The Strongest Qi Refiner - v2 Chapter 4436 getting stronger

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The silhouette of this giant shadow is the same as that of Fang Yu, only magnified many times!

He clenched his fist and slammed it at the giant bronze hand falling from above.


This huge fist is very close to the size of the giant bronze hand falling from above.

There was a deafening sound when fists and palms were handed over.


Zhuxiantai shook violently!

The four stone statues at the four corners all shook to varying degrees!

The huge bronze hand that fell from the sky shook suddenly after receiving Fang Yu's punch from the front.

The crystal light on the layer of the giant bronze watch collapsed.

Fang Yu withdrew his fist, and then struck out with another heavy punch!

This time, the seal of the Great Dao on the back of the fist shone brightly.

Tiandao Cross Fist!


Suffering such a terrifying blow again, the giant bronze hand in the sky shattered directly!

And the vibration in Zhuxiantai became more violent.

"Too strong, this...too strong..."

While shaking his head, Ji Jiutian looked at the huge golden figure in Zhuxiantai with unbelievable eyes.

As the Demon Lord of the Western Wilderness, he has practiced for so many years, and he has never felt in such a state of mind as he thinks about today.

For him, Fang Yu's current combat power is his own desire for the future!

He hoped that one day in the future he could become a powerhouse of this level!

And not far away, when Ji Taxue saw the golden figure in Zhuxiantai, a faint smile appeared on his face, and the previous tension and worry disappeared.

Whether it's her or the other monks present, they can tell...

In this battle, Fang Yu was completely suppressed by Gu Qingtian since he didn't adapt to it at the beginning, and now...he has started to counterattack.

Even from the scene, it can be seen that Gu Qingtian is already at a disadvantage.

He used many methods, and Fang Yu could easily crack them.

While Fang Yu only needed to constantly rely on melee combat and his physical body, Gu Qingtian seemed troubled, and was forced to divide his body into a hundred ways to deal with it.

If this continues, the balance of victory will definitely tilt towards Fang Yu's side!

"Damn, that guy Jun Tianli got off the field and was killed immediately? No way, so weak?" Lin Batian was no longer surprised by Fang Yu's strength, and instead looked for Jun Tianli's location.

He didn't think Jun Tianli would die so easily.

Sure enough, soon Lin Batian discovered that a gray-black light appeared in a corner above Zhuxiantai.

That location is probably where Jun Tianli is currently.

"How did this guy borrow the power of the land of omens of death?" Lin Batian frowned, "What identity did he use to obtain power?"

Inside Zhuxiantai.

After the giant bronze hand shattered, Fang Yu raised his fist again.

This time, his target was dozens of Gu Qingtian in the sky.


The huge fist smashed out, carrying unparalleled power.

The violent punching power swept towards the sky.


Dozens of Gu Qingtian in this direction flickered, like phantoms, and left the place, avoiding the frontal impact of this punch.

The power of this punch blasted the sky above Zhuxiantai, like fireworks blooming, causing a violent shock.

"It feels better and easier to fight. It turns out that the third-tier form is the most suitable form for fighting against Gu Qingtian." Fang Yu thought.

"The most important thing is that you have left the small world on the fourth floor, reducing the burden." Li Huoyu said, "If you stay in the small world, your pressure will still be huge."

"Jun Tianli!"

Although Gu Qingtian dodged that punch, his heart was full of anger.

his voice, through

Through the spiritual consciousness, it was transmitted to Jun Tianli's ears in the sky above.

At this time, Jun Tianli had not yet reshaped his physical body, but chose to temporarily hide in a high place to avoid Fang Yu's attention.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qingtian sent him a voice transmission directly!

"You are already in Zhuxiantai, if you don't kill Fang Yu, you will never leave!" Gu Qingtian said angrily, "Do you think it's useful for you to hide!?"

"Fang Yu's strength is too strong!" Jun Tianli gritted his teeth and responded, "Even if I make a move, it won't help! Unless Yongyexing successfully condenses, I can rely on Yongyexing's power to help you!"

"Yongyexing!? You didn't kill Fang Yu on Zhuxiantai today, but you were the one who died!" Gu Qingtian said coldly.

"It's coming, it's coming...Give me a little more will take shape!" Jun Tianli said, "What I need now is time!"

"I don't have much time for you." Gu Qingtian said coldly, "You can ask Fang Yu if he would like to give you time."

These words completely ignited the anger in Jun Tianli's heart.

"Gu Qingtian, you have been cultivating in the fairy world for so many years, and you boast that your cultivation talent is unsurpassed...but you can't deal with a junior who was born in the human race! How ridiculous!?"

Faced with such criticism, Gu Qingtian did not refute, but said with jealousy: "The resources I got from the human race back then were far inferior to Fang Yu! Everything he has now far surpasses me back then!"

As the war progressed, his mentality gradually changed.

At the beginning, he regarded himself as a senior of the human race, and released the seal of mutual generation to suppress Fang Yu, with a strong aura.

But as the battle continued, he found that Fang Yu's strength seemed to have no upper limit, and the methods he used became stronger and stronger one by one!

Gradually, after leaving that small world, he found that he couldn't suppress Fang Yu even with the seal of Xiangsheng!

Fang Yu's displayed strength increased step by step, but the means he could deal with were becoming less and less.

Up to now, he even had to force Jun Tianli to leave the stage to share the pressure for him!

The change in his mentality made him extremely angry, but he was helpless!

Now, he just wanted to kill Fang Yu according to the original plan!

The main thing is to kill Fang Yu, then everything that happened before doesn't matter, and his future is still bright.

However, if the plan fails, he must die here and never have the chance to return to the fairyland.

"Gu Qingtian, what useless methods do you have!? Don't hide anymore! If you don't use it, you and I will die here!" Jun Tianli said angrily.

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