The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3494 Chapter 3494: Yun Chujiu’s Letter of Credence

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Prime Minister Sima looked at the cold and stern face of the little boy with a dumbfounded expression. Although his appearance was not very similar to that young master di from before, but this temperament was clearly the son of the young master Di!

Oh My God!

This was the illegitimate child of their emperor?

Ah Pui! What illegitimate child, this was the Crown Prince of their East Phoenix Kingdom!

Oh My God! Their emperor’s secrecy work is really good. He even said that he had entered some place by mistake and was unable to escape. Could it be that he had gone to fetch his son?

The more prime minister Sima thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case. He solemnly said, “Your Majesty, since you have brought the Crown Prince back, do you want to publicly announce his identity?”

Yun chujiu was drinking tea. When she heard prime minister Sima’s words, the tea in her mouth immediately spurted out!

Crown Prince?

This old man couldn’t possibly think that the gigolo was her son, right?

Di beiming’s expression was even gloomier. What kind of master had what kind of slave? Could This Old Man Be Blind? !

Yun chujiu laughed so hard that she fell back and forth. However, when she saw di Beiming’s ashen face, she immediately held back her laughter and said,

p-n0ve1、com “Prime Minister Sima, you have misunderstood! This is not my son. This is an orphan that I picked up by accident. I have taken him as my godbrother.”

Prime minister sima immediately said, “Your Majesty, I understand all your difficulties. However, isn’t it a difference in seniority to take him as my brother? It’s better to take him as my godson.”

Yun Chujiu was stunned at first. Then, she laughed so hard that she almost fell to the ground. She had decided to give old man Sima a raise. This old man was too cute!please visit panda(-)

She was happy. The cold air on di Beiming’s body made prime minister Sima Shiver. The old man was still lamenting in his heart. He was indeed young master Di’s son. This temperament and attitude were too similar!

Yun chujiu finally stopped laughing and said, “He really isn’t my son. He really is my younger brother.

“It would be best if we could seal the news. However, just in case, you better make up a reasonable reason to prevent more trouble.”

Prime Minister Sima still felt that Yun Chujiu was being stubborn. If this little boy was not the child of His Majesty and Young Master Di, his old man would have lived in vain!

Although prime minister Sima thought so in his heart, he still nodded and agreed. Then, he got down to business. “Your Majesty, the envoys of the Xingsun kingdom are still waiting for news. How should we reply?”

Yun Chujiu’s giggling expression immediately turned cold. She sneered and said, “I will dictate, and you will write.”

Prime Minister Sima immediately took out a pen and paper. His Majesty solemnly said, “The matters of our East Phoenix Kingdom have nothing to do with your star Sun Kingdom! Scram as far away as you can!”

Prime Minister Sima:”…”

Your Majesty, this is the national letter! Is it really alright to be so rude?

Prime Minister Sima saw that their Majesty was determined to be like this. As long as he embellished Hei Xinjiu’s words, he would be refined. However, the main idea was still the same as what Yun Chujiu had said.

Yun Chujiu looked at the national letter that Prime Minister Sima had embellished, took out the jade seal and stamped it, then, she said, “In a while, send this national letter to the emissary of the Star Sun Kingdom and tell him to get lost! In addition, have Crown Prince Yun lead an army of 100,000 soldiers to stand guard at the border. If the star Sun Kingdom dares to cross the border, kill them without mercy!”

Although prime minister Sima felt that their Majesty’s swift and decisive manner was quite bold, he said, “Your Majesty, the star Sun Kingdom’s national strength is obviously stronger than our East Phoenix Kingdom. If we really shed all pretense of cordiality, we might not have a chance of winning!”

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