The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset - Chapter 659 I am proud of you

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  Chapter 659 You are my pride

On November 12, 2027 in the Gregorian calendar, Prince Aqiu and General Boolean led their subordinates to break into the palace of the lord, intending to force the palace. At the first level, the king was furious, deprived Prince Aqiu of his royal status, demoted him to a commoner, and imprisoned him for life.

  Empress of the country has no way to teach her children, and she is not allowed to step out of the dormitory for the rest of her life.

  For five whole days, the streets of Guyun City were full of raiding imperial troops, and the people stayed behind closed doors, waiting for the storm to pass with peace of mind at home.

   It seems that there is nothing wrong with Prince Sang Luo, but everyone in Shendu Kingdom knows that Prince Sang Luo is the crown prince.

  On November 17th, the bitter north wind howled, and the sky had been gloomy for many days. The sun still failed to come, but the first snow came.

For the people of Shendu Kingdom, snow is the most crystal clear and purest thing in the world. It can purify all the filth and impurity in the world. On the day of the first snowfall, they will have a custom of brewing snow wine and taking a handful of it. The first snow and cedar fruit, after a month of fermentation and distillation, are buried in the wine cellar, and then the last year's snow wine is opened. In the cold snowy day, drinking a sip of snow wine can not only strengthen the body, but also wash away the evil spirits. A year of bad luck is bad, welcome the new year with full energy.

November 22nd is a very important day. It is the birthday of the Holy Lord. Guyun City will hold a very grand celebration. On this day, the people of Shendu Kingdom will leave their homes and come to the square in front of the Holy Temple , Spontaneous prayer, to bless the Lord is to bless oneself.

Then the Holy Lord will ride a golden float from the holy temple to the central square in the center of the city. In the coming year, you will be prosperous, healthy, safe and happy.

  After years of development, this festival has become the first festival of the God Du Kingdom, and not many people remember that the festival of the God Religion was just a week ago.

  Later, the people gave this day a name called Advent.

  In the hearts of all the people, the Holy Lord is like a great and tolerant mother who treats all the people as her children and loves them selflessly.

   On November 22nd, the gloomy sky was finally broken by the sun, and the snow on the eaves was slowly melting.

  The people got up in the early morning and went to the square in front of the holy temple spontaneously. When the first ray of sun rose, the square was already densely packed with human heads, and every face was full of piety.

At eight o'clock, the gate of the holy temple opened. First, twelve silver-armored guards with spears came out in uniform steps, and then a young man on a big horse, wearing a green dragon mask on his face. A pair of black eyes at the back stared at the world coldly.

  Following that, four tall white horses pulled a golden float slowly out of the holy temple. The float was surrounded by transparent glazed bead curtains, and a figure loomed among the shaking bead curtains, making it even more hazy and mysterious.

  At that moment, the people knelt on the ground and shouted to the Lord.

On the left and right of the float, there are four silver-armored guard leaders, guarding the safety of the Holy Lord in four directions. Behind the float, there are twelve silver-armored guards. A group of people left the holy temple and went west. The people spontaneously followed, and the team was huge. mighty.

  The gate of the holy temple was slowly closed again, isolating all the hustle and bustle outside.

  The floats go very slowly, and it usually takes four hours to reach the central square in the center of the city from the holy temple.

  In the holy temple, the four chiefs and the twenty-four silver armored guards were parading the streets with the holy master at this moment, and the guards in the holy temple were empty.

  Ming Jing took all the equipment and jumped out of the window to the cedar forest in the south.

There is a thick layer of snow on the ground, and when you step on it, there is a light "creaking" sound. The snow on the branches slides off, revealing green leaves. Under the reflection of the white snow, the green is even more beautiful than emeralds. Emerald green has become a unique embellishment in this world.

  There is a thin layer of white mist in the cedar forest, and the road ahead becomes more and more mysterious, as if there is only one person left in the vast world, which infinitely magnifies the loneliness and fear in the bottom of the heart.

   Ming Jing walked like this for an unknown amount of time, Ming Jing stopped and pricked up his ears.

   Fingers slowly touched the dagger at his waist.

  In the depths of the cedar forest, a snow wolf slowly appeared.

  Its hair has no variegated color, and it blends perfectly with the snow behind it. It has a strong physique, and a pair of blue eyes calmly stares at the prey. The light in those eyes seems to be able to penetrate people's hearts.

  Ming Jing finally understood why this place is called a forbidden area. A snow wolf like this is ferocious in nature and is not afraid of severe cold. Anyone who meets it will only become a meal in his stomach.

   One man and one wolf faced each other silently, and no one took that step first.

  Finally Ming Jing put away the dagger, and she decided to take a gamble.

She walked towards Snow Wolf silently, and Snow Wolf watched her quietly with those emotionless blue eyes. He opened his mouth, showing the fangs around his mouth, showing a ferocious look, an ordinary person might be frightened Limp on the spot.

  Ming Jing was neither frightened nor frightened. When he walked in front of it, Snow Wolf exhaled hot air from his nostrils.

  The next moment, Snow Wolf silently followed Ming Jing's footsteps and walked together to the depths of the cedar forest.

The shadows above the head passed by, Ming Jing raised his head, and a huge and strong gull was hovering above his head. Its hair was brown and looked very clean. It had a thick shiny black beak and piercing round eyes. As if sizing up prey.

   There are seven or eight of them in this group, and they have been circling above Ming Jing's head.

  The snow wolf raised its head to the sky and let out a long howl, the snow on the shaking pine leaves trembled and fell off, the flock of gulls were frightened and fled away in a blink of an eye.

  Ming Jing looked back at Snow Wolf, and opened his mouth: "Thank you."

  Snow Wolf held his head high, like a proud warrior.

  Ming Jing smiled and continued to walk deep into the pine forest.

  At the end of the cedar forest is a huge glacier, and the cold air is blowing in the face, even the bones are unstoppable chill.

  A river goes west along the glacier, and the iceberg in the south rises from the ground. Under the sunlight, the iceberg looks like a blue crystal, crystal clear, beautiful, holy and ethereal.

  The icebergs in the distance are densely packed, and there is no end in sight. Looking from a distance, they are so rugged, majestic and majestic.

  This situation makes people have to feel the uncanny craftsmanship of nature. Having seen such beautiful scenery of glaciers with their own eyes, they are open-minded. What else in the world can be seen.

  Ming Jing walked along the direction of the river for about two kilometers, and found a natural ice cave under the iceberg.

  However, to enter the cave, you need to cross the river. The river is not wide, but it is difficult to jump over it with manpower.

   While Ming Jing was thinking about how to cross the river, Snow Wolf jumped into the river and floated on the surface of the water. It looked back at Ming Jing, and its eyes signaled Ming Jing to lean on him.

  Ming Jing crossed the river, and Snow Wolf climbed ashore, shaking off the ice floes from his body.

  When Ming Jing walked into the cave, she only felt a chill rising from the soles of her feet, and the back of her exposed hands had begun to swell, which was a sign of severe frostbite.

  This ice cave is not deep, and it is several times colder than the outside, and Mingjing is frozen and unable to move an inch.

  A naked woman curled up in the freezing cold, under the beautiful and spectacular ice cave wonders, it seemed so inconsistent and weird.

Ming Jing endured the discomfort and stepped forward quickly, and passed the woman's body. She was completely frozen, her eyelashes were covered with a layer of hoarfrost, her hands were intertwined to protect her chest, her beautiful face, The ferocious and painful expression is lifelike.

  Although Ming Jing couldn't feel her pulse, she knew that this woman was not dead.

Using a glycogen storage method to keep the blood in the blood vessels alive, lower the freezing temperature of the blood, and create a "cryoprotectant", similar to the hibernation of animals, but this process is very difficult for frozen people. Cruel, she has to endure the pain and torment of the cold, keep a clear mind in endless despair, even death is a luxury.

   This is a brutal torture.

  Ming Jing looked at this ferocious and painful face, and let out a long sigh.

  Jiang Chunlan, in this world, who else can have such a deep hatred with you?

  Ming Jing took off his coat and covered the woman's naked body, protecting her remaining dignity.

  If you knew that such a day would come, would you still regret what you did?

  The so-called cause must have an effect, and Der Spiegel didn't know whether to pity her experience or lament the retribution of karma.

  She sat for a long time, so long that the red swelling on the back of her hand began to ooze pus and rot, and a thick layer of frost formed on her eyelashes, as if even the blood in the blood vessels had frozen and could not circulate.

  She fell on the ice, looking at a ray of sunlight shining into the hole, she had no energy to go back.

   Snow Wolf came over and stuck out his tongue to lick Ming Jing's face, but that bit of heat couldn't melt the chill all over her body.

  Perhaps this world of ice and snow is her final destination.


  The hall is as warm as spring, and on the flower stand in the corner, a branch of cold plum stands proudly on the mouth of a celadon bottle.

   On the big bed, lay a pale young girl, with black hair spread on the stiff pillow, her small face became thinner and paler.

   Soft and fair fingers twisted the hot towel, and gently wiped off the light frost on the girl's face. The movements were so gentle and light, as if the person in front of her was more delicate than a porcelain doll.

Then he took the girl's hand, there was a pus-soothing wound on the back of the hand, picked up the ointment on the table, plucked out a piece with his fingertips, and carefully covered the wound, lest it hurt even the slightest bit, then wiped it with gauze a little bit Dress the wound.

   Those beautiful eyes looked at the sleeping girl gently, and gently stroked the girl's facial features with her fingertips, as if she wanted to recall something from this face.

  After a long time, there was a long sigh.

   "You are... my pride!"


  When Ming Jing woke up, he was in Suzaku Department's own room, wearing a black silver armor guard uniform. When there was no important task, he wore this kind of casual clothes that were convenient for activities.

  The room was very warm, she stared at the ceiling for a while, the frozen blood slowly flowed through her body, and an irrepressible sense of fatigue swept over her.

  She raised her hand and saw that both hands were wrapped into rice dumplings. The numbness of her body prevented her from feeling too much pain.

  The door of the room was pushed open, and Tian Wu walked in with a bowl of medicine. Seeing that she woke up, he jumped over happily.

   "Ruan, it's great that you finally woke up."

  Ming Jing opened her dry lips, her voice was extremely hoarse, and her voice was very hoarse without any disguise.

   "How long have I been unconscious?"

   "Three days, three full days, I'm almost dying of worry. The doctor said that you probably won't wake up. Fortunately, you are lucky, so get up and drink the medicine."

  Ming Jing sat up slowly, holding the pill with her hands wrapped into rice dumplings. After drinking the medicine, she asked, "How did I get back?"

Tian Wu looked strange: "Didn't you fall at the door of the room by yourself? I was terrified in the middle of the night. I told the boss that you were injured on a mission, but the boss didn't ask any more questions and asked me to take good care of you." You, you kid are really lucky."

   Ming Jing was silent, she knew that person had been here before, and she smelled that familiar fragrance, and there would be no second person in this world to use this kind of fragrance.

  Tian Wu stared at her, "Tell me the truth, did you enter the cedar forest alone? You are really too brave. If the boss finds out, you will die."

  Ming Jing lay down again, and she asked, "Didn't anything major happen on the day of the celebration?"

Tian Wu looked at her with a strange look: "You crow's mouth really hit the mark. That day some gangsters assassinated the Lord in the street, but they were quickly captured by the silver armored guards, and there was no panic. Also, let me tell you…."

Tian Wu leaned over mysteriously, and said in a low voice: "The Holy Master announced at the ceremony that there will be a saintess descending. The saintess is the reincarnation of a princess from the Gujialan Kingdom. , to bless the gods and the people, the weather will be good, the country will be safe and the people will be safe."

  Ming Jing's eyelids trembled, and he let out a faint "oh".

   "You don't seem to be interested in this saint at all. Do you know that after the Holy Lord announced the arrival of the saint, the whole country is boiling, and the streets and alleys are talking about the saint who is about to come to the world."

  Ming Jing suddenly said: "Tian Wu, can you do me a favor."

  Tian Wu immediately became vigilant: "What do you want to do?"

"I would like Internet access."

  The holy temple has strict requirements on the silver armored guards. Mobile phones are not allowed, and there is no signal in the residence, but it is not a problem for Tian Wu, a top hacker.

   This little request can still be met by Tian Wu, "Wait for me later."

Soon he went back and forth, and mysteriously took out a palm-sized mobile phone from his pocket. There was no trademark on the back, only a cedar leaf logo of the Silver Armor Guard. This is a mobile phone independently developed by the Suzaku Department. The system is free from monitoring from all walks of life, and it walks in the Internet age without leaving traces.

"A newly released new technology, eye gaze function, is just right for you when your hand is injured and you can't hold your phone. I'll fix your phone on the bedside for you. Wherever your eyeballs see, it will automatically select the gaze area. text box, which is very convenient.”

  Tian Wu poured a cup of hot water by the bedside, plugged in a straw, and then said: "You play slowly, I have to go back quickly, if the boss finds out that I am not here, I will be miserable."

  After Tian Wu left, Ming Spiegel entered the domestic network through the server port.

  She remembered that her senior sister’s movie would probably be released in October this year. It’s already the end of November, and she just remembered it, and she didn’t know how the movie was going to be.

  Ding Spiegel has landed on the largest social entertainment software in China, and the number one on the hot list is the names of Ye Zhen and Qu Feitai side by side, followed by a big explosive word.

  Ming Jing was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously clicked in.

  When the senior sister decided to continue her career as an actor, she didn’t intend to change the name Ye Zhen. It was also to commemorate Ye Zhen’s influence on her. She chose to use this name as her stage name to carry on Ye Zhen’s dream.

It’s a marketing account with millions of fans who posted a video with the text—Genius newcomer actress in the film industry VS top-class singer in the music industry, a handsome man and a beautiful woman, a match made in heaven, let’s find out how much is hidden in this pair of CPs sugar.

In the video, one day in May this year, in an underground garage in Jingzhou, the two walked out of the elevator together, talking while walking. I don’t know if it’s because of the shooting technique. The two seem very close. You must know that Qu Fei Taiwan is known as a female insulator, and then the timeline came to September, watching the preview of the movie Flame in the background, a fan secretly photographed the two talking in the background, Qu Feitai looked quite excited, this is It's very imaginative.

  The most convincing thing is that a paparazzi secretly photographed the two walking out of the same movie theater one after the other late at night. This cannot be called a coincidence.

The movie Flame will be released on October 1st. With its novel and extreme sci-fi plot, the actors' superb and full acting skills, the background music carefully produced by the top singer Qu Feitai, the director's superb language lens and the extremely atmospheric aesthetic production, it is jointly created under the influence of multiple parties. broke the box office myth of the film industry.

   Director Yu proved that after seven years of disobedience, he once again revived the glory of the film industry.

  Actor Zhou Zhengru established his position in the film industry.

  The other male and female supporting roles have become popular to varying degrees.

  The most surprising ones are the new heroine Ye Zhen, and Qu Feitai, who is in charge of film music production for the first time.

  Ye Zhen was unknown before. Because she was not well-known and did not come from a major, she was questioned by the outside world. The day before the movie was released, there was still a lot of criticism on the Internet, but after the movie was released, all the abuse disappeared.

  As long as you have watched the movie, you will understand why Director Yu chose an unknown newcomer. Director Yu is indeed Director Yu, with a vicious and precise vision.

Ye Zhen's acting skills are not what a newcomer can present at all. Her acting skills are full of aura and depth, and she can perform a complicated role with ease and vividly. The actor Zhou Zhengru was on the same stage, and he was not suppressed. On the contrary, there were a few scenes where even the actor couldn't keep up, and his acting skills were natural.

  She is Dongwa, and Dongwa is her.

  Ye Zhen was also known as the Ziwei star in the entertainment industry, and became a huge hit, dominating the screen for a month.

  As for Qu Feitai, his contribution to the film is no less than that of the male and female protagonists. It can even be said that the music he created also gave the film vitality. He is Director Yu in another sense.

As the music director of the film, Qu Feitai was on the same stage with the heroine Ye Zhen when the film crew held the first large-scale screening, and was photographed in the same frame backstage. It can be said that in the initial publicity period, it was thanks to the two The gossip pushed the popularity of the film to its peak, and the leading actor Zhou Zhengru remained unnamed from beginning to end.

The scandal between the two lasted until the movie was released, and they delivered a perfect answer with the third highest box office record in film history. At the end of the year, major fashion activities are frequent. As a newcomer in the entertainment industry, Ye Zhen has become the new darling of the fashion industry and the advertising industry. However, Ye Zhen was not proud of being popular, she only chose a few charity events to participate in, and rejected all other fashion events and magazine invitations.

As one of the three domestic film awards for the Golden Lion Award, nominations are released in November, and the film Flame has won nine awards. The awards ceremony will be held at the Jiangzhou Grand Theater tonight. On the red carpet before the ceremony, Ye Zhen Holding Zhou Zhengru's arm, he walked onto the red carpet with the director and Qu Feitai, setting off the climax of tonight's party.

  The male protagonist Zhou Zhengru has no name again, and all the media focus on Ye Zhen and Qu Feitai. These two people are more topical and tense, and the public loves to watch them most.

  However, to the disappointment of the public, the two did not communicate at all from the beginning to the end, not even making eye contact.

   This also led to the scene where the marketing account took the lead in knocking on the CP.

  —Isn’t Jiangzhou Zhenzhen’s hometown? Unscrupulous marketing account, what kind of CP is blindly knocking, my female goose is unique.

  —Am I the only one who thinks the two of you are unsuitable? At best, Ye Zhen can be regarded as handsome, that is, she has a better temperament, or the appearance of the female goose of Ding Jing is the most suitable for Qu Feitai, by the way, what about Ding Jing? I haven't heard from her for a long time, what did she do?

  —Get out, what ghosts and snake gods don’t get hit by me, leave a white lotus and come with green tea, you’re addicted to it, aren’t you?

  On the Internet, the fans of the two parties were arguing fiercely. The two parties had been holding back for the past two months, and it finally broke out tonight.

  At this time, someone on an entertainment forum anonymously broke the news that the hot newcomer Ye Zhen is Ming Jing's senior sister, the real daughter of the Zhu family's real and fake daughters who made a lot of noise last year, and her real name is Zhu Mingxin.

   This moment exploded, and quickly detonated the Internet. Fans gathered on Ye Zhen's Weibo and left messages asking if she was real?

  Ye Zhen just sat down in her seat when her phone rang with a "ding". She turned on the phone, and her manager reminded her to watch trending searches.

Ye Zhen naturally knew that her identity had been exposed. Her manager was Zheng Qing, who was fully capable of erasing her identity. No one knew that she was Ming Jing's senior sister, but she and Qu Feitai's The scandal was so widespread, Ye Zhen thought about it and decided to ask Zheng Qing to revoke the protection of her identity.

  The entertainment industry is true and false, but she wants to live a real life, so there is no point in hiding it.

  She is Ming Jing's senior sister, and there is nothing shameful about her.

   Qu Feitai's obsession with Ding Jing is known to everyone in the entertainment industry. She and Qu Feitai have an affair, so what is it?

   She thought, Qu Feitai must be very upset and troubled in his heart, so let him help him.

Mingxin raised her phone and took a selfie, posted it on her personally authenticated Weibo, and attached a text - I am Ye Zhen, and I am also Mingxin, thank you for your support, the only topic of communication between me and Mr. Qu is, Well, everyone understands, because we both have someone we love in common, and rumors stop at wise men.

   Then it rushed to the hot search again.

  Ming Xin doesn't care what the outside world thinks, she just tells the truth, she and Qu Feitai only spoke no more than ten sentences, and she didn't lie to everyone, the topic only revolved around one person from beginning to end.

  Ming thought, being loved is not a bad thing. She doesn't know what kind of feelings the younger sister has for Qu Feitai, but she probably doesn't hate it.

  For Qu Feitai, misinterpreting his love should be worse than killing him, it is an insult to his pure love.

  After getting in touch with Qu Feitai several times, she found that he is a very indifferent person with a self-consistent system in his heart. He is self-centered, withdrawn, and willful, and he can't pull back the things he believes.

  His deep affection is what women all over the world dream of, but he doesn't understand that his stubborn love will eventually hurt others and himself.

  Ming Xin knew very early on that her junior sister had a heavy responsibility on her shoulders, and she would never be able to stop because of one person's love, but deep down in her heart, there was still a little selfishness.

  What if there is an accident?

  Junior Sister is a person with a strong soul. She has never seen Junior Sister's tears. Her heart is the hardest thing in the world. However, the world only sees her strength, but never witnesses her loneliness.

  It is extremely cold at high places.

   This human love, although risky, is so warm, making people nostalgic, and making people feel the real taste of being alive.

  Junior Sister, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to do this, but I don’t want to look at your back anymore, I can’t bear the pain of losing you anymore.

  What responsibility, what great love, I just want you to live, as a person, alive and wanton, daring to love and hate.

The lights shone on her, and she became the focus of attention of the audience. The award presenters on the stage were chanting her name, and her highlight performance in the movie was scrolling on the big screen behind, and the audience applauded warmly. .

   "The Golden Lion Award for Best Actress is a rookie actress who has just turned 18, Ye Zhen, let us applaud her."

   The applause lasted for a long time.

  Ming Xin got up expressionlessly, hugged the director and Zhou Zhengru, she saw Qu Feitai's eyes looking over, she understood.

  Love is indeed the greatest miracle in this world.

   In that gunshot wound, he injured his brain nerves and lost his memory, but his love will not disappear.

  This indifferent but sincere boy, can he help her keep that person?

Mingxin stepped onto the stage and received the trophies and certificates from the award presenters. She stood in front of Limai, and countless audiences and countless fans in front of the live camera saw that this first movie had performed with superb acting skills. The talented actress who won the crown of the most golden actress burst into tears.

  She didn't cry aloud, she shed tears silently, but she was so beautiful and moving.

  She doesn't have a perfect appearance, but she has a pair of talking eyes. At this moment, she is so beautiful.

   "This award belongs to Ye Zhen." The soft voice of the woman spread through the microphone.

  She looked into the distance and raised the trophy in her hand.

  Ye Zhen, did you see it? This is your honor.

   "I met someone. She taught me what dreams are and what hard work is. It was she who led me on the road of being an actor. In fact, this trophy should belong to her."

"From now on, I will follow her as an example and continue on the road of being an actor. Thank you, Director Yu, Mr. Zhou Zhengru, and all the colleagues and staff in the crew. Without your hard work, this award would not have been possible." For those who missed it, I would also like to thank all the judges and teachers, thank you for your appreciation of Ye Zhen's acting skills, from now on, I will spur myself with stricter requirements, and live up to your expectations."

  The woman's voice is full and moving, containing sincere feelings.

   "Finally..." She smiled facing the camera: "Junior Sister, I miss you, can you go home quickly?"

  From now on, the new actress Ye Zhen will start her era soon.

There is no suspense, the best director Yu Dawei, and the competition for the best actor is too fierce, Zhou Zhengru's highlight was suppressed by the newcomer Ye Zhen, it seemed not so bright, and finally missed the best actor, but Zhou Zhengru had won four years ago Having passed the Golden Lion Best Actor, this time it will not have any impact on him. His actual performance is here, and his status will only increase.

   Surprisingly and unsurprisingly, the best music production award went to Qu Feitai.

  As a top singer with creative strength, it seems a bit cross-border to win the music award in the film industry, but this is a matter of course for the public.

   Qu Feitai, he is such a myth.

He stood on the podium, the lights gathered on him, a young man in a black suit, slender, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, his brow peaks seemed to be forever condensed with a cloud of frost, giving people a feeling that strangers should not get close The lonely feeling, but such a charm is so charming, exuding light all over, dazzling like a dream woven by God.

  “I have won many awards, but this award has a completely different meaning to me. I thank the audience and fans for their support, and thank the judges for their recognition. I will continue to work hard to create better works.”

  The simple and concise sentences are full of sincerity. The young man stands in the light, staring at the camera with a pair of black eyes. There are calmness, ambition, and longing that no one can understand in his eyes.

  Buddhist saying, let go of one thought, everything is at ease.

  I tried to let go, but I failed in the end. I finally understand that maybe only at the end of death can I let go completely.

  I also finally understood that true love is fulfillment and not disturbing.

  Maybe this is another angle of letting go.

  (end of this chapter)

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