Steel Steam and Flame - Chapter 2251 Resurrected undead in the forest (30)

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"Fighting is not about comparing the strength, speed, and agility between the two. When the environment and timing are right, opportunities can be created, so that basic attributes such as strength have no room to play. The third stage is down, and most of them are in the so-called fourth stage. Transitional surgeons still cannot effectively defend against firearms and weapons. For example, reinforced steel shell bombs, artillery, and even aerial bombs, etc., not to mention their power. Near the center of the explosion, the number of superpositions, the ability of scale surgery is only It's just prolonging the time of death."

When carefully collecting and analyzing the information of the compound biological toxin, and considering the strength of the symptoms that should appear in this body based on a large amount of poisoning experience, Cassia spared a little energy to answer Sisia's doubts.

"Do you still have any memory of the death reports of the scaled ability surgeons?"

"The reports of the professional army led by the surgeon?" Sisia immediately searched the corresponding content in his memory, and recounted it briefly, "One is the surgeon who is responsible for containment, and the army members rely on a large number of heavy machine guns to form coverage Type firepower net. Almost the entire ground is paved with a layer of warheads, causing the surgeons with the scale ability to accumulate unbearable impacts due to the accumulation of organs and tissues, resulting in death. During the autopsy, the abdomen was cut open, and the center was already like a piece of mud scene."

"One of them is to know a lot of information about the enemy. After careful discussion, a team of dozens of snipers was recruited, formed, and trained. They used light sniper rifles as cover and heavy sniper rifles to attack. For most of the day, he successfully killed the surgeon with scaling ability. The fatal injury is still the accumulation of shocks. The brain received too many shocks, causing the enemy to be in a coma in the final stage before the bullet penetrated the heart. As the most attacked head , and died intact.”

"There is also a series of bombing attacks with more than 300 aerial bombs,,,"

"Well, there are also simple besieged by surgeons, who died from pneumatic weapons..."

"By the way, among all the reports on people with the ability to perform scale surgery, more than a quarter of the statistics are caused by biological poisons!"

Cassia sighed at this time, "The point is not the biological poison, but as one of the most powerful surgical abilities of the third stage and below, it is faintly ranked first, even if it has it, it cannot guarantee absolute safety in battle. Even without doing a good job in information processing and enemy intelligence collection, it is entirely possible to be killed by a weak enemy with a large gap in strength.”

"These examples are not special, and many of them can be reproduced. Maybe this is not a metaphor of the image,,, there is a very large gap between the two, but this still happens from time to time. If the gap between the two is very small, almost none, Do you think this kind of thing will happen more often?"

Cicia, who understood immediately, answered, "The importance of information, intelligence, and planning?"

"Every item can be told for a long time, and the theories about them have been told to you long ago. I will only talk about one item here, which is information, the instant information generated during the battle. There are two types of information, One is real—for example, I cut the necks of several enemies with a tactical knife just now—the feedback of this information is that the enemy will die soon. This kind of information is intuitive and visible, and there is no cover-up. In simpler terms, The established fact cannot be changed.”

"The enemy's arm was hit by a bullet. For a period of time, this arm will lose its function." Cicia added, "Like this kind of information?"

"It's correct on the surface." Cassia continued, "Take your analogy as an example, and add a prerequisite. If the enemy has a very strong self-healing ability and cooperates with the proliferation of dragon organizations, do you think it will still be Is it the result of the useless arm?"

"The proliferation of dragon tissue can fill a large area of ​​muscle tissue taken away by bullets, and the self-healing ability can speed up this process... the result will be different."

"That's it. The second type of information is called confusing information. What the eyes and senses observe may not necessarily be the truth, but may be a trap set by the enemy using the existing situation and state. Knowing this, let's go back Not long ago—I said that based on the analysis and judgment of a large amount of information, it is possible to predict the future of the enemy. Correspondingly, I am analyzing and predicting the enemy, and the enemy is also continuously analyzing and predicting me. This will not be difficult Do you understand?"

"Actually, you don't need to ask me about the short answer part." Cicia felt that she was completely treated like a child.

",,," Cassia paused for a short time, "Not only me, but what is the enemy's analysis and prediction based on?"

",,," Cicia could only answer, "Information."

"If you can control the information, I'm just referring to the information the enemy has observed from you." Cassia couldn't help emphasizing, "What do you think will happen?"

"Not only can I analyze and predict the enemy's next move, but I can also artificially manipulate the enemy's judgment and gradually let the enemy enter the situation I imagined. If I get to that point, I can even know and control the enemy's thoughts... Different from forecasting, there are a lot of variables in forecasting, and once you know your thoughts, the enemy's action mode will almost be determined. Even though there are still many action modes, such a number is fundamentally insignificant to the operator's calculation and reaction ability. No problem!"

"Correct, so the ability to perform is extremely important. When you know that information can influence or even manipulate the enemy's thoughts, it is destined to be taken seriously!" Cassia emphasized, "Just now, the first enemy killed That's what happened. Because we knew it was going to be his main attack this time, we didn't hold back the power. And further, he gave us a chance because of that. When you're ready, you can take it."

"In addition, there are different situations in combat. The first one is that you and the enemy are teachers who ask questions and students who answer questions. Basic abilities, such as strength, speed, reflexes, etc., are the best for you as these two roles Basic capital. When the questioning teacher asks what 1+1 equals, you can raise your hand extremely fast, and you can also use great strength to move the air when you raise your hand, and finally use your reaction force to absorb information and think to get the answer .”




"In this case, the basic ability is extremely limited, and you will always be an excellent answering student, and you will appear passive. If the enemy happens to be not a good questioning teacher, there will be opportunities. But in general, the enemy will be relatively difficult. When you When you can’t get an answer quickly, you have to accept punishment. Death is one of the more punishments.”

"So try to avoid this as much as possible?"

"That's true. You and the enemy shoot at the same time, but none of you can escape. It will happen that you kill the enemy, but you are also killed by the enemy. You won, but you didn't win completely. So , both you and the enemy will avoid this simple combat situation.”

"Then, the second situation arises. Do your best to keep yourself the teacher who asks questions. As a teacher, there is no such thing as answering questions. As I said just now, as a student answering questions, there is punishment for wrong answers, but answering If it is correct,,,」

"Is there a reward?" Cicia was curious.

"Yes, there is a reward, and one more question." Cassia laughed.


"Then what do you think is the condition to be able to become a teacher all the time? Or, even the students who answer the questions, can always answer the correct conditions?"

"My own information?" Sisia caught the point, UU reading www.uukanshu. com "When you are a student, you should find out what the teacher is good at, that is, the range with the highest probability of asking questions, and then you can prepare in advance. As a teacher, it is the opposite situation, find out what the students have learned, and ensure that your own situation Not being detected clearly,,,」

"Wait,,, it seems that you can deliberately release something to cover up. For example, you are good at mathematics, but in fact you only understand it a little bit. What you really specialize in is biology. In this way, you can not only protect yourself, but also let the students Preparing in advance will fail, and because it takes a lot of energy!"

The voice suddenly became excited, "To sum up,,, the teacher who asks the question needs to make the students prepare for mistakes; the student who answers the question needs to let the teacher ask the correct question! And their respective information can influence and facilitate this situation the most Probabilistic occurrence! Extending downward,,, the ability to perform can affect information,,,"

"The reason why my spiritual body glows is not without reason. Because a simple performance can make most of the uncertainties disappear, and there is no need to show up to win

, but not completely won. And the teacher who has always been the question, or the student who can never get the answer wrong, performance can also affect. "Casia added the last sentence, "Then, next, I will actually operate it once. The premise is the compound biological poison of Sociniar from the snake wolf tribe."

"It feels like every time, you can teach me a lot of things."

"This is the last time. The purpose of my coming to the southern forest is to go to the fourth stage. In another sense, it is also a separation from you... Meeting you here should be a relaxation. I have already been exposed to pollution , In the time to come, there will probably not be any other accidents,,,"


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