Supremacy Games - Chapter 1162 The Repercussion Of Crossing The Line!

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Chapter 1162 The Repercussion Of Crossing The Line!

Back in the Mariana Federation Territory, nearby the express wormhole, connecting to the Vampire's galaxy, Manananggal could be seen sitting in his invisible spaceship with a nonchalant expression.

When he noticed the long line of spaceships in front of the express wormhole, he released his spiritual pressure until it was big enough to cover his entire spaceship.

Then, he continued on his journey, skipping the entire queue, knowing that no one could see him or his spaceship.

Although he was a primogenitor, he still preferred using spaceships and wormholes since he couldn't travel at the speed of light or within the void realm.

It was just an unreplaceable convenience in this Era, which all primogenitors were quite pleased of having.

In their Era, they were either using natural wormholes or Lord Dune's private wormhole network after paying exorbitant prices for it.

If they couldn't use any to reach their destinations, they literally spend centuries on their journies if not more.

Unfortunately, today Manananggal was going to regret using a spaceship...


Without any warning, a circular humongous void rift emerged in front of Manananggal's spaceship just as she was about to enter the wormhole!

Before Manananggal could ditch it in time, the spaceship sped inside the void realm for ten thousand of kilometers before getting erased from existence, throwing Manananggal out at an insane speed!

Manananggal managed to stop himself easily, but he didn't seem too pleased with his situation.

"What's the meaning of this, Lord Khaos?" He uttered with a deep frown as he looked for the void rift.

Unfortunately, it was already closed shut, which meant he was completely trapped here.

"You have crossed the line." Lord Khaos replied with an emotionless tone as two astronomically massive violet eyes emerged before Manananggal.

They were so big, it made Manananggal seem like a dust particle!

Still, Manananggal didn't show an ounce of fear...He merely covered his skin in a rejuvenation blood coating to protect himself from the deconstruction of the void energy.

"I have crossed nothing." Manananggal argued composedly, "You said that the kid is under your protection and we respected your wishes...But, you have no right to stop us from attacking any planet we wanted."

"I don't think you understand." Lord Khoa narrowed those dreadful purplish eyes and stated with a flat tone, "I am not here to argue or reason with you. Your faction's existence is starting to affect my plan negatively and I don't like it."

"Plan? What plan?" Manananggal was startled by this as he never thought that Felix's importance was related to a plan!

He always believed that Lord Khaos had a soft spot for Felix since he had given him his bloodline and turned him into his only descendant in the entire universe.

"That's none of your business." Lord Khoas uttered emotionlessly, "The next time you think of moving personally on the kid. I will make sure that your faction will be erased from the face of the universe."

"You have been warned..."

Before Manananggal could respond to his threat, Lord Khaos' eyes suddenly turned extremely bright before disappearing.

'Is this Void Domain? He really isn't messing around...'

Manananggal was stunned at the sight of his body getting deconstructed to utter nothingness at freakish speed!

It was like someone using an eraser to wipe him out of existence akin to a badly drawn character!

In less than a split second, Manananggal was nowhere to be seen, and the void realm was back to its eerie silent environment.

He was killed so fast, it was hard to believe that he was a primogenitor as well...

Alas, this was the true terror of elemental lords in their environments compared to the rest.

The strength difference was just too unbridgeable...


Inside a horizontal medical pod within a massive underground bunker built out of nothing but crystallized blood, Manananggal's naked body could be seen floating in a blue liquid without an oxygen mask on.

Abruptly, his blood-red eyes snapped wide open, releasing a destructive pressuring aura that shattered the pod's glass into little pieces!

Manananggal hovered outside of the medical pod while having many blood tentacles putting some clothes on him and even an AP Bracelet.

By the time his feet touched the floor, he returned to his elegant and nonchalant appearance.

As the blood primogenitor and the possessor of the ultimate ability, True Immortality, he would never leave this universe unless he willed it!

What Lord Khaos ended up killing was a mere clone just like this one!

Manananggal might be not as overpowered as most of the primogenitors, but he was the only one capable of fighting them with actual clones!

Those clones were so perfect, they possessed all of his strengths and gifts bestowed upon him by the universe, unlike Lady Sphinx's sand copies!

Lady Sphinx's copies might be able to use sand manipulation, but they didn't possess the same physical strength as her.

In addition, Manananggal's clones were capable of growing their own main consciousness with time, which meant that there was absolutely no difference between the real thing and a clone!

"This is getting more dangerous than we anticipated." Manananggal knitted his eyebrows after his clone's memories merged with him, showing him his unexpected death.

He had no idea what kind of plan Felix and Lord Khaos were involved in, but he was clearly shown that Lord Khaos wouldn't let another transgression happen to Felix again!

The fact that he made a move against them even though they merely attacked Felix's family was enough proof.

Without delay, Manananggal contacted his partners and they joined him in a meeting.

He updated them on his confrontation with Lord Khaos and the more they listened, the graver their expressions had gotten.

"I think we have to lay low for a while." Wendigo said with a solemn tone, "Based on what you said, Lord Khaos doesn't really care about that punk's life. He only cares about his role in his plan, whatever it was. So, we have to make sure to stay out of this, so if he ended up dying, it won't connect to us."

"You're right." Saurous nodded.

The Darkin faction's members might be proud and courageous, but they weren't idiots to continue antagonizing Lord Khaos.

Now that they knew Lord Khaos cared for Felix only for a purpose of his plan, they understood that moment he was done with him, he wouldn't care anymore about his protection!

In their eyes, the smartest decision was to lay low and ignore the punk and the Asgardian faction altogether until the day either Felix dies on his own or Lord Khaos cast him aside.

"Sh*t, I never thought I will be wishing this, but I really hope that little sh*t gets back up on his feet." Saurous cursed.

Whether it was Saurous or another primogenitor, no one ever wanted to antagonize Lord Khaos.

That's because as the void primogenitor, he had complete control over the void realm.

In other words, he could appear anywhere he wanted in the entire universe and attack anyone he desired even if they were both at two opposite edges of the universe.

Exactly like what happened to Manananggal!

Vrrr Vrr!...

Suddenly, their AP bracelets began to vibrate, making them glance at the screen.

-You have been summoned to the Primogenitors' Council.-

"Ignore it." Wendigo stated calmly, "There is no reason to attend it. They will be just talking crap to us."

"My thoughts exactly." Saurous sneered, "It must have been the Asgardian holding it to complain about us."

He was right about one thing, the Asgardians were the ones holding the council this time...However, it wasn't to complain about them.

"I am not here to talk about evidence or such bullsh*t." Fenrir stated coldly as he eyed the rest of his peers in the council, "I know they killed our students' family and nothing will change this fact. So, I'm invoking the Council's primogenitors' clash against either Saurous or Wendigo."

Erebus, Kumiho, and the others all gasped at the same time, not expecting this at all!

The Council's primogenitors' clash had never been invoked in this era ever due to the primogenitors' conflict with each other dying slowly with time!

It was quite a serious right to invoke since it implied that the two parties had reached the end of their civil conflict and could be handled only through violence!

The Council's job was to pick the battle area and also attend it to make sure that no one would interfere in it or one of the fighters escape!

In a sense, it was a literal battle to the death or at least to force out the survival protocol of one of the primogenitors!

Naturally, this was going to happen in the real universe!

"Aren't you being a bit rash, brother Fenrir?" Elder Aspidochelone said with a solemn tone, "There is no going back from this."

"Going back? Do I look like I want to go back?" Fenrir released a chilling air through his nostrils, "I have cleansed my heart from most of my hatred for them after what Manananggal did to my pregnant wife. Yet, they ambushed me and forced me to use my ice world protocol to save myself."

"Now, they boldly attacked my student's family while I am still around." Fenrir sneered coldly, "Do you think I am in the mood to reason with you here? You either enforce the fight or the Asgardian faction will leave the council!"

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