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The door of truth lay between the two sides, and the Pope of Truth turned decisively and fled.

Gulermo Francis was of course unwilling to let him go, and wanted to bypass the Gate of Truth, but the Gate of Truth was blocked in front of him by a lateral movement.

The first mason and the other two super knight kings immediately chased after them. The strange thing was that the gate of truth was divided into four, and the three first masons were also blocked.

The first mason immediately froze the door of truth with a time-space forbidden technique. With this freezing, the first mason's expression changed, and he felt a strange force emerge from the door of truth and acted directly on him.

This kind of strange attack shocked him, but fortunately, the intensity of this strange attack is not large. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he directly froze all the four gates of truth.

"Go after him," shouted the first mason.

Gulermo Francis and the other two Super Knight Kings quickly bypassed the Gate of Truth and pursued the Pope of Truth.

After they were far away, the first mason immediately lifted the time-space ban, and he immediately spewed a mouthful of blood to expel the strange power in his body.

The four gates of truth instantly merged into one, and then began to emit light, turning into a streamer and flying in the direction of the Pope of Truth.

The first mason immediately used the forbidden technique of time and space to stop the streamer, and cut out the streamer with a sword, turning the streamer into a door of truth that was cut in half.

The broken door of truth merged again, and it was about to turn into light and fly away. The first stonemason attacked again, and the door of truth was attacked and reappeared.

The first stonemason discovered the disadvantage of the gate of truth, once it was attacked, it could not be moved unless the caster disarmed the gate of truth.

But the power is also very obvious. It blocked the first mason and blocked a very strong existence.

The Pope of Truth was overtaken by Gulermo Francis. The Pope of Truth had already started early, but Gulermo Francis was faster than him, and the two sides chased for a few minutes. After being caught up in minutes, and the Pope of Truth is not yet an opponent of Gulermo Francis, so he will want to move the door of truth.

But the door of truth was blocked now, and he dared not lift the gate of truth. Once it was lifted, it would take a while to display it again. When the first mason rushes over, he will really suffer.

The other two super knight kings also arrived later. Facing the attack of the three super knight kings, even if he had the eye of truth to understand the opponent's weaknesses, he could not completely avoid and resist the attack.

The injury became more and more serious, and Gulermo Francis caught the flaw several times, causing serious injuries. The Gate of Truth could not be maintained and dissipated, and the first stonemason rushed over immediately.

Just when Gulermo Francis created an excellent opportunity, the Pope of Truth revealed a flaw, and a super knight king immediately seized the opportunity and tried his best to kill the Pope of Truth.

Just when he was about to succeed, suddenly the Pope of Truth's palm strangely blocked the knight's sword. His palm was golden yellow, like gold, and he directly grabbed the sharp knight's sword.

A picture of the Eye of Truth appeared between the Pope of Truth's eyebrows, and a strange energy wave spread out. The golden knight sword in his right hand suddenly waved, and a golden fan-shaped streamer was drawn in the air, slashing towards the shot. Super Knight King.

The complexion of this human super knight king changed drastically, and he directly gave up his knight sword and retreated.

It's a pity that his response was too late, or the golden knight sword was too fast, and the human super knight king had no time to resist. The defense constructed in a hurry was cut open like tofu, and the super knight king's chest was directly cut off. , the neck head flew out.

The body of a super knight king was cut off like this. This is not over yet. The Pope of Truth's golden palm grabbed the head that flew out, and wanted to grab his soul too.

But Gulermo Frances immediately shot, the two swords slashed with full force, and the two sword lights slashed towards the past, forcing the Pope of Truth to withdraw, the golden knight sword cut off the sword light, and the cut off body The soul of the super knight king level quickly flew out and escaped.

The Pope of Truth looked at Gulermo Francis with golden eyes, and the strange and powerful breath on his body made Gulermo Francis feel dangerous.

"You actually have the imprint of the rules." He opened his mouth to speak, his tone indifferent and high.

"You are the truth

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god? ! "Gulermo Francis has a solemn expression and said solemnly. In fact, he has been vigilant against the God of Truth since the Pope of Truth was seriously injured, and he also knows that the God of Truth will not sit by and watch the Pope of Truth be killed. , I will definitely help, but I don't know how and how to help.

He also knew that the God of Truth was quite strange, so when he was chasing and fighting, he always made loopholes to let the other two kill him to prevent himself from falling into the situation just now.

Gulermo Francis is very thoughtful, a scheming boy, but this kind of person can live longer.

The golden light erupted from the Pope of Truth, and the golden light rose into the sky, forming an extremely bright beam of light that shot directly into the sky.

The golden light spread out in the sky, occupying a large area of ​​the sky, and then, a golden-colored **** appeared from the beam of light. , Servant of God, like a heaven and a pure land.

As if real.

Simon looked at the golden light world in the air, and frowned: "Is the God of Truth going to appear? It seems that the battle of the gods is about to begin."

"At such a time, it still consumes energy to construct a virtual scene. This guy is really pretending." Long Saiog was a little upset.

Simon smiled, but he didn't care about it, but said, "Do you know this God of Truth?"

Long Saiog shook his head: "I don't know, it shouldn't be our group, but maybe the world is not small, but it is not small, maybe it is some demigod that I don't know."

Why is it said to be a demigod, because there is no such thing as a **** of truth.

The God of Truth sat on the golden chair and fell slowly, floating in mid-air.

"Meet my lord. UU reading" The Pope of the Truth and two other strongmen of the Truth immediately knelt on the ground and saluted reverently.

"Get up." The **** of truth Dan Mo nodded, then looked down at Gulermo Francis.

"Your strength is not bad, and you have the imprint of the rules. It's very good. You surrender to this god. This **** guides you to become a **** and makes you immortal."

"My lord is very merciful, allowing you to become a god, but you don't even kneel down to thank my lord." The Pope of Truth immediately shouted.

Gulermo Francis said calmly with an expressionless face: "God of truth, you still want to survive this war, but there are many originators who want to take your mark of the rules."


"court death."

The three super knights of the Pope of Truth were furious, and the main humiliation died. The three of them directly attacked Gulermo Francis.

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