The Green Gourd Sword Fairy - Chapter 1527 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (9)

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When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but tremble in their hearts.

Although I have never heard of the name "Luo Shui" before, just knowing that this thing flows from the magic weapon "Luo Shen Vase" of the Queen Mother of the West is enough to explain its horror!

Even saints can't fly over "Luoshui". This first layer of barrier alone may have to persuade countless people to retreat.

The white-haired old man didn't pay attention to everyone's reactions. After introducing "Luoshui", he turned his gaze to Shen Nongtuo, and continued:

"The second barrier of 'Wusheng Island' is 'Xing Lei'. Brother Shennong, you should know this better than me. Anyone who offends Kunwu Immortal Court will be tortured by 'Xing Lei'. The power of this thunder depends on the number It is decided that if the number of 'criminal mines' is sufficient, it can even defeat the saint's body!"

Shen Nongtuo nodded slightly after hearing this.

"Punishment Thunder" was developed by the first master of "Sin Court", and it is often used to torture those prisoners with advanced cultivation. It only takes two or three "punishment thunders" to make a cultivator in the realm of catastrophe die in agony. If the number of "Xing Lei" is increased to a certain level, even the physical body of a saint can hardly resist.

"As for the third barrier..." the white-haired old man continued, "When you get close to the island, you will encounter the 'wind evil'. Only an empty shell of the body remains, and the soul is lost forever in the wind."

"The fourth barrier is Soul Eater, which will only be encountered when you are about to land on the island. It is a formation arranged by the Lord of the current 'criminal court' himself. It is more powerful than the previous 'wind' Sha!」

The white-haired old man said this in one breath, and everyone's faces were solemn after hearing this.

Luoshui, Xinglei, Fengsha, Soul Eater! Each of the ten "death prisons" in Kunwu Immortal Court is well-deserved of its reputation. For thousands of years, there has never been a prison escape or robbery.

"This is just four layers of barriers, what about the last layer?" Someone in the crowd suddenly asked.

"The last floor is the 'Prisoner'." The white-haired old man didn't look at the person who asked the question, but said to himself: "If you can successfully go to the island, you will be able to see the warden of this 'death prison' The warden changes every five years, and Fellow Daoist Ling has been trapped here for twenty years, and I don’t know who is in charge of guarding this place now.”

Shen Nong Tuo quietly listened to the white-haired old man's words, nodded slightly and said, "So that's the case, thank you fellow Taoist for your guidance, this kindness and virtue, Shen Nong Tuo will never forget it!"

"You and I don't have to be polite." The white-haired old man glanced at Nong Tuo, and then sighed softly: "It's a pity that I can't help you any more. Queen Mother Xi's divination skills are famous all over the world. I can do this step This is the limit, if there is any overstepping, it is very likely that she will find out. The old man is not alone, and there are three thousand disciples under his sect, and the consequences will be unimaginable for the disciples."

"I understand that Brother Dao has helped me a lot by being able to do this. Shen Nongtuo dare not expect more. I only hope that Brother Dao will be prosperous and lucky in the future." Shen Nongtuo said sincerely .

"Then I will take your word for it."

The white-haired old man smiled slightly, bowed his hands to Shen Nongtuo, and without further words, turned into

A ray of light shot up into the sky, and in an instant, it disappeared into the sky...

Shen Nongtuo watched the white-haired old man go away. After a while, he turned around and his gaze

Swipe through the crowd on the reef.

"You all heard just now, this crime is more than good, and it is very likely that there will be no return... Although I say that I am in favor of you, I don't want to force you. If you want to quit, you can leave now. I, Shen Nongtuo, will never I will block it, and there will be no half-complaint."

As soon as this remark came out, the crowd immediately seemed to explode.

"Ben Gong, what do you mean by that? Are you looking down on us?"

"The people who can rush here are those who are greedy for life and afraid of death?"

"That's right! My life was originally given by my benefactor. At worst, I will go back today. If I quit now, I will be unstable for the rest of my life!"

"Engong, you practice medicine all over the world, spread your kindness, and help everyone fight against the 'Kunwu Immortal Court' with your own strength.

,, Now that you are in trouble, how can we stand by and watch? "


On the reef, the crowd was passionate, and they would swear to repay their favor with every word you said, and no one flinched before the battle.

Seeing this scene, Shen Nongtuo couldn't help feeling emotional.

For thousands of years, I have been walking alone, until today I realized that my way is not alone!

Maybe Ling Zi was right in what she said at the beginning. One's own power is limited after all, but a single spark can start a prairie fire. As long as this righteous fire is passed on, one day, Antarctic Xianzhou will undergo earth-shaking changes.

After taking a deep breath, Shen Nongtuo clasped his fists at everyone, and said loudly, "Thank you everyone! Today's kindness, I, Shen Nongtuo, will always remember in my heart. If I can still survive from the lifeless island today, I will definitely have a drink with everyone in the future !"

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment, and then continued: "I accept everyone's wishes, but this 'Wusheng Island is extremely dangerous, and you are the suzerains of various sects, and you have heavy responsibilities, so there is no need to make such a fearless sacrifice. Well, I'll let some of you stay, and let the rest go away."

After hearing this, everyone looked at each other, vaguely guessing Shen Nongtuo's thoughts, and didn't say anything more this time.

Shen Nongtuo swept his eyes, looked at each one in the crowd, and finally said slowly:

"Fang Yue, the Supreme Elder of Wuji Academy, Nan Gongling, the owner of Tianshui Palace, Zhu Yuchuan, the owner of the Zhu family in Xiyue Mountain, the three ancestors of 'Shen Xiao': Zhuang Sheng, Yu Yuhao, Cheng Kun, Lu Chixiao, the Sanren of Linglu Mountain, and Fengyunzong Suzerain Wen Daoxing, Shen Nongtuo implores you to stay and help me. As for other friends, I appreciate your kindness, but this place is really dangerous, so you should not go in with me."

Shen Nongtuo named the names of eight people in a row, and the eight people had different expressions after hearing this.

Some people were very calm, the police like Fang Yue, Nan Gongling, Zhu Yuchuan, seemed to have expected it long ago, and their expressions did not change at all.

Some people were full of excitement, such as casual cultivator Lu Chixiao, who didn't seem to expect that he would be named and kept by Shen Nongtuo. Instead of looking scared, he seemed very honored.

There are also people with serious faces, such as Zhuang Sheng, Yu Yuhao and Cheng Kun who are known as the "Three Ancestors of the Gods". These three people felt the burden on themselves, and they were serious from beginning to end.

Except for these eight people, everyone else sighed softly.

They knew what Shen Nongtuo meant. This "lifeless island" was extremely dangerous, and monks under saints would not be able to play any role if they entered it.

As for the eight people named by Shen Nongtuo, they were all monks with special abilities in a certain aspect. Such people might help Shen Nongtuo, and except for the eight of them, the others would die even if they entered.


Among the crowd, some people wanted to recommend themselves, but Shen Nongtuo waved his hand and interrupted: "I know what you mean, but I don't want to see people sacrificed in vain. Now that Antarctic Xianzhou is dying, you are the hope of the future of the mainland. I will drag all of you to be buried with me for my own selfishness, and I will regret it for the rest of my life."

After hearing Shennongtuo's words, everyone fell silent. They looked at each other, and they all saw a trace of solemnity in each other's eyes.

At this moment, Wen Daoxing suddenly walked out from the crowd.

"Senior Shennong wait a minute!"

Hearing this voice, everyone's eyes turned to Shen Nongtuo, and Shen Nongtuo was no exception.

"Hey, I have nothing else to do, I just want to recommend another person." "Oh?" Shen Nongtuo frowned and asked, "Who else would you like to recommend, Brother Wen?"

"Of course it's my precious apprentice."

Wen Daoxing smiled slightly, and pulled the young man in Tsing Yi out of the crowd. "Are you going to bring your apprentice in?"

Shen Nongtuo showed surprise on his face, and persuaded: "Brother Wen, you should know that our actions are more than good. I heard that you only accepted such an apprentice for thousands of years. If you bring him in too, you won't be afraid of breaking your own inheritance." ?”

"Hey, inheritance is something that you don't bring with you when you are born, and you don't take it with you when you die. If you can't become holy, even if you leave the inheritance

What's the use? Some people take this thing seriously, but I, Wen Daoxing, don't care. Moreover, my apprentice is not ordinary, maybe he can help us later! "

As Wen Daoxing said, he waved to the young man in Tsing Yi behind him and said, "Xiaobai, don't say that Master won't show you to the world, the one in front of you is a saint, why don't you go and see him?"

"Yes, Master."

The young man in Tsing Yi looked calm, straightened his clothes, took a step forward, bowed his hands to Shen Nongtuo and said: "I have seen Senior Shen Nong."

Shen Nongtuo secretly looked at the young man in Tsing Yi in front of him, feeling slightly surprised.

Needless to say, this young man's roots and aptitude are unique, the key is his state of mind, even when facing himself as a saint, there is no slight disturbance.

Neither flattering nor arrogant, like an ancient well, Shen Nongtuo felt impenetrable.

"What a seedling."

Shen Nongtuo nodded slightly and gave a heartfelt compliment.

With his affirmation, Wen Daoxing's face was overjoyed, he only felt that he had finally raised his eyebrows in front of many monks of the same generation, he laughed and said

"Senior Shennong is really astute! Xiaobai is the greatest achievement in my life. He practiced my "Fengyun Wushuang Jue" and he has already surpassed blue and surpassed blue. It's just that I have been imprisoned in Aoyun Mountain to practice before, so it's nothing. Fame. But after he heard about Senior Shennong, he wanted to do his part no matter what. As a master, I had no choice but to come with him.”

"I see..." Shen Nongtuo nodded in amazement.

He was very puzzled before, in his impression that he had not dealt with Wen Daoxing a few times, let alone favor, he didn't know why the other party would come to help him.

It is only now that I understand that it was Wen Daoxing's apprentice's strong opinion.

"Little brother is heroic and courageous. He is really a member of my generation. It's a pity that there is no wine today, otherwise I will have a drink with my little friend, and we will be friends for a long time!" Shen Nong Tuo laughed.

After hearing that, the young man in Tsing Yi also smiled slightly and said: "Senior Shennong is serious. The senior has devoted his heart and soul to the common people of the world. The junior admires him in his heart. I only hope that I can share the worries of the senior when I come here."

"it is good!"

Shen Nongtuo nodded, and was about to say something more, but suddenly heard a strange sound from the reef.

It was Fang Yue, the Supreme Elder of Wuji Academy.

The old man with a pockmarked face has been fiddling with the armillary sphere in his hand since just now, even when Shen Nongtuo called his name, he didn't respond.

At this moment, seven **** of light of different sizes appeared on the armillary sphere, and each ball of light moved in a specific orbit. The strange noise just now came from these **** of light.

"Fang Daoyou, how are you?" Someone behind the old man couldn't help asking.

Fang Yue didn't answer, her eyes were fixed on the seven **** of light in front of her, her hands were making moves like flying, and she was muttering something silently.

Suddenly, seven **** of light exploded one by one, Fang Yue raised her head and spat out a mouthful of blood, and took a few steps back, her face pale as paper.

"Friend Daoist Fang!"

All the people around surrounded him and supported the crumbling Fang Yue. Even Shen Nongtuo came to him and healed Fang Yue with a blue spiritual power. "Ahem!"

Fang Yue coughed violently a few times, and finally recovered slowly under Shen Nongtuo's treatment.

And the first time he woke up, he immediately opened his mouth and shouted: "Grandfather, I have already calculated that the only 'life gate' is eighty miles to the southeast, and the auspicious time is three quarters of the unitary hour!"

"Three quarters of the unitary hour?"

The people around were slightly taken and then said in surprise: "It will be three quarters of the unitary hour soon, and it will be less than ten breaths away from now!"


Before everyone could react, Shen Nongtuo pinched the magic formula in his hand, and used a ray of light to sweep Fang Yue, Zhu Yuchuan, Nangong Ling, Lu Chixiao, Wen Daoxing's master and apprentice, and the "Three Patriarchs of Shenxiao", a total of ten people. Galloping away in the southeast direction.

His speed of escaping light was extremely fast, and when everyone reacted, there was only

There was only one vague dot left, and Shennongtuo's voice came from afar, "Everyone, please come back, I hope to see you again someday!"

All the people on the reef, whether they were the sect masters, the family heads, or just casual people, all stood up straight at this moment, paid attention, and silently sent Shen Nongtuo away.

"Take care, benefactor, there will be a time later!"

After silently chanting a sentence in their hearts, these people looked at each other, and the lights were almost on at the same time. Soon, colorful rays of light shot up into the sky and flew in all directions...

Shen Nongtuo has attained Taoism and sanctification, and the short journey of eighty miles is just the distance of one thought in his mind.

The few people caught in his escape volume couldn't detect the change in space at all, they just opened and closed their eyes, and they had already reached the vicinity of the target.

Everyone was suspended in mid-air, and they could only see the black water in front of them, and a wave of fierce and evil spirit hit them head-on.

Shen Nongtuo's complexion was fine, without much change, but the rest of the people couldn't bear the pressure, most of them were pale and their foreheads were sweating.

"It's there!"

Fang Yue suddenly pointed to a location in the black water, and shouted: "'The island of Wusheng is locked in all directions. No matter where you enter it, you will end up with death and no life. Only this location I calculated may have a glimmer of life!"


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