The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy - Chapter 1068 - First Meeting

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Chapter 1068: First Meeting

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Shen Li’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you sure?”

She had seen the information on Xiang Yao before. He was a typical playboy, but there had been no mention of him being involved in drugs.

“I’m sure. He’s extremely cautious in this area. Even his close friends don’t know about it,” Zhao Xuan said. “Our people followed him for a long time before they discovered it by accident.”

When he first heard the news, he wasn’t sure either. He asked them to continue to keep an eye on him. After confirming it repeatedly, he reported the matter to Shen Li.

Shen Li put one hand on the steering wheel and tapped lightly on it. She did not make a sound for a while.

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For a moment, countless fragmented images appeared in her mind. It was as if there was an invisible line that gradually connected them together.

Many of her previous questions were answered at this moment.

Xiang Yao was a drug addict.

Yu Cheng was also a drug addict.

After the incident involving Yu Cheng, he had quickly cut off contact with Yu Cheng. However, he then turned around and started to contact Yu Yu frequently…

All of these pointed to a shocking truth– Yu Cheng was involved in drugs, and Xiang Yao probably had a lot to do with it!

Moreover, this matter probably had something to do with Yu Yu!

Yu Yu was proud and conceited by nature. She was always careful about her reputation and would never take someone like Xiang Yao, who was an uneducated and useless second-generation nouveau riche, seriously.

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However, the relationship between her and Xiang Yao was very delicate, and Xiang Yao’s financial situation in the past few months was also very problematic.

A guess emerged in Shen Li’s mind: Yu Cheng’s involvement in drugs was very likely the work of both Yu Yu and Xiang Yao!

In other words, the mastermind behind this matter was Yu Yu!

Yu Cheng was the eldest grandson of the Yu family and was highly valued and favored by Old Master Yu.

Even though he had done all sorts of troublesome things, the Yu family was a big family. With the operation of various parties, they could basically reduce the major issues to minor ones.

He had caused a lot of trouble in the past few years, but under the protection of the Yu family, wasn’t everything still fine?

It could be said that as long as there were no incidents, everything in the Yu family was destined to be his.

But now, an incident had happened. He had taken drugs and had been arrested for illegal possession of drugs. Once this was confirmed, he would definitely be sentenced!

No matter how powerful the Yu family was, it would be difficult for them to protect him this time.

Moreover, the incident had happened in the Capital at that time, and public opinion was also in an uproar. The Yu family was even more passive.

The moment this incident happened, Yu Cheng had basically been crippled.

In that case, the biggest beneficiaries would naturally be his brothers and sisters.

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And among these people, Yu Yu was the one with the most outstanding abilities.

In Shen Li’s previous life, Yu Cheng had avoided being involved in such a catastrophe and had not gone to jail because of drugs. However, the Yu family’s company had still ended up in Yu Yu’s hands in the end. How could a drug addict become the heir of the Yu family company?

After Old Master Yu died of a sudden heart attack, the Yu family had been in turmoil and no one knew the details. In short, Yu Yu became the biggest winner.

Yu Cheng and his parents ended up in a miserable state. Of course, the second son and her illegitimate brother had not fared much better.

However, at that time, Yu Yu was already an undisputed existence in the Yu family. How could anyone else dare to say anything?

At that point, Xiang Yao had never even been heard of before.

If Shen Li had not overheard him talking on the phone with Yu Yu, she would not have thought that he was such a crucial figure.

Who would have thought that Yu Yu, who had grown up with Yu Cheng and seemed to be extremely close to Yu Cheng, would deliberately look for someone to trick Yu Cheng into taking drugs?

In her previous life, Yu Yu had been very successful, and she had probably had a very good collaborative relationship with Xiang Yao.

But now that Yu Yu was in a bad situation, the situation was naturally different.

Xiang Yao’s huge amount of money from unknown sources must have come from extorting Yu Yu.

As to why he had specially gone to Haicheng to meet Yu Yu… It was probably because of the money.

“President Shen? President Shen?”

Zhao Xuan called out when he heard that there was no movement from Shen Li’s end.

Shen Li snapped back to her senses.

“Yes, I understand.”

Zhao Xuan continued to ask,”Then what do you think we should do next?”

He had vaguely guessed the truth behind these appearances and was secretly shocked. At the same time, he was filled with admiration for Shen Li.

She must have long realized that there was a problem between Yu Yu and Xiang Yao, right?

If not for the fact that he had found out so much, he would not have dared to imagine that the gentle and elegant second daughter of the Yu family, Yu Yu, was actually so vicious.

Shen Li deliberated for a moment.

“For the time being, don’t make any moves. Just continue to keep an eye on them. If you find anything else, report it immediately.”

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Zhao Xuan was momentarily stunned and said hesitantly,”… President Shen, aren’t you going to report this to the police?”

Once this matter was exposed, a series of truths would definitely be revealed.

“At present, all we’ve discovered is that Xiang Yao takes drugs. As for the rest, it’s all speculation. Even if we report it, at most Xiang Yao will be forced to go into rehab. It won’t hurt him at all.”

Shen Li said calmly,”Let’s continue investigating first. We can only act after we have collected effective evidence.”

Zhao Xuan thought for a moment and felt that what she said was indeed very reasonable.

“Alright, President Shen, I understand.”

Shen Li ended the call and leaned back in her chair with a calm expression on her face.

There was obviously another important reason why she had chosen to do this. Since Xiang Yao and Yu Yu had done this together, they had to bear the consequences together. It would not be enough just to report on Xiang Yao.

Moreover, the alliance between Yu Yu and Xiang Yao seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

They only needed to wait for a suitable opportunity before it would collapse completely.

The thing Yu Yu Yu wanted to do the most right now was to distance herself from Xiang Yao. However, how could it be that simple?

It would be good to allow Xiang Yao to torture the second Miss Yu first.

Shen Li put away her phone, started the car, and left.

The whole of August, Shen Li spent her time shuttling back and forth between Hong Kong and the Capital.

At the beginning of September, Xijing University started its semester, and Shen Li officially entered her second year.

At this time of the year, the weather in the Capital was still a little hot. The new students were reporting in, and the entire campus was bustling with activity.

In the evening, Shen Li finished her lunch at the Entrepreneurship Center. As soon as she walked out, she bumped into Shen Zhijin.

It seemed like he had just finished a meeting. His suit jacket was hung over his arm, and the clean white shirt made him look even more handsome and elegant.

As the vice principal, Shen Zhijin had been very busy during the first few days of school.


Shen Li called out and pointed at the milk tea shop next to her with a smile.

“Would you like a cup of milk tea?”


Shen Zhijin followed her line of sight and nodded.

The two of them entered the milk tea shop together, and Shen Li made her order.

“Hello, double servings of peach tea please.”

There were also a few freshmen in military training uniforms in the shop. They were looking over curiously and excitedly, whispering something.

They seemed to have recognized them.

Shen Li blinked.

“Dad, when we first met, I believe I was wearing military training uniforms as well?”

At that time, they had ordered the same peach tea in this shop.

Shen Zhijin was quiet for a moment before a faint smile appeared on his lips.


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