The Strongest Qi Refiner - v2 Chapter 4435 bronze giant hand

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Clone technique!

Gu Qingtian knew that he couldn't give Fang Yu another chance to get close.

But at the same time, he knew very well the laws of the Dao, and he knew very well that no matter how powerful or how ghostly he used his movements, it was impossible to escape Fang Yu's eyes that were revolving the seal of the Dao.

If he couldn't escape those eyes, and couldn't get away from Zhuxiantai, there was only one feasible way to continue to delay time and consume Fang Yu's strength.

That is, the art of avatar!

The avatar technique that Gu Qingtian used is completely different from the avatar technique mastered by other monks.

His avatar is a real avatar, not a puppet, not a phantom, and not a product condensed with immortal power.

His avatar is a real flesh and blood body, and it is another container that he created through the seal of the extreme path that can transfer power at any time.

That is to say, when one of his main body encounters an accident or dies due to some sudden situation, he can transfer his own power to a new body in a single thought, which is the same as before. There will be no loss.

These bodies are the basis of the law of reincarnation!

Compared with the real spirit body, the avatar he made is more reliable, and does not need to take away any power from the main body!

Of course, no matter how many clones there are, in the end only one of them has real power.

However, the transfer of power was just a matter of thought for Gu Qingtian.

Now he releases one hundred clones that he has refined over the years at the same time, and then divides his own power into one hundred parts, so that these one hundred clones have the same strength.

Although each body has only one percent of its original strength, doing so... can consume Fang Yu to the greatest extent.

"Whoosh whoosh..."

One after another bodies appeared in the air, more and more.

Fang Yu stared at these bodies and found that the aura of these bodies was exactly the same, but much weaker than the previous Gu Qingtian.

This situation made him frown.

The aura of these one hundred bodies is exactly the same, even in the vision of the Eye of the Great Dao, there is no flaw in it.

In this case, it is impossible to lock the body of Gu Qingtian.

"Although these one hundred Gu Qingtians are exactly the same, each one's aura is far worse than the previous body? The technique of avatar used by this guy is to divide himself into one hundred parts? This kind of understanding is too Simple and rude, right?" Fang Yu narrowed his eyes, surprised.

"He must have also mastered many mysterious avatar techniques, illusion techniques...but he knows that these kinds of techniques are useless against you." Li Huoyu's voice sounded, "So, can't you just use this kind of technique? Is there a way?"

"What's the use of such cleverness? It's too easy for me to break the game. I will destroy as many avatars as he has." Fang Yu smiled, "Since he regards all avatars as his own body, then I destroyed all his body."

"He's doing it purely to weaken himself, and it doesn't make any sense to me."

"call out!"

Between the words, Fang Yu had already rushed towards Gu Qingtian's direction.

"Although he divided himself into a hundred parts, when he casts spells, he can still be a whole. Don't ignore this." Li Huoyu reminded, "He's not stupid enough to be real Weaken yourself. Instead, he's doing it smartly, and doing so minimizes the real damage you can do to his body."

"The sky is on fire!"

A hundred Gu Qingtians in the air raised their hands and pinched out their fingerprints.


There was a large circle above Fang Yu's head, and clusters of red fireworks appeared one after another.

The flames rolled like wheels, covering Fang Yu.

Fang Yu raised the Heavenly Dao Sword in his hand, and slashed towards the sky.


Crescent-shaped sword energy shot out vertically and horizontally, splitting the countless flames covering the sky!


After the flames that filled the sky were split, they turned into countless sparks and fell from the sky.


Sparks exploded, once again covering Fang Yu's space!

"Zi la la..."

In the scorching flames, there was also an extremely strong coercion, which restricted Fang Yu's movements and forcibly stopped him in midair.

"Thousand-language bergamot."

One hundred Gu Qingtian's eyes were extremely cold, and they clapped their palms together.


In the sky above Zhuxiantai, a strong light appeared.

Amidst the light, a huge, bronze-colored giant hand slowly descended from the sky, grabbing at the large area that was burning with flames.

Fang Yu, who was engulfed by the flames, felt another pressure coming.

He raised his head, opened his eyes, saw the giant hand falling from above, and frowned.


Fang Yu clenched his right fist and slammed it toward the sky.


The strength of the fist exploded, blowing away all the flames around the body.

At the same time, the golden shadow of the fist continued to magnify, blasting towards the giant bronze hand above.


After a muffled sound of metal colliding, the giant bronze hand showed no trace, and was still grabbing downwards.

Fang Yu could see that the surface of this giant bronze hand was covered with a faint crystal light, and there should be some kind of law inside.

"Such a big hand...then I should also transform into a spirit body."

Fang Yu's eyes froze, and his thoughts moved.


The golden light on the surface of his body exploded!

Based on his body, a huge phantom suddenly expanded.

From the perspective of the monks outside the Immortal Terrace, it is a huge golden statue standing on the Immortal Terrace.

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