The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant - Chapter 977 - : Accusations  

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Chapter 977: 977: Accusations

A voice suddenly appeared from behind them.

Ling Siqi turned around and saw a woman with short, grey hair and 7 earrings on one side walking toward her.

Ling Siqi gave her a friendly smile and told the staff, “I’ll share a room with her.”

Dan Yue took out her passport before looking at Wang Qining. Then, she handed over her passport to the staff at the hotel.

Wang Qining wanted to slap Ling Siqi, but since there was a huge crowd around and she wanted to maintain her charisma as an educated, elegant woman, she had to control herself.

When Dan Yue was done with her registration and got her keys, she grabbed Siqi’s arm and spoke in Language Y as well, “Siqi, I always wanted to watch the both of you battle out. I knew that even if you didn’t study, you would have been able to win against her. Don’t worry. I’ll be by your side this time and she will not be able to control this game. You will definitely win against her.

“Oh… Also, what have you been drinking? Remember not to drink anything that has been opened by others, or else she might turn crazy again and put things into your drink. You got lucky last time you met your husband, which was why you ended up having such a cute boy. If you met the people that she prepared the previous time instead of your husband…

“Oh my, you might really regret it.”

“Dan Yue! What are you saying?!” Wang Qining was screaming so loud that her voice broke.

“What? I’m just telling the truth!” Dan Yue rolled her eyes. She felt happy whenever she pissed off Wang Qining.

“Dan Yue, you will pay for this accusation. You have no evidence whatsoever, so how could you say that I was the one who put those substances into her drink? This is an international competition and you have defamed me in front of all these people! I will sue you for this!”

Dan Yue came from a good family as well. Although she wasn’t as rich as Wang Qining, the Dan family was considered wealthy as well.

She pursed her lips and said, “Wow! That’s scary! You have money and you have a lawyer! I’m so scared!”

Wang Qining was furious! Was this how you were supposed to react if you were scared?

“Dan Yue, I’m not kidding! You shouldn’t have accused me! You will definitely be sued by my lawyer!”

“Hmm… Sure. Get your lawyer here, then. We also have a letter from the lawyers to pass to you.”

Dan Yue turned towards Ling Siqi.

Ling Siqi smiled and nodded her head.

“You have accused me as well in public. Get your lawyer here, then, and I’ll get mine to pass you the letter for the accusation.”

Wang Qining gave a cold laugh, “Your lawyer? I was accusing you? What did I accuse you of? Don’t you have an illegitimate child? Isn’t he sick? Didn’t you bring him here? I came with Dan Yue and I heard you say how you will be bringing him along! You don’t have a husband or parents, so do you really want to leave your four-year-old son in a room, all alone? I was being kindhearted and asked them if they could provide a room for you and your child. How could you embarrass me like that and want to sue me for it?”

Wang Siqi was still speaking arrogantly as if she had everything under control, and she was looking at Ling Siqi and Dan Yue as if they were idiots.

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