steps back.

This is the demeanor of Tianhe Sword Immortal.

The combat power of the human race is the first, the peerless sword fairy, who will compete with him?

Before this peerless demeanor, only Luo Hu was fearless.

"Let's see how strong you can be!" His words were cold, not like a weak side at all, extremely calm.

Luo Hu looked serious, and with the Shura knife in his hand, he slashed at Chu Mushen.

The most brilliant light came out from the collision between the two, and sparks scattered everywhere.

Then, a tiny gap appeared on the blade of the Asura Saber.

The Asura Saber held by Luohu is indeed extraordinary, but in front of Chu Mushen's natal sword, it is no different from a toy!

God Chu Mu urged the ancient sword, which turned into a rainbow light, like an antelope's horns, and suddenly radiated cold light, killing Luo Hu with a sharp killing intent and absolute sharpness.

Rahu was in danger.


Even though Luo Hu reacted quickly and avoided the vital point in the first place, he was still inevitably hurt.

The sword edge cut into his flesh and blood, causing him to stagger, the soles of his feet crushed the void, and he retreated rapidly.

And, there was blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Who can withstand a sword cut into the flesh by a strong man like Chu Mushen.

Luo Hu only bled from the corner of his mouth, which was already a manifestation of the extreme tyranny of his physical body.


"how so?"

But seeing this scene, the other Demon Venerables found it hard to accept this fact.

Because Luo Hu was their strongest, even if they fought together, Luo Hu still seemed completely unable to compare with Chu Mushen.

"The gap shouldn't be so big!" Yuan Zun of the Northern Mang Demon Clan couldn't believe it.


However, as soon as his words fell, Luo Hu was wounded again.

Chu Mushen's ancient sword scratched his neck.

A sword mark appeared there, and fine drops of blood flowed out. He was almost beheaded by Chu Mushen, but luckily he reacted quickly.

What a demeanor it is for one person to face the thirteen supreme demons alone, yet shock everyone.

Even at this moment, Mozun regretted it and wanted to retreat.

But they also understand this situation. Unless the opinions are all unified, it is basically impossible to retreat, and it will also harm other people, harming others and benefiting themselves.

When they thought of this, their hearts sank, knowing that there was no turning back when they opened the bow, and now they had to fight with their backs.


Chu Mushen's aura climbed again, and hundreds of sword qi rushed around him, each of which was extremely thick, like Optimus Primes, connected with the sky.

He took the initiative to strike again, and came to these Demon Lords in one step, all the sword energy and the ancient sword in his hand struck forward together.


Chu Mushen showed his swordsmanship, and his lethality was unparalleled in the world.

At this moment, the faces of all the Demon Venerables changed drastically, and they tried their best to fight back.

Chu Mushen's eyes were as sharp as a sword, he raised his hand and raised his sword, tens of thousands of sword qi were born continuously, piercing the sky and the earth.

clang clang clang!

The twelve top Demon Lords of various races and Luo Hu were all enveloped in sword energy.

But at this time, the void was shattered, and the ancient sword of God Chu Mu protruded out, turning into a Dao-like existence, and slashing across the neck of a Demon Lord.

It was the Demon Lord whose arm he had cut off earlier!

He is the weakest of all the enemies at the moment. Although the recovery power of the **** and demon body is unparalleled, it is impossible for him to recover in a short time.

"Save me!" The Demon Lord was astonished, he did not expect Chu Mushen to be so heaven-defying, even in the face of the siege of all the demons, he could accurately stare at him and kill him.

However, Chu Mushen didn't give him any chance at all.

At this time, the ancient sword in his hand was shining brightly, it was inescapable, the light of the sword was eternal, and there was nothing that could not be cut.


Blood splattered, the neck of the Demon Lord was cut off, blood splattered, and a huge head flew out.

The next moment, from between the brows of that head, a solid Yuanshen ran out in panic and fear.

Yuanshen is still alive, so it is not considered a complete death.

But Chu Mushen would never let him go like this, his eyes were like lightning, he looked for him and walked through the void.

Although the other Demon Lords joined forces to stop his pursuit, but all efforts were useless, and no one could stop him.


The demon **** Yuanshen uttered a terrified scream, opened his mouth and spit out, the original devil energy rushed out, with the power of destroying the dead, trying to threaten Chu Mushen, so as to stop him.

However, Chu Mushen's expression didn't change at all. With a touch of the ancient sword, he disintegrated the original devil energy lightly, and at the same time, the Supreme Sword Dao sealed his source **** in the void like chains, preventing him from moving.


The Peerless Sword Immortal flicked his wrist, and the ancient sword completely pierced Yuanshen and shattered it!

"Ah!" With a final roar, the top Demon Venerable fell like this.

A top Demon Venerable just fell like this!

Everyone was stunned and terrified. This is a character of the same level as them, a top demon cultivator of the abyss, and he was killed in front of them?


It is indeed a siege, and it is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But they forgot one thing, the so-called opportunity, is mutual.

Here, God Chu Mu couldn't rely on Tianhe City, and couldn't rely on the Tianhe Ancestral Array, but similarly, they also lost the help of the army of thousands of demons, and they couldn't move forward and retreat freely!

Originally, he wanted to catch a turtle in the urn, but looking at it now, it seems that he sent it to his door instead!

Everything was perfect, the only flaw was that they all underestimated Chu Mushen's fighting power.

No....they didn't underestimate it!

The most important reason why they were so easily persuaded to besiege Chu Mushen together was...

The remaining eleven Demon Lords all looked at Luo Hu subconsciously.

There were doubts, complaints, anger, and an imperceptible hope in those eyes.

"Chu! Mu! God!" As if sensing the expectations of the crowd, Luo Hu did not disappoint them.

The extremely strong and extremely evil aura, like a real dragon, poured out one after another from Luo Hu's body continuously, surging like a tide.

Especially from his celestial spirit cap, a thick dragon-shaped demonic energy shot up into the sky, moving the heaven and the earth.

"Chu Mushen, you are strong, but I am not weak, you will not escape this calamity today!"

At this moment, Luo Hu's voice was like a demon **** in the Nine Netherworlds, and there was a terrifying power that made the world tremble.

"Everyone, at this time, the only choice is to do our best and kill God Chu Mu with me. If I lose, none of you will be able to escape!" Luo Hu's voice sounded slowly, and the terrifying coercion became even more intense. It is filled with heaven and earth.

The moment the words fell, the devilish energy in the sky surged and condensed, and finally turned into a black fire lotus.

In the fire lotus, demonic energy rose up, and there was endless evil surging in it.

The temperature rose sharply with the appearance of the fire lotus, and the purple bamboo forest below made bursts of cracking sounds due to the unbearable heat.


The fire lotus was thrown casually by Luo Hu, and shot and roared towards God Chu Mu.

A rare solemnity flashed in Chu Mushen's eyes, holding the three-foot ancient sword in his hand, and then swung it down.

It didn't look like any subtle move, but where the ancient sword passed, a bottomless ravine appeared in the air.

The sword edge slashed across the void, and finally slashed on the terrifying devilish fire lotus, unexpectedly it was not blocked as easily as before.

The magic fire surged, confronted the ancient sword, eroded each other, and fell into a balanced situation.

But the balance was quickly upset.

The devilish fire lotus burst out suddenly at this time, rising up overwhelmingly, changing shape suddenly, changing from a lotus to a grimace, and making a sharp whistling sound, it turned out to smash the ancient sword of Chu Mushen, and then slammed into Chu Faun.

Chu Mushen immediately protected his body with sword energy, but his figure still trembled slightly under the huge impact, and a wisp of inaudible blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

"Chu Mushen, from this point of view, you are not invincible." Luo Hu sneered.

"Sage Rahu is mighty!" Seeing this situation, the rest of the Demon Lords unconsciously raised their heads to look up at Luo Hu, complex emotions flashed in their eyes, and finally Yu Zun shouted.


rather than king.

This is the biggest reason why the Demon Lords of all races were so easily persuaded to kill Chu Mushen together.

Luo Hu...has already broken through to the top Demon Venerable, and has been promoted to Semi-Saint!

The half saint of the demon race is equivalent to the half ancestor of the human race.

Luo Hu and Chu Mushen have the same realm, enough to be evenly matched.

Coupled with the fact that twelve of their top Demon Venerables, who were thirty-five times as powerful as the ninth rank, joined forces, there was no reason to lose this battle, and even casualties were unjustifiable.

But Luo Hu, who was clearly supposed to be evenly matched with Chu Mushen, was not commendable in the battle just now. He was completely suppressed by Chu Mushen, which also caused them to lose a companion.

But fortunately, Luo Hu broke out completely now, forced Chu Mushen back, and finally truly demonstrated the combat power that a semi-sage should have.

Half Saint + Eleven Top Demon Venerables vs Half Ancestor.

I have the advantage, this battle must be won!

In an instant, all the fear of being beheaded by their companions dissipated, and the demon masters regained their confidence, and their fighting spirit rose again.



The world is completely boiling.

The twelve thunder gods formed a mysterious formation invisibly, and an invisible force was born.

Lu Qingshan's hair stood on end.

But not out of fear, and not out of anger.

It was these twelve thunder gods who made their move at this moment.

Together they hit the mallet with a wedge.

As a result, Lu Qingshan fell into a huge and vast field of lightning.

Twelve times the number of electric snakes appeared in the void, stabbing at Lu Qingshan, and it was inevitable.

Twelve times the electric snake brings twelve times the pain.

I don't know how many electric currents continuously run through his newly transformed body and soul, making Lu Qingshan suffer this kind of indescribable pain every moment.

Going up the mountain of knives and going down into the sea of ​​fire is not enough to describe this pain.

If it was an ordinary cultivator in the Tribulation Transcending Realm, he would have been completely wiped out with just one breath, leaving no breath left in the world.

The twelve Lei Gongs stared fiercely at Lu Qingshan, as if they were saying "see if you die this time".

Under the severe pain, Lu Qingshan opened his red eyes and looked up to the sky.

He didn't see any gods, but only twelve ferocious, hideous and distorted "demons".

"Then come on."

In an instant, Lie Que hangs high, and Heaven's Punishment condenses, piercing through the infinite void, reaching directly above the nine heavens.


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