The Strongest Gaming Legend - Chapter 3054 The sleepy **** array starts

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After Rhodes contacted, the major top forces in the island country that had been prepared for a long time immediately took action.

Summon players above level 150 from their respective factions to go to Huaxia District to participate in the Great Yu City War.

"Supreme Guild, all players above level 150 began to assemble and dispatched to Huaxia District to help Huaxia District players win Dayu City."

"It's finally started. Are you ready to enter the Huaxia District!"

"The information from Rhodes in Huaxia District has just been sent, and players in our island country can go there."

"It has already started, everyone should act immediately. This time, the Great Yu City War has attracted the attention of almost all regions in Tianlin. As players in the island region, we must seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Show it well, at least to deter those forces who are attacking our island country."

More than 10 million top players above level 150 in the island country, under the command of one after another, set off from the major cities in the island country and traveled to Dayu City through the expensive one-way portal.

For this action to help players in the Huaxia District besiege Dayu City, the island country area is very serious about this.

Because the reputation of the island country in the entire Asian region is not very good now, and even many guilds have made it clear that they will not participate in the war between their allies in the Huaxia region. The first time the national war began, an attack on the island country was launched.

There are many enemies.

The strength is also very strong.

However, the island country will not be so easy to capture.

On the one hand, they are still mobilizing their abilities in all aspects to get in touch with Yefeng in Huaxia District. Su Ye is now the only existence in the entire sky that can deter those people and make them give up the idea of ​​attacking the island country.

Some things seem urgent, but in Su Ye's eyes, it's just a matter of one sentence.

In the entire Asian region, at least for now, no one has dared to express their dissatisfaction with the Huaxia region.

On the other hand, the island country believes that this time the Dayu City War is the best venue to show the true strength of the island country. Ye Feng returned again, and after sweeping across the major cities in the Huaxia District, he attacked Dayu City and defeated the Demon God Clan.

This battle can be said to be the unification battle of Huaxia District, or it can be said to be Ye Feng's personal revenge battle.

Once the players in Huaxia District successfully defeat the Demon God clan and take Dayu City, it means that the lion who has been sleeping for three years in Huaxia District wakes up again. In the future, he will become the most unwilling force in Tianlin districts .

But if it fails, not only will China fail to qualify for the national war, but even the prestige that Su Ye has built up over a long period of time will be like the collapse of a giant building, and there will be nothing left.

Under the total factors, this incident has now become the most concerned program of the entire Tianlin and billions of players.

They all wanted to know what the final result of the Dayu City War was.

In this case, let the high-level personnel of the island country recognize that the Dayu City war is the time for the island country to show its true strength to the entire Tianlin world.

As long as the other party sees the current power of the island country, it is not a soft persimmon. If they can be filled with reverence for the island country in their hearts, this may allow the island country to avoid the war at the beginning of the country. At that time, unnecessary casualties occurred.

In the sky outside Dayu City.

The Dayu City War Command has been released from the Super Floating City, and all actions in the next Dayu City War will be deployed by the Dayu City War Command.

At the same time, in order to ensure that the order can be conveyed to any player's ears in detail, some people in the Dayu City War Command who have always stood at the top level, they began to lead by example. Wandering in the army of more than one billion players, without the order of the Dayu City War Headquarters, they connected with the personnel in the various teams of the major guilds. Once the Dayu City War Headquarters order was issued, they It will be directly transferred to the corresponding guild leader or squad leader.

Let the police of the Dayu City War Command get the first practical action.

At the same time, more than 100 meters away from the city gate of Dayu City, a milky white light suddenly appeared.

The rays of light seemed to fall from the sky. Although they were bundles of light, they still illuminated the city of Dayu, which was still shrouded in a gloomy and gloomy scene.

At the same time, it also attracted the attention of many players present.

"Come on, look, in the direction of the gate of Dayu City, a milky white light suddenly appeared, which looked very dazzling."

"What's the situation? Could there be a major change in the next Great Yucheng war?"

"Don't panic, it's the light of transmission. Only when it is transmitted to the corresponding place, he will emit such a white light. According to the intelligence information obtained before, the person who was transmitted should be Fengshen this time from the island country area. The more than 10 million top players above level 150 who have transferred over are all masters!"

"Damn it, it really shocked me that the players from the island country area came over to have such a big battle."

"It really startled me. Originally, I thought that the helpers of the Demon God clan came from the teleportation light. If they were the top players in the island country, it would be nothing."

When the players were talking about it, the teleportation light that was dazzling enough to be used as the sun was slowly being consumed at this moment.

And there are a lot of players exposed inside. From the perspective of the camp, the opponent is the players from the island country.

"Boss, the players from the island country area have come!" Rhode said to Su Ye in the Dayu City War Command, "I just said a few words to the leader of a major force inside, what they mean is the next In the Great Yu City War, whose orders should be obeyed?"

After listening to Rhode's report, Su Ye said sullenly, "The 10 million players will be handed over to you to lead in the next day of the Great Yu City War. If anyone disobeys the order, don't be polite and just kill them. It's fine for the other party."

Seeing Su Ye's indifferent expression, Rhodes immediately smiled and said, "Thank you boss for your appreciation, I will definitely make good use of the 10 million players in the island country."

As soon as the words of gratitude were finished, Rhodes immediately added, "Boss, there is one more thing you need to know. The number of personnel sent to the Da Yucheng War in the Daoguo District this time is not 10 million, but 150 million. One million is almost the most powerful group of people in the island country.”

"For example, among the top 10,000 players in the island country's combat power list, more than 9,000 players came."

Rhodes was a little excited.

This time, for the Great Yu City War, the players in the island country have obviously chosen to go all out.

What's more, under Su Ye's arrangement, these players who fell over were originally used as consumables for this Great God War.

Comparing 15 million top players with 10 million players, the former has more numbers and can use them easily.

More importantly, with these cannon fodders, if there is a death situation, Rhodes will not have any burden in his heart.

Even Rhodes was a little bit looking forward to seeing: a group of powerful demon army suddenly ran out of Dayu City, directly killing the players in the island country unilaterally.

If all the top players in the island country die once, then for the island country, the overall power will naturally drop by a notch.

Rhode still understands the truth of weakening others and strengthening himself.

"They seem to use our Great Yucheng War this time as a springboard, and want to show all the players in the entire Tianlin World how powerful the island country is."

Su Ye could see the intention of the island country at a glance, but there was no regret in his expression, but a kind of joy similar to Rhodes' face.

"But that's fine. The stronger the cannon fodder, the higher the responsibility it can bear."

Su Ye followed, waved his hand and said to Rhodes: "Okay, now you have a detailed conversation with the person in charge of the island country area to find out more background strengths in the island country area."

"There is still more than half an hour before the start of the Great Yucheng War, so take your time."

All the personnel who attacked Dayu City have been mobilized.

The rest is the Sleeping God Array arranged in the 107 main cities in Huaxia District.

After Rhodes left, Su Ye gave an order to Amy Lu to start the sleepy **** formation. It would take at least half an hour for all formations to be activated.

Su Ye is not in a hurry, because the Great Array of Sleeping Gods is Su Ye's trump card for attacking Dayu City this time.

Safe for now.

Falling Cloud City.

After Amy Lu put away the sound transmission order, according to Su Ye's order, he immediately activated the great formation of sleepy gods distributed in the major cities in Huaxia District.

As the great formations of sleepy gods in the main cities were opened, red rays of light, like terrifying chains, whizzed towards the sky, and then left a chain in the air that could not be seen at a glance.

These appear to be sudden occurrences, but in reality everything is planned.

Because it is in Dayu City.

I don't know who found what, and then a person looked up and looked at the gray sky.

They could vaguely see that in the gray sky, there seemed to be a blood-red "snake" swimming, and the number was increasing rapidly. More importantly, those "snakes" were swimming from different directions. , very weird.

"What is that? Blood-red snake, isn't this also the means of Fengshen?"

As a player exclaimed, more and more players on the scene shouted.

"Look, those "snakes" are coming towards us, everyone hurry up and avoid them!"

"Fuck, what are those things, why do they look so scary."

"Who can tell me what happened."

Under the loud noises, those "snakes" gradually revealed their true faces, which was a chain transformed from light.

The chains fell from the sky, covered with dense inscriptions and pictures, which suddenly seemed to be naturally generated, making it almost impossible to see any flaws.

But it made many players start to be on guard.

"Watch out for avoidance!"

"Brothers, be careful, this may be the terrifying means of those demon gods in Dayu City."

"Don't be bound by those chains, or the situation will be very bad."

"It's over! Looking at the state of those chains, we know that this attack is so fierce that we can't seem to be able to withstand it."

In the unknown situation, rumors spread, and panic spread among the players. It seems that even those players in the island country are trembling with fear, and their eyes are fixed on the "chain" in the sky. The "chain" seems to be a Coming from nine days, the terrifying power contained in it made several players in the island country with different perception abilities could not help but beat their hearts faster.

Rhodes, who was talking to the representatives of the top players in the island country this time, also suddenly noticed the situation outside.

One after another, blood-red chains, like tentacles, groped directly towards the city wall of Dayu City, and then swam around the city wall like a snake.

"Mr. Rhodes, I didn't expect the Demon God family to have such a means. I'm afraid we will face very heavy casualties this time." Laiwannatto said with a wry smile.

He is the deputy team leader of the Sakura team, and on behalf of the Sakura team, he brought 15 million players from the island country to participate in the Dayu City War, support Su Ye, and support the Huaxia District.

And the terrifying power contained in these chains falling from the sky now makes Laiwan Natto's heart beat faster.

Now he wants to run away immediately.

On the other hand, Rhodes seemed unusually calm at this moment. He even reached out and patted a bowl of natto on the shoulder, and said with a light smile, "Don't worry, that's what the boss used to deal with the Demon God clan in Dayu City."

"Next, for a long time, the demon **** clan in Dayu City will be affected by the power of the ban, even if the main **** is under this kind of ban, it is impossible to play one-tenth of his power. strength."

The sleepy **** array has started.

Therefore, there is no need for Rhodes to keep any secrets anymore, and even now he is taking the initiative to explain the role of the Great God of Sleeping Array with a bowl of natto, which may enhance the opponent's confidence in the Dayu City War.

"As expected of Fengshen!" Laiwannato's expression slowly calmed down. Looking at the chains in the sky, he couldn't help but sigh, "This time the Great Yucheng war is guaranteed!"

Rhode just smiled at this and didn't say much.

At this time, the terrifying power released by the sleepy **** array also made the demon gods in Dayu City panic.

"Did something happen outside Dayu City? Why did I suddenly feel that some very terrifying power was awakening."

"No, there are blood-red chains that are binding Dayu City!"

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