This Plug-in is Too Middle School - v2 Chapter 1285 forget it, dead end

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Seeing that one of the three **** sons had gone away after meeting each other, and the remaining one had run away directly, not only the demon kings were dumbfounded, but also the demons and humans who were fighting fiercely inside and outside the barrier were completely dumbfounded.

"Am I... dreaming?"

Hearing the old Pope's muttering, Kieran, who was working with him to expand the barrier desperately, trying to "circle" William back, blinked, and then couldn't help but reached out and pinched his thigh fiercely.


After the muscles on her cheeks twitched slightly, the cut black saintess shook her head, and said softly in her eyes:

"No! You're not dreaming! It's real!"

"No! This is fake! We must be dreaming!"

After rushing out from the space channel for the fourth time and seeing the familiar figure of William "absorbing" the Son of Destruction, the fourteen demon kings, including those who hated the Son of God, almost collapsed on the spot.

Regardless of teleportation magic or space teleportation, it is useless to run wildly with two fleshy legs!

As long as I wait for someone to leave this guy at a certain distance, a translucent hand will stick out from his pocket and move a little farther towards the person who is about to escape. When it was in its original position, even the consumption of the activation spell was returned, as if it had never been acted at all.

"No! You can't escape like this!"

The deceitful demon king who had been lurking in the dark removed the cover of his priesthood, revealed his body in front of the demon kings, and said with a pale face:

"That person...has the ability to lock our position! Even defrauding the priesthood can't hide it from him, no matter how he runs, he will lock the position, and then forcefully pull us back!"

"We are not blind! Do you still need to talk about riding a horse?"

Seeing this fleshy ball that has fooled everyone dared to show up, the ferocious bull-headed demon stared at the six bull-eyed, ready to go up and fight the deceitful demon king.

"You must be with him! I'll kill you!"

"Fool! He wants to be with that guy, and he's gone by now!"

He raised his hand and threw out a bone whip full of thorns, and knocked the red-eyed bull-headed demon to the ground. The son of hatred turned his head slowly, fixed his eyes on the deceitful demon king, and said word by word:

"Your brain is the smartest among the remaining people. If you can lead us away, you will live! If you can't escape, then you will be the first to die!"

"It's time like this... What's the use of being smart?"

Looking at the figure that absorbed the God Son of Destruction in a strange way and was killing the God Son of Fear one after another, the Deceitful Demon King shook his head and smiled wryly.

"Now the most likely way to run away, I don't tell you, you know, that is, some people went to surround and kill him, and try to restrain him, so that he has no time to use the ability to bring us back. As for the other Some people took the opportunity to flee back to the abyss...but who of you will go to die?"

After hearing the rhetorical question from the deceitful demon king, all the demon kings looked at each other for a few moments, and fell silent immediately.

Sacrificing oneself to make others better is something that absolutely no demon would do. Even if a fool really did it, what he would get would not be gratitude but ridicule. The territory and property he left would be quickly annexed by others. Races will also be wiped out, and even the people who do these things may be the ones he saved...

Seeing that the demon kings were not talking, and seemed to initially agree with his judgment, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the deceitful demon king, and then he said:

"If you want me to say...the left and the right are dead, you might as well choose to give it a go!"

Facing the dubious gazes of the demon kings, the deceitful demon king narrowed his eyes and said fiercely:

"Everyone is a demon who has lived in the endless abyss for hundreds of thousands of years. Of course, he knows what kind of goods they are. Just save yourself the matter of asking others to work hard. We don't have any trust in each other at all! So No one is willing to die for others. The method of killing half of the people and escaping the half of the people will not work from the beginning!

In my opinion, it would be better for all of us to swear to Styx that we must do our best to besiege that William, never attack each other before that, and voluntarily explode when we are sure of death! Curse him with the remaining flesh and half of his soul! Create opportunities for others!

I believe you also understand that driving yourself to a dead end is the best and only way right now! And if there is a way to return to the endless abyss, it must be at the end of this path! "

The end of the the only way out?

After listening to the advice of the Deceitful Demon King, all the Demon Kings looked at each other for a while, as if a switch had been flipped, and some kind of fierceness from the bottom of their eyes welled up in their eyes.

All demons who choose to shrink back in the face of death and dare not take risks to fight hard have long been eliminated because their strength and accumulation are far inferior to their peers, and they have become others' dinner. Therefore, it is impossible to be a timid coward who was able to get to this position little by little in an area full of life and death fighting like the endless abyss!

If there are other ways, naturally no one wants such an extreme way, but since this situation has come, then we can only go all out and fight!

"I, Hemet Hartold, son of the **** of hatred who controls the office of hatred, would like to swear by my own flesh and soul to the River Styx that flows eternally to the end!"

After glancing at the Deceitful Demon King, the Son of Hate, who knew that there was a high probability that William would be the priority to kill him, raised his hand, and said indifferently and decisively:

"When besieging and killing that strong human being named William, I will charge forward and never retreat! Do my best! Drain my blood! Even if I fight until my soul is exhausted, I will kill him completely! "

Seeing that among the remaining people, the Son of Hate, who was at the top in terms of strength and status, took the lead, the group of demon kings looked at each other for a few times, and then, according to the difference in strength and status, they successively initiated the Styx attack. oath.

"I, the fraud king who has stolen the post of fraud...William...will kill him completely!"

"I, the heart-peeping bee girl with the job of be killed completely!"


"I, UU Reading, the six-eyed...William...killed with the post of power!"

When the blood-soaked bull-headed demon also struggled to stand up, panting heavily and with red eyes, he was the last one to complete the oath, and under the constraints of the Styx oath, he completely abandoned the timid and calculating demon kings in his heart, and finally for the first time Unprepared and scruples began to work together.

I saw that they spread out according to the original position, and surrounded William, who had begun to absorb the Son of Fear God, in the center. Driven by a common goal, the demon kings with different appearances have become one, and the majestic killing intent is so thick that it is hard to breathe, covering William like a tide breaking a bank...

Until there was a crisp sound above the demon kings.


After slicing through the space with a knife and stepping out, looking at the stunned dozen or so demon kings below, the two willow eyebrows of the goddess of death suddenly raised slightly, and then she swung the sickle in her hand and slashed down without hesitation.

"Just now you swore to kill William?"

(end of this chapter)

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