Star World Legendary Guild - Chapter 1735 : Come to the new city to face the upcoming Greenskin King army and Guangming...

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【Starworld Legendary Guild】【】

Xingyu, November 11, 1181, at about ten o'clock in the noon, the teleportation array in the secret room of the city lord's mansion in the green-skinned continent appeared bright, and then five people walked out of the teleportation array one after another. En Xueyue and Tuba Huli.

The first two are the elders of Yan Tielong, and the last two are the orphans and old ministers of the Black Phoenix Kingdom, holy-level powerhouses known as poisonous fire priests and tiger-headed swordsmen.

And the reason why Lan Enxueyue and Tuba Huli came to Green Skin Continental New City with Yan Tielong was because they wanted to return favors.

You must know that Tuba Huli was killed in a joint sneak attack by Xi Rauls and Kemidis, and Yan Tielong resurrected him, making him think that he owed Yan Tielong a huge favor, so he learned that Yan Tielong was going to deal with the green skin Forget about the mainland new city, he immediately recommended himself.

Lan En Xueyue Poison Fire Sacrifice is similar to Tuba Huli, except that she was not beheaded, but her nephew was killed by Kemidis, and it has been more than 24 hours. Fortunately, she protected Good nephew's body, which made Yan Tielong pay a greater price to be successfully resurrected.

Of course, Lan En Xueyue's nephew managed to resurrect successfully, but he lost more memories than others, and his strength also dropped by a level.

Naturally Lan Enxueyue Poison Fire Sacrifice also learned from the young master of the second sister Gutu that Yan Tielong, who rescued her nephew, was going to deal with the green skins in the new city of Greenskin Mainland, so she also recommended herself to Tubahu.

In fact, many orphans and old ministers of the Black Phoenix Kingdom wanted to help Yan Tielong, but they were politely rejected by Yan Tielong, because his body had fully recovered, so he just took four of them to the new city of the green-skinned mainland.

It's just that Xuedi Ailan watched the four holy-level powerhouses split into two parties and exude some terrifying murderous aura. She couldn't help worrying and asked her niece and son-in-law if the four people in front of her were really all right?

Faced with his aunt's question, Yan Tielong said that there was no problem, and directly asked the four saint-level powerhouses in front of him in a weird tone, was his words correct?

In response to Yan Tielong's questioning with a trace of black air, the four saint-level powerhouses put away their murderous aura, and then they said friendlyly: "There is nothing wrong!".

Seeing that her niece and son-in-law were able to handle the four saint-level powerhouses, Xuedi Alan ignored the four saint-level powerhouses in front of her and began to talk about the current situation in the new city.

First of all, Xuedi Ailan's introduction is about the green skin king. After all, the green skin king is the main cause of the crisis in the new cities with a large number of green skins.

According to Xuedi Ailan, the strength of the green skin king this time is much stronger than the previous one. It is said that the members in charge of the investigation found that the green skin king under the green skin has a holy level powerhouse, but they can't find the green skin king. How strong is the skin saint level? After all, if you get too close to the saint level powerhouse, those investigators will die.

Of course, Xuedi Ailanye introduced that the team led by the green skin king has reached a scale of hundreds of millions. Of course, the scale of hundreds of millions includes the green skin kid.

Hearing that the scale of the green skins reached hundreds of millions, everyone present couldn't help but be surprised. After all, the battle of attrition on the scale of hundreds of millions can kill less than 300,000 people on their side.

Qiang Yan Tielong was a little surprised that the scale of the green skin king reached hundreds of millions, but he quickly wiped out hundreds of millions of green skins in several ways, but soon he rejected using those methods to deal with those green skins, because he thought The scheme will cause pollution and plague in no man's land.

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【Starworld Legendary Guild】【】

Of course, Yan Tielong will also use those inhuman plans as a backup. Once Yan Tielong thinks that solving the Green Skin King will cost a lot of lives, he will start those plans.

After Xuedi Ailan introduced the situation of the Greenskin King's team, she described the situation around the new city; the general content was that the number of greenskins around the new city was also increasing significantly because the Greenskin King was less than three days away from them. Casualties were caused to adventurers and mercenary groups who went out to hunt green skins, but the enthusiasm of adventurers and mercenary groups to hunt green skins did not weaken in the slightest.

After listening to Aunt Xuedi Ailan's introduction to the Greenskin King and the green skins around the new city, Yan Tielong just asked her to issue an announcement to remind adventurers and mercenary groups not to go deep into the green skin area, and to remind the mercenary group and adventurers that they will have money when the time comes Tragedy without flowers.

When Xuedi Ailan heard Yan Tielong's instructions, she nodded and said that she would send someone to make an announcement later, and then Xuedi Ailan began to introduce the internal problems of the new city, and the internal problems were mainly caused by the Guangming Holy See.

Then Xuedi Ailan said that their people secretly monitored the believers of the Holy See of Light, but there were still a large number of believers of the Holy See of Light who were not monitored. Buildings, and even bewitched some people to attack the City Lord's Mansion.

At the same time, Xuedi Ailan also said that it was thanks to the people of the Anyusi Cult that the Holy See of Guangming did not cause major losses this time. This made Yan Tielong not a little surprised. The endless rivals, as long as they can cause losses to the Holy See, they are willing to do it even if it is free.

Xuedi Ailan was surprised that Yan Tielong learned that An Yusi's cult had destroyed the Guangming Vatican in Xincheng. Knowing that the followers of the Anyusi cult are lurking and not taking action?

Facing his aunt’s question, Yan Tielong directly shook his head and said no, and then he said that the Anyusi cult believers lurking in the new city are all minor characters, and he wanted important members of the Anyusi cult to appear, so he could catch them all .

In fact, what Yan Tielong wanted was to get a book of the seven deadly sins from the senior officials of the Anyusi cult. After all, his demons benefited a lot from the arrogance of the book of the seven deadly sins and the fragments of godhead, so whether it is The main body is still a demon, they all want to get the book of the seven deadly sins at once to see if they have a godhead.

However, Yan Tielong didn't know that it was the saint of the Anyusi cult hidden in the new city, otherwise he would have done it himself.

Hearing that Yan Tielong didn’t want the Anyusi Cult and the Guangming Vatican’s dog to bite the dog so he didn’t want to fight against the Anyusi Cult, Xuedi Ailan reminded Yan Tielong, don’t think that the Anyusi Cult is against the Guangming Vatican, so relax your vigilance against those Anyusi cult believers After all, she saw a lot of disgraceful things through the monitor of the Anyusi cult followers. If the Anyusi cult followers hadn't violated the laws of Xincheng, maybe she couldn't help but take action to deal with the Anyusi cult followers .

For Xuedi Ailan's reminder, Yan Tielong agrees very much. After all, he has fought against the Anyus cult more than once, and every time the Anyus cult gave him a very bad feeling, and there was even an accident that the Anyus cult was cursed to seal its power; Of course, the curse of the Anyusi cult executive at the scene has been transferred by Yan Tielong to the fifth princess of the grassland elf.

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【Starworld Legendary Guild】【】

While Yan Tielong and the other high-level officials in the new city were guarding against the Anyusi Cult, the saintess of the Anyusi Cult, Jessie Biyinsi, was doing a sacrificial ceremony in the basement of the secret stronghold.

Of course, the sacrifice used by the Saintess Jessie Biyinsi was not a human being, but a strong green-skinned horned beast.

When Jessie Biyinsi sacrificed the strong green skin in front of her eyes to the evil **** in the way of the Anyusi cult, she actually obtained the power bestowed by the evil god, and this power was more than that obtained by ordinary people's sacrifices. Let her fall into thinking and question some of the teachings of the current sect. After all, according to her inner thoughts, she can make the sect no longer be cast aside by the world like a mouse crossing the street, but also gain the respect of the world.

Although the Saintess Jessie Biyinsi questioned the teachings of her sect, she did not show it. After all, she knew very well that if she dared to question the teachings of the sect among others, she would not live to see the sun of tomorrow. UU reading

Of course, Jessie Biyinsi resolutely did not directly question the sect's teachings, but she has decided to develop her own true lineage. When she has enough strength in the future, she will change the Anyusi cult. After all, she doesn't like being like a Hide and hide like a street mouse.

After Jessie Biyinsi verified her idea, what she has to do now is to help the Xincheng officials fight against the army led by the Greenskin King. She thinks that as long as they, the hidden Anyus cults, do their best to help the Xincheng officials solve the Greenskin King, then they don’t care. Her prestige and status will be greatly improved, maybe she will be able to enter the official high-level of the new city.

After Jessie Biyinsi made a decision, she immediately started the high-level meeting of the Anyusi Cult in the new city, and the content of her meeting was to solve the hidden Holy See of Light. After all, there are not many members of the Holy See of Light in the new city. As long as the members of the Holy See of Light here are solved, then she can increase her prestige in the Anyusi Cult. After all, for their Anyusi Cult, they are willing to solve the Holy See of Light for nothing.

Of course, the senior leaders of the Anyusi cult who participated in the meeting held by the Holy Maiden of Jessie Biyinsi were very excited about the saint's attack on the Holy See of the Light. The Holy See killed, after all, there are not many crazy perverts in this world.

At this time, Yan Tielong and the senior management of the new city also held a meeting, and the content of their meeting was to solve the believers of the Holy See in the new city. After all, for Yan Tielong to face external threats, he had to solve internal instability factors first.

Of course, Yan Tielong also pointed out that if the followers of the Anyusi cult dared to jump out during the process of dealing with the Green Skin King, they would deal with them as soon as possible.

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