The Strongest Qi Refiner - v2 Chapter 4248 human destiny

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At this time, Fang Yu could not care about the beauty in front of him.

He was sure that his punch had blown the stars in front of him.

The facts in front of us have indeed confirmed this.

But Fang Yu felt very strange.

"That guy said so confidently that he was sure, but that's the end? It's impossible, the main thing is that this star doesn't feel anything special, but it's just a flying star." Fang Yu frowned, and his consciousness spread out. .

However, at this moment.

"Whoosh whoosh..."

In the center of the exploding stars, the darkness did not dissipate, but a very powerful suction suddenly erupted!

The nearest Fang Yu was immediately sucked into the darkness!

This scene happened between the electric light and flint.

Among the cultivators in the distance, except for Lin Batian, none of them noticed.

"Do this again?"

Lin Batian frowned slightly, but did not move.

In his opinion, the opponent's target is currently only Fang Yu.

And the opponent's choice is also very clear, that is, to solve Fang Yu alone first.

In that case, there is no need to worry.

"One-on-one with Lao Fang... Isn't that courting death?" Lin Batian thought.

Fang Yu felt the extreme coldness and the squeeze of the twisted space.

This process continued, even though the scene around him was very clear, the discomfort did not disappear.

Looking forward, you can see that there is a dark night ahead.

Looking up, you can still see a starry sky.

But the surrounding scene is not the original island, but on a huge platform.

And around the platform, there are audience seats.

More than 10,000 monks were watching the battle around, and a loud noise could be heard.

"Where is this place again? I entered a certain scene in the Mirror of Vientiane again?" Fang Yu frowned, looking up at the front.

In the sky directly in front of him, there is a figure suspended.

There is a layer of light gray mist on the surface of his body, obscuring his appearance.

But at this moment, the gray fog slowly dissipated.

Fang Yu saw a male cultivator wearing a mask.

And the pair of blue-glowing eyes exposed in the mask.

The moment he met these eyes, Fang Yu knew that Lin Batian's previous speculation was correct.

Sure enough, the so-called mastermind behind the inheritance of Shangxian Court is the Holy Court!

The masked monk in front of him is the representative of the Holy Court!

"Long time no see, Fang Yu."

The masked monk spoke, his tone was calm, and he could even feel a smile.

"It seems that you have pulled me back to the Mirror of Vientiane again, but this move is of no use to me." Fang Yu said lightly, "I can easily destroy the Mirror of Vientiane."

"Fairy Wood"

" do have such an ability, but I think this won't do it." The mask monk said, "You should already understand the function of the Mirror of Vientiane, which is to save the scene in any time period. "

Fang Yu narrowed his eyes and did not speak.

At this moment, the surrounding noise is still very loud.

It's a noise, it's a cheer.

It can be clearly felt that the monks in the surrounding auditorium are extremely excited, cheering, and most of them are very excited, as if they have seen something extraordinary.

In addition, judging from the breath and appearance of these monks... they are not human races.

It was only at this time that Fang Yu discovered that there were many traces of battles on the stage where he was standing.

There are many collapsed pits, gravel can be seen everywhere, and there are many bloodstains.

On this tournament stage... just finished a battle!

If this is a saved scene, then...why is it saved after the battle?

Who is fighting whom? What was the result?

Why is the audience around so excited?

Fang Yu stared at the masked monk with cold eyes.

"Don't worry, I will tell you everything." The masked monk said slowly, "The scene you are in now is a life-and-death duel in Luotian Xianjie on the domain."

"This battle has attracted a lot of attention in the Luotian Immortal Realm, because the two sides in the battle are the Immortal Tongming Immortal Venerable from the strongest ethnic group in the Luotian Immortal Realm, and the other... is a human monk from a humble background."

"Fang Yu, guess what the name of this human cultivator is?"

The masked monk suddenly asked Fang Yu's eyes flickered, but he did not speak.

"This is a cultivator you are very familiar with. Without him, you may not have entered the path of cultivation..." said the masked cultivator.

Fang Yu's heart trembled.

He had already guessed who the mask monk was talking about...

It's his master, Daotian!

"It seems that you have already guessed it, yes, it is Daotian." The masked monk said playfully, "Human Zuxing, the former head of Tiandaomen, Daotian. After Luotian Immortal Realm, he met Tongming. Immortal."

"The current scene is the scene where Daotian was defeated by Immortal Venerable Tongming."

"Look at the monks of various ethnic groups around, how excited they are..."

"Hahaha, the human race is now at this level!"

"No shit! A human cultivator dares to challenge the existence of Immortal Venerable Tongming!?"

"It is said that he was forced to accept this battle to protect a group of human races hiding in Luotian Immortal Realm... But if he lost, that group of human races also had to die. The result is the same..."

At this time, Fang Yu could hear the various voices in the surrounding auditorium clearly.

Bittersweet, sarcastic, and boundless contempt.

"Fang Yu, I'm giving you a chance now to avenge your master!" The masked monk spread his arms and said loudly, "You should thank me, don't you?"

"Do you know your master's despair when he faced Immortal Venerable Tongming?"

"Why didn't you go to the Immortal Realm earlier? Maybe you can help him, so that he won't be humiliated like that... But this is the fate of your human race, no matter how hard you struggle, even if there are fish that slip through the net, you can Ascending to the Immortal Realm on the Domain, you are still at the bottom! You are trampled under your feet by all races!"


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