Star World Legendary Guild - Chapter 1736 : Members of the Holy See of Guangming escaped from the Anyusi cult...

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【Starworld Legendary Guild】【】

Xingyu 1181, November 13th, at about ten o'clock in the morning, in the council hall of the City Lord's Mansion in the New City of the Green Skin Continent, Yan Tielong was listening to his subordinates' report on the results of the Holy See's handling of the light.

This time, the Guangming Holy See continued to deal with the incident for three days. As a result, more than 3,000 believers of the Guangming Holy See were arrested. Of course, many of these 3,000 people were in contact with the Guangming Holy See believers, so it is impossible to determine whether they are believers of the Guangming Holy See. Use Yan Tielong If it is an extraordinary time, it is necessary to use it. I would rather kill a wrong person than let a suspicious person go.

Of course, Yan Tielong is not so cruel to the believers of the Holy See of Guangming and wants to execute them, but after solving the green skin king, he will investigate carefully. As long as they are not believers of the Holy See of Guangming, he will make compensation. new town.

When Yan Tielong was discussing with his senior management about the upcoming green skins, several believers of the Guangming Holy See in the Beicheng residential area of ​​Xincheng were surrounded by dozens of followers of the Anyusi cult, and a life-and-death battle soon broke out between the two sides.

After fighting for dozens of rounds, the leading white-clothed bishop of the Holy See, Meiming Kelu, led four direct subordinates to successfully break through the encirclement of Anyusi cult believers, but they forced themselves to hide on the roof of a private house, but their condition was very bad. When the followers of the Anyusi Cult were found, they were bound to die. After all, the Anyusi Cult and their Guangming Holy See would never die, and the authorities here obviously suppressed them. Not far from the inner escape, there is an area patrolled by followers of the Anyusi cult.

Memin Kelu saw the low morale of his direct subordinates, and he naturally understood that if he didn't think of a way, they would all die, but he had no good way now.

When Meiming Kelu was struggling with how to escape from the encirclement of the Anyusi cult, Mishi Koenso, the only priest of the Holy See who was not afraid and had been thinking, thought of a way to escape, so he told his thoughts.

The content of Mishi Ke Enso's proposal is to set fire to attract the official fire brigade and official patrol team of Xincheng, and then they will directly surrender to the official soldiers of Xincheng. You can temporarily escape the pursuit of the An Yusi cult. After all, the official does not want to see the An Yusi cult, and the An Yusi cult does not dare to attack the official.

As for Miche Enso's proposal, the other three priests of the Bright Holy See directly vetoed it. In their words, it was according to Miche Enso's proposal that they entered the tiger's den to feed the tiger as soon as they escaped the wolf's den.

However, after listening to Misko Enso's narration, Meimin Kelu actually agreed to Misko Enso's proposal. In his words, he would fall into the official power of the new city. If they were caught by the Anyusi cult, they would definitely die.

Qiang Meiming Kelu agreed with Mishi Kornso's proposal, but he also pointed out the dangers in the other party's plan, such as setting fire will also attract the attention of Anyus cult believers. If they are discovered by Anyus cult followers, they will not be able to persist until Official fire brigade and patrolling official soldiers arrive.

Then after Memin Koru's supplementary plan, so they started setting fire, and then immediately hid.

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【Starworld Legendary Guild】【】

Hearing the fire suddenly, it immediately attracted the attention of the followers of the Anyusi Cult, but they soon paid no attention. After all, their more important target was the hiding believers of the Holy See of Light.

When the people found a fire, they immediately rang the bells of the fire watchtower and hung up the red boards. Other fire watchtowers rang the bells at the same time, but they hung up yellow boards and arrows to remind the official fire brigade and official patrol soldiers of the fire location.

About five or six minutes later, the official firefighting team appeared for the first time, and they skillfully started fighting the fire.

A few minutes later, the surrounding patrolling official soldiers also came to put out the fire. When the patrolling official soldiers reached a hundred, Memin Kelu, who had already been prepared, jumped out to identify themselves, and then expressed that they had important information on them but were killed. The soldiers hunted down.

After listening to Memin Kelu's narration, the patrolling official soldiers were skeptical, but for the sake of credit, they still protected Meming Kelu and the others, and then sent a signal for reinforcements.

Regarding the matter of Meiming Kelu surrendering to the official patrolling soldiers in Xincheng, some Anyus cult believers almost made a move and even joined the patrolling official soldiers, but fortunately, many Anyus cult followers calmly followed the orders of the saint There must be no conflict with the Xincheng officials, so there is no conflict, otherwise Yan Tielong will solve all the discovered followers of the Anyusi cult.

Of course, Yan Tielong is now letting the followers of the Anyusi Cult not clean up in Xincheng. It can be said that it is the credit of the Holy See. Being a follower of the Holy See of Guangming, this made Yan Tielong see that he could save effort. In addition, Yan Tielong was greedy and wanted the whereabouts of the remaining books of the Seven Deadly Sins of An Yusi Cult, so Yan Tielong didn't make a move.

Soon, thousands of elite musketeers from Xincheng arrived. After all, if the patrolling soldiers issued an alarm, there was an important situation.

The leader of the Musketeers learned from the patrol team that Meiming Kelu and the others were being hunted down. He subconsciously thought that Meiming Kelu had given up his belief in the Holy See of Light and was hunted down by the Holy See of Light, so he sent a signal, and then guarded to **** Meiming Kelu and the others to the city lord's mansion.

The believers of the Anyusi cult saw that the officials protected the believers of the Holy See to a greater extent than before. The believers of the Anyusi cult had a misunderstanding. They suspected that the Xincheng officials deliberately fooled them to make them think that the relationship between the official and the Holy See was very bad, and then when they relaxed their guard Give them a fatal blow.

Soon, the misunderstandings of the Anyusi cult believers told the saint Jessie Biyins, after hearing the bad guesses of her subordinates, Jessie Biyins did not think that the official leader cooperated with the Holy See of Light, after all, she was placed in the St. Those who learned that the president of the guild was also the real owner of the new city hated the Vatican of Light very much. After all, the president of the Saint Pattern guild was the most loyal believer of the Vatican of Life. "Yan Tielong has a very good relationship with the Vatican of Life because of his aunt relationship. In addition, the supplies that Yan Tielong gave to the Orphanage of the Vatican of Life over the years have become farther and farther away. This has led to almost everyone thinking that Yan Tielong is the most loyal believer. Only Shite Alia It is someone who really understands that Yan Tielong is not a follower of the Holy See of Life. ".

The Holy Maiden Jessie Biyinsi calmed down the followers of the Anyusi cult, and she would send someone who installed the city lord's mansion to figure out what was going on.

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【Starworld Legendary Guild】【】

Soon when a meeting was being held on how to deal with the green skin king, Xuedi Ailan's butler knocked on the door of the meeting, and then entered Xuedi Ailan's ear and whispered a few words.

Xue Di Ailan was a little surprised when she heard the steward report that members of the Holy See of Light had betrayed her. A nephew and son-in-law.

Yan Tielong was also a little surprised to hear that a bishop in white clothes from the Holy See of Light wanted to betray his own religion. After all, believers in the Holy See of Light had changed their beliefs before, but those believers in the Holy See of Light were all low-level members, and the bishop in white who had reached the level of management had never seen them abandon their faith. of.

However, considering that the content of the meeting is to deal with the green-skinned king, Yan Tielong just nodded to his aunt and continued the meeting on how to deal with the green-skinned king who has reached a scale of 100 million.

After Yan Tielong and the others finished their meeting, he personally rushed to the sky above the area where the Green-skinned King was located on an airrider to conduct a reconnaissance and return.

Through investigation, Yan Tielong discovered green skin types that he had never seen before, especially those with the summoning system. He was also attacked by a green skin mage of the summoning system, but Yan Tielong was powerful, and he solved the green skin summoning magic immediately. division.

Seeing many green-skinned species that he hadn't seen before, Yan Tielong immediately announced the attack methods and countermeasures of those greenskins. It was not until around 5 o'clock in the evening that Yan Tielong invited himself to the Bright Holy See Prison where Meiming Kelu and the others were detained.

After negotiating with Meiming Kelu, UU read www. Yan Tielong felt as angry as being deceived, and he almost had all those followers of the Holy See who dared to deceive him be hanged.

Fortunately, Yan Tielong endured the anger in his heart, and then asked the patrol soldiers who caught Meiming Kelu and the others what happened at that time.

After listening to the narration of the patrolling soldiers who captured Meiming Kelu, Yan Tielong squinted his eyes and judged that Meiming Kelu and the others should be hunted down by mysterious forces, so they had no way to use their official power to protect the safe prison area.

After Yan Tielong predicted Meiming Kelu's behavior, he smoked his cigar and thought about what forces could make Meiming Kelu and the others willing to be caught by them rather than fall into the hands of those forces.

Just when Yan Tielong was thinking about what kind of power the Holy See was afraid of, the guards around Xuedi Ailan found Yan Tielong, and she gave Yan Tielong a scroll, and the content of the scroll was to introduce what the Anyusi cult was very active in investigating just now, and asked Yan Tielong's solution?

Faced with the inquiry method of Xuedi Ailan's scroll, Yan Tielong asked his aunt's personal guards if they knew, when did those followers of the Anyusi cult actively inquire about the situation of the City Lord's Mansion?

Xue Di Ailan's personal guard asked Yan Tielong, and she told about the approximate time when the followers of the Anyusi cult became active.

After listening to Yan Tielong, after thinking for a while, he suddenly remembered that the Cult of An Yusi had been engaging in the Holy See recently, so after he connected the time when Meiming Kelu automatically appeared and was arrested, he judged that Meiming Kelu and the others were arrested by the shore. The followers of the Yusi Cult chased and killed them, so he decided to try to see if they could blow up Mei Ming Kelu. Of course, Yan Tielong would not attack Mei Ming Kelu, but the subordinates around Mei Ming Kelu. After all, the other party was already a bishop in white. Presumably the other party is determined and will not disclose useful information.

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