The Supporting Male Character Just Wants to Be a Tool Man - v3 Chapter 214 Extra one

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The two were kissing, and suddenly there was a knock on the door, "Truly", and instantly knocked Shen Qingshu's dizzy head from being kissed.

He pushed Han Cheng aside almost immediately, "Go and open the door."

With that, Shen Qingshu turned Han Cheng around and let him go forward.

Han Cheng had no choice but to walk to the door, wondering who, this time, he wouldn't pick time anymore.

Such a wink, it's definitely not his mother!

He opened the door, and saw Han Yu standing outside the door, showing a dashing manner, without disturbing others' consciousness in the slightest.

"Isn't it bothering you?" Han Yu asked.

"What do you think?" Han Cheng looked at him dissatisfied, "What's the matter?"

Han Yu took out three red envelopes from his pocket and handed them to his angry younger brother, "New year's money, parents are going to bed, let me drop in to you."

Han Cheng just remembered that he hadn't taken the new year's money this New Year.

Their family has always had the habit of giving new year money, but his parents would give him and his brother the same, and his brother would give him a copy of it himself.

He looked at the red envelope in front of him, and the depression of being disturbed just now disappeared, "Thank you brother."

"Oh, aren't you angry?" Han Yu teased him deliberately.

Han Cheng was speechless, "It's almost done. Anything else?"

"Where is Qingqing?" Han Yu asked him, "Asleep?"

Shen Qingshu hurriedly walked over and probed his head to express his existence, "Not yet."

Han Yu was adorable by his cat-like expression, beckoned to let him approach.

Shen Qing approached curiously, and saw Han Yu also took out three red envelopes from the other pocket, "Here, this is yours."

Shen Qingshu looked at the red envelope in his hand and blinked. He was surprised and delighted. He still remembered that during the Chinese New Year last year, Han Yu stuffed him a red envelope, saying that everyone in his family had a red envelope.

But at that time, there were only three people in the family: him, Han Yu, and Han Cheng. Han Yu gave Han Cheng a red envelope, and it was inevitable that he would also give him one because he didn't want him to be embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, this year, he actually gave him another one.

Not only him, but his parents also gave him red envelopes.

Same as Hancheng, three red envelopes.

Shen Qingshu laughed instantly, stretched out his hand to take it, and said sweetly, "Thank you, brother."

"You're welcome, in the new year, I wish you and Xiaocheng a happy, healthy and successful career."

Shen Qing nodded, seeing how close his eyes were.

He really likes this kind of home atmosphere and the feeling of being treated like a family member.

——Before he came to this world, his parents would give him red envelopes, and his brother would secretly stuff him money.

"Brother, you also have a happy new year, and you will be happy next year, with good health and a smooth career."


Han Yu smiled as they finished sending the red envelopes, said "Then I'm going, good night", then turned and walked towards his room.

Shen Qingshu looked at his back, and his heart was full of joy.

He looked down at the red envelope in his hand and found that this year's red envelope felt soft, not like a card, so he opened it curiously.

This look was truly shocking.

Good guys! This family will not send bank cards this year and send checks instead!

Shen Qingshu looked at the amount on the check, and felt that he was indeed the richest man and his wife and son. They made more money than each other.

"Your parents and your brother are so generous."

Shen Qingshu showed him the check in his hand, "I have never received so much New Year money."

Han Cheng glanced contemptuously, "That's it? You can just buy a car and play with it. I'll give you more in the future."

As he said, he squeezed the three red envelopes in his hand into Shen Qingsuo's pocket, "Here, I'll give you all of these. Buy a good car."

Shen Qingshu:! ! !

Shen Qingshu quickly took out the red envelope and stuffed it into his hand, "What are you doing, these are your lucky money."

"Here you are." Han Cheng pushed the red envelope in his hand back, "How conscious I am, starting this year, the salary card will be handed in, and the private small treasury will also be handed in. The red envelope is a kind of small treasury. So I will give it to you."

Shen Qing laughed carelessly, "Is the small treasury also handed in?"

"That is, what treasury does a man want? A good man never needs a treasury!"

"What does that need?"

Han Cheng put his hands on his shoulders, "Of course he needs a wife~"

"You're a wife!" Shen Qing snorted.

"My parents have met with me, isn't it my wife?" Han Cheng smiled and kissed him on the face. "They have all entered the door of our Han's house. Naturally it is my wife."

Shen Qing gave him a small push, turned around to leave, Han Cheng hugged him, got close to his lips, and kissed him directly.

He didn't kiss him well either, just rubbing and biting slowly.

Shen Qing couldn't bear his deliberate seduce, hugged his neck, bit his lip and kissed him.

Han Cheng smiled and kissed his lips, and before Shen Qingshu hadn't reacted, he picked him up and carried him onto the bed.

As soon as Shen Qingshu wanted to speak, he was kissed again, and could only bear his breath again.

It wasn't until he finished kissing dizzyly that he remembered and reminded Han Chengdao, "Time has passed."

"When?" Han Cheng was still immersed in the sweetness just now.

"Didn't it be said that the official announcement will be made at zero o'clock this year? You forgot?"


Hancheng really forgot!

They were still kissing at midnight. He didn't even have any thoughts, and he was full of kisses!

When Shen Qingshu saw him like this, he knew that he had really forgotten, but he himself didn't remember much, so everyone was half-hearted, 50 steps were too embarrassing to laugh a hundred steps.

Shen Qing couldn't help but laughed, thinking that the two of them were really a bit funny. He had already said it before, and could still forget it.

But this can't be blamed on the two of them, who made the atmosphere so good at the time, he was full of kisses in his head, and he couldn't remember anything else.

"Then is the official announcement now?" he asked Han Chengdao, "or wait until tomorrow morning for the official announcement?"

Han Cheng looked at his watch, at 0:15, it was not too late.

"Publish it at 21 minutes. The implication is also good."

"twenty one?"

Han Cheng smiled and kissed him on the face, "I love you~"

Shen Qingshu immediately laughed again, too, at this point in time, not bad.

"Then I will post first, and you will forward it."

"I'll post, you forward." Han Cheng argued, "I don't want them to say you take the initiative."

"Do I still care about this?" Shen Qing tilted his head sloppily, eyebrows widened, and his eyes were full of confidence, "I have a double harvest of box office awards now, so I'm afraid of these rumors?"

He might have been really worried that he and Hancheng would be public. Everyone would think that he was not worthy of Hancheng and would maliciously speculate about their previous love. But now, he is at the top of the industry. He has box office and awards. At the culmination of my own efforts, it doesn't matter what others say.

——No matter what others say, he has done his best.

So for him, that's all right.

Seeing that he was full of confidence, Han Cheng didn't insist on it anymore, "Well, then you can post it first."

Shen Qing leaned close to him and took a selfie.

Then edit the text and say: [Happy New Year, and celebrate the New Year together in the future @韩城[心]. 】

The picture is a selfie he just took.

He did not send it directly, but set it to be sent automatically at 0:21.

Han Cheng cooperated with editing the text and selected the photos, only to be forwarded after he sent it out.

At 0:21, Weibo sent this text and photo on time.

Han Cheng reposted quickly: [To accompany you during the New Year, and to accompany you for the rest of your life [heart]. 】

The picture he had just taken in the courtyard, Shen Qing looked up at the fireworks.

The photo is gentle and beautiful. The person in the photo looks up at the brilliant fireworks. His brows are picturesque and his face is happiness that anyone can see.

Shen Jingshu didn't expect that he would have hidden such a picture privately, looked at it again and again, and finally couldn't help but save it.

"Candid photo of me." He looked at Han Cheng.

Han Cheng was righteous, "Have a lot of sneak shots."

"Let me take a look." Shen Qingshu immediately became interested, and reached for Hancheng's mobile phone.

Han Cheng didn't refuse, put his arms around, took the person into his arms, and watched with him.

He clicked into his own photo album. There were several folders there, all of which were photos of Shen Qingshu. Han Cheng didn’t remember when he started taking pictures of him, nor did he remember the first one he took. Which photo of Shen Qingshu is, but when he realizes that there are many photos of Shen Qingshu in his album, his album is almost entirely Shen Qingshu.

There are many types of these photos. Some of them were taken by him, some he saved from the Internet, and there are magazine photos that fans specially watermarked and shared with him. He saves every photo he likes and that he finds good-looking. , And even divided into categories.

Shen Qingshu noticed that he only has two folders with official names, one is: [Qingqing is the cutest], the other is [Qingqing is super beautiful], and the others are all built-in [photos] or 【Weixin】This kind of name.

"These two are different?" Shen Jingshu pointed to the two folders related to him, "Is there a difference between the cutest and the super beautiful?"

"Of course there is." Han Cheng clicked to show him, "I took the cutest ones, and they were taken by others. I saved them from the Internet."

Shen Qingshu: are really a qualified fan!

You not only spend money, but also save pictures!

No wonder you are like a fish in my support club, they all love you, so you have too many common topics!

"So you didn't share what you took to my fans?"

You guys are playing so well!

"Of course not." Han Cheng guarded the esophagus, "Private only, never share."

Shen Qing chuckled lightly, raised his head and kissed his chin, "It's so cute."

"And we haven't made it public, I can't even share it."

Shen Qingshu:? ? ? Didn’t you just say that you never share? !

"Oh," Han Cheng looked at him, with some cautious thoughts in his eyes quietly revealing, "It's not that some photos show affection or it is very appropriate."

For example, the fireworks photo just now, look how beautiful he took! How sweet it looks!

Shen Qingshu knew that his little rose of Versailles was definitely not the quietly blooming character of a shameful rose. When Hancheng bloomed, it had to be the branches and leaves, and the fragrant fragrance. Even if there was no wind, he would dance by himself and let you see. His petals are layered on top of each other, how splendid they are.

But when it comes to making it public, Shen Qingshu picked up his mobile phone and clicked on Weibo to see how netizens reacted.

However, as soon as he opened Hot Search, he saw a Weibo prompt that the system was paralyzed.

Well, it is indeed the Weibo that he is familiar with, it is really not surprising at all!

The author has something to say: Hancheng: Our roses from Versailles are never shy to answer, let alone quiet!

Qingqing: I see it!

Father Han: That's right!

Han Yu: Yes!

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