Star Ring Mission - Chapter 1408 1 cloud piercing arrow

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On the other side, the command room of the Legendary Star Destroyer Immortal Blade.

Su Mo walked in, and he said to Tilo in a low voice, "How is it?"

"I saw the location you forwarded to me, and I'm heading to the destination area now, and I expect to arrive in fifteen minutes."

Tilo replied bluntly.

"Well, let Kendy and the others prepare, and follow me to search later."

Su Mo ordered simply.

At this time, Long Ke said quickly: "Boss, don't worry, Kendi and the others are all ready and on standby!"

"very good!"

Su Mo took a deep breath and replied.

Qian Chengxue, who was standing aside, saw Su Mo frown tightly, and comforted him softly, "Su Mo, you don't have to worry too much, sister Lan Xi and the others should be fine."

Su Mo sighed slightly, and said to Qian Chengxue with a wry smile, "I hope so."

In fact, Su Mo is very aware of how bad the current situation is. Su Mo knows the strength of Haimo and Wall. If anything happened to them, the enemy must be very strong.

In this situation, Lan Xi and the others can imagine the situation.

Worst of all, his time is limited.

It didn't take long for the legendary star destroyer Immortal Blade to arrive at the search and rescue area. You can see more than a dozen ships floating in the sky above the continuous mountains in front of you.

A large number of mechs are searching for rescue.

These are all federal troops stationed at the watch base.

At this time, the first Tier 5 battleship immediately sent a short-distance communication request after sensing the Immortal.

Soon the video was connected.

The image of a middle-aged non-commissioned officer wearing a fourth-generation mechanical armor and capable manner emerged. The first time he saw Su Mo, his expression froze, and he immediately saluted.

"Lord Su Mo, I am Federal Search Commander Cainle"

"You're welcome, what's the situation now?"

Su Mo asked straight to the point.

"We are doing our best to search and rescue Dr. Lan Xi and others, but the situation is not optimistic. Although we saw the rescue device ejected at the beginning, due to the interference characteristics of Ceres and the relatively long observation distance. Therefore, we can only blur the delineated area, and the The delineated search and rescue area is extremely large, the terrain is extremely complex, and they are attacked by monsters hidden and entrenched here from time to time, so there is no substantial progress."

Kainer explained in a deep voice.

"Give me the search and rescue range."

Su Mo said cleanly.

"it is good!"

Kainer responded immediately.

"Also, I will send a pet to participate in the search and rescue. I will send you the photo of the pet. Don't panic when you see it, and don't attack by mistake."

While explaining, Su Mo sent Domac's image to Kainer.


Kainer looked at the image of Domak from Su Mo, and his resolute face couldn't help but twitch.

It is worth noting that Su Mo also hung a metal collar around Domac's neck for identification of friend and foe.

"By the way, do you have any personal items for Lanxi or other team members?"

Su Mo asked immediately.


Cainle responded immediately.

"Send someone over here."

Su Mo was overjoyed when he heard this, and immediately confessed.

"it is good!"

Kainer quickly saluted.

After a while, Su Mo and others all controlled the mechs and rushed out from the exit of Immortal Blade.

At this time, a hunting mech from the Federation flew over, its cockpit opened, and a non-commissioned officer quickly jumped out.

He opened a box and put it on the ground.

There are different items in the box, there are toothbrushes, clothes, socks.

Su Mo turned to Domak and said, "Go and smell it!"

Domac immediately lowered his head obediently, smelled the contents of the box carefully, and then walked around the enclosed area.

Su Mo and the others were looking forward to Domac with full expectation. If anyone had the best hope of finding the missing person, it would really be Domac.

At this time, the Creator Devourer looked at Domac who was working hard, and couldn't help saying: "You don't really use it as a dog, do you?"

"Hey~ I can't help it."

Facing the joke of the Creator Devourer, Su Mo also replied casually irritatedly.

Soon Domac ran back, but this time Domac disappointed Su Mo, he couldn't help but shook his head and screamed.

Su Mo immediately asked the Creator Devourer.

"What is Domac talking about?"

"It said no, it couldn't confirm."

The Creator Devourer replied in a low voice.

After hearing this, Su Mo couldn't help but feel a sense of loss in his heart. But he quickly put aside his negative emotions, and he immediately gave orders to Longke, Sun Duoxiang and others.

"Everyone spread out, search, remember that we only have five hours, no matter if it succeeds or not, we will withdraw."


Longke and others responded one after another.

"Then please everyone."

Su Mo quickly replied.

So everyone drove the mechs to disperse and began to conduct a carpet search.

Protoss Cultivation Ruins Base.

Lan Xi was moving cautiously towards the exit, her nerves were stretched to the extreme.

She looked around from time to time, even if the surroundings were empty, she subconsciously felt that there was danger?

The body instinctively wants to run towards the exit, but reason always overcomes fear at the most critical moment and forcibly restrains this stupid behavior.

Just like that, Lan Xi fumbled towards the exit little by little, praying in her heart that she would not be so unlucky.

I don't know if it's because the base is too big, or if she's walking too slowly. Lan Xi feels that the road under her feet is extremely long, as if she can't reach the end no matter how she walks.

Just when Lan Xi was feeling inexplicably anxious, she suddenly felt a ray of light shining on her face through the crack in the top.

Lan Xi's body froze slightly, and she couldn't help but stop. She felt a burst of joy for no reason.

At this moment, she seemed to be like a drowning person seeing hope, with infinite joy in her heart.

Lan Xi looked around for a while, and she came to a spacious rotunda, which was full of broken wreckage, and there was a collapsed pillar in the center.

That's right, if she remembered correctly, this place is not far from the main entrance.

Thinking of this, Lan Xi couldn't bear it any longer, she hugged the mother flower in her arms, and ran towards the exit of the passage in front of her.

The result is at this moment.

A pair of scarlet eyes lit up out of nowhere behind Lan Xi.

A huge shadow quickly enveloped Lan Xi.

Lan Xi looked at the shadow that suddenly appeared in front of her, her whole body froze in place, and her feet couldn't be lifted up as if filled with lead.

At this moment, Lan Xi seemed to be in the harsh winter, her weak body was trembling non-stop, her face showed fear and unwillingness.

She knew very well that she was finished, and the shadow of death completely enveloped her.

At this moment, the air behind her fluctuated violently, and the invisible claws tore towards Lan Xi without hesitation.

Lan Xi hugged the mother flower tightly in her arms, gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, welcoming death.

In the dark world of her mind, a familiar figure emerged, looking at that figure, tears welled up in the corners of Lan Xi's eyes, she whispered to herself.

"Feel sorry."

At this moment, a colossal monster struck at an extremely fast speed, the blade exuding a cold light swept across, and instantly collided with invisible claws, and the huge impact swept away.

A small amount of shock waves reached Lan Xi, and Lan Xi flew out like a kite with a string broken, and fell heavily to the ground.

Lan Xi was also stunned by the sudden turn of events, but after she got up, she immediately checked to see if there was anything wrong with the mother flower in her arms.

After confirming that she was fine, she raised her head to look at the source of the accident.

At this moment, Lan Xi was completely stunned by the scene in front of her. She saw a 50-meter-high mantis-like mantis, covered with a carapace with special patterns, and it was ferocious.

The top of the head is protruding, the entire mouth is full of sharp fangs, two blades gleaming with cold light, and a slender tailbone at the end. It is a terrifying alien shape, and uses the sharp blades to block the attack of the transparent monster.

At this moment, the air fluctuated, and the protective color on the invisible monster faded.

A monster with a height of seventy meters, half of its body rotten and covered with disgusting pustules, half of its body covered with metal-like black scales, its eyes were extremely scarlet, and its claws radiated terrifying coldness, appeared like a ferocious ghoul. .

Lan Xi ran away immediately, but the appearance of the monster couldn't get out of her mind. For a moment, she immediately remembered the last picture of the monster engraved on the mural.

The two are remarkably similar.

If I guessed correctly, it should be this monster that abolished this cultivation base back then.

But the only difference is that this monster is in a strange situation now, half of it has mutated and fallen, and the other half seems to maintain its original state.

Could it be that this monster ate those magic moon flowers?

In fact, Lan Xi guessed right, this vi-type lord-level heterogeneous Xilika negative-spirit cell infected body is the monster on the mural. It has been entrenched here for countless years, because it is constantly eating the flowers of the magic moon, so it is sometimes rational and sometimes crazy.

As Lan Xi ran out, she looked back uneasily at the other monster who saved her. It turned out that it was an alien, and she was also very shocked, why did this alien monster save her.

by chance?

Soon Lan Xi saw the metal collar hanging on the alien's neck.

At this moment, Lan Xi suddenly understood that this was a pet.

At this time, the vi-type lord-level alien Xilika roared at Domac, and his power exploded in an instant, and the stalemate's sharp claws forcibly swept Domac out.

However, after sliding back for a short distance, Domac roared loudly, and immediately stabilized his figure. Then Piya grinned at Xilica and showed his ferocious fangs, and suddenly rushed up, his sharp blade slashing down extremely fast.

Although Xilica was stronger than Domak, it didn't dare to let Domaka's sharp blade hit it, so it dodged quickly, and the sharp blade slashed on the ground.


The entire solid ground was split straight.

Xilica swung her sharp claws and swept towards Domac bloodthirstyly.

Domac stepped back, but didn't get out of the way completely.


The stand coat on his body was directly torn, and the carapace was also torn open, leaving **** claw marks.

Although Domak felt a burst of pain, he was not afraid. Instead, he aroused his ferocity. He turned around madly, and his slender tail fell horizontally on Xilica.


The stance coat on Shilica's body shook violently, and her entire body was knocked away for a distance.

The two monsters stared at each other at the same time, opened their mouths and let out a terrifying roar, neither of them would be outdone.

Lan Xi watched this scene, kept running hard, and at the same time silently prayed that the alien would win.

In an instant, the two monsters rushed towards each other at the same time.

The two sides collided together in the central area and fought at close range.

I saw Domak slashing at Shilica with a sharp blade, but the stance coat and scales were too hard, so he didn't hurt it much.

On the contrary, it was Xilica's claws that kept leaving horrible wounds on Domak's body.

Domak was completely enraged at this time, he opened his **** mouth, and bit Shilica's left arm frantically.

The sharp fangs pierced through its coat and scales, and thick blood spurted out immediately.

Xilica let out a painful and angry roar, and flung Domac violently.

Domac slammed into the wall hard!


The entire cultivation base was shaking violently, but there was no sign of collapse.

In fact, thanks to the fact that this kind of base was built by the Protoss, although it has gone through a long period of time, it is still strong, otherwise it would have been finished.

At this time, Domac, who was covered in blood, got up and looked at Xilica viciously. As the Creator Devourer said, Domac was on the land compared with his own higher form.

Monsters are not afraid at all and have the strength to fight.

It's just a pity that having a fight doesn't mean that you can win, after all, there is a gap in form.

Seeing Domac roaring in anger, Shilica seemed to feel a little danger, and the enemy in front of him hurt him.

This is something that has never happened for thousands of years.

At this moment, Domac suddenly opened his mouth, his body's biological reaction soared, and all the patterns on his body lit up, condensing a terrifying beam of light.

Immediately after Domac raised his head, a terrifying beam blasted out.

Xilica's pupils shrank, instinctively preparing to dodge the attack and launch a counterattack at the same time.

As a result, the terrifying light beam shot by Domac didn't shoot at Xilica, but instead shot at the crack above the head where the sunlight leaked in.


A terrifying beam of light pierced through the crack and went straight to the sky.

When Lan Xi saw this scene, she was taken aback, did she shoot crookedly?

Even Xilica was at a loss, but Xilica immediately stopped thinking so much, and rushed towards Domac at an extremely fast speed.

Domac immediately rushed forward. Mark swung his blade frantically and slashed at Xilica.

Xilica's fierceness also broke out completely at this moment, and she waved her paws to meet him without showing weakness.

The two monsters were entangled again, rolling and bumping back and forth on the ground.

Lan Xi in the distance also became more and more nervous, and the speed under her feet became faster.

She kept praying that the alien monster would win.

But the situation is getting less and less optimistic.

During the fight, Xilica quickly suppressed Domac, and his two claws tightly suppressed his two blades.

Immediately afterwards, Xilica opened his **** mouth wide, accumulating energy crazily in his mouth, preparing to kill Domac at close range.

Suddenly a cold light flashed past, and a sharp golden spear was aimed at the side of Xilica.


Xilica flew out like a kite with a broken string.


Shilica hit the wall hard.

I saw a future envoy falling from the top.

At this time, Domak got up, groaning at the future messenger with aggrievedness.

And when he ran to the exit, he found a strange species outside, and ran back to find a place to hide. Seeing this scene, I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Qian Chengxue looked at Domak who was beaten badly, and was also a little angry. She raised the golden spear in her hand and pointed it at Xilica who got up.

Xilica was completely enraged at this moment, and the scales on her body lit up immediately.

A layer of protective color emerged, and Shilica disappeared in an instant, entering a state of invisibility.

Seeing this scene, Qian Chengxue frowned slightly, thinking that the other party was more difficult than she imagined. But at this moment, Domak roared at Qian Chengxue's right side.

Qian Chengxue reacted immediately, and controlled the future messenger to swing the golden spear to the right.


The ear-piercing collision sound was accompanied by the feedback of terrifying force.

The entire Future Envoy kept moving backwards.

At this time, Domak also rushed forward, slashing down with a sharp blade.


Blood spattered.

With the roar, Xilica was forced to show up.

At this time, Qian Chengxue suddenly raised her head, she turned on the power of the future envoy, entered the overclocking state, drew back the blocking spear with her backhand, and then turned the whole gun around, attacking Shikali like a bright star.

"Starburst Falls!"


The golden spear was extremely accurate and pierced through Xilica.


Shilica took a few steps back, and a hole was pierced in the abdomen.

It has to be said that Qian Chengxue and Domac cooperated very well.

But this series of attacks did not cause too much damage to Xilica, but completely angered it.

Xilica stepped on the ground fiercely with both feet, and the thick ground instantly sank, bursting out with a terrifying aura, and rushed towards Qianchengxue very quickly.

Seeing this, Domak rushed up immediately.

As a result, Xilica swung her paws angrily and swept across, like sweeping garbage, and directly swept Domac out. Seeing this, Qian Chengxue's heart trembled, and then he manipulated

The future envoy dodges at the speed of light.

Shilica, who rushed forward in an instant, also missed the attack of the other claw.

But Shilica turned her head violently, opened her mouth and blasted a terrifying beam of light into the air not far away.


In an instant, the light splashed in all directions.

The entire future envoy suddenly appeared and slid back, its energy barrier fluctuating violently.

In the end, before the energy barrier collapsed, it barely resisted Xilica's attack.

However, Qian Chengxue, who took it down to attack, didn't look happy. Instead, she felt more and more troublesome. This monster was far more powerful than she expected.

Qian Chengxue's nerves were extremely tense, she couldn't help squinting at Lan Xi who was hiding in the distance.

In fact, because she was afraid of affecting Lan Xi, she had been very restrained in fighting before.

But it won't work if it goes on like this.

At this moment, all of a sudden, the power of the biological tissue in Xilica's body exploded, and it disappeared in a flash at an extremely fast speed.

Qian Chengxue was startled, and quickly looked left and right.

I saw an afterimage constantly dangling around it, and it was approaching rapidly.

Qian Chengxue took a deep breath, trying her best to calm herself down and not be disturbed by the outside world.

At this moment, the whole world seemed to be quiet.

She kept catching Xilica's movement track, and her thoughts turned quickly.

Suddenly, the snow in Qiancheng moved, she controlled the future envoy, and swung the golden spear to the right front to pierce it.



The golden spear slammed into an extremely hard object, and then a strong shock force returned, causing Qianchengxue's nerves to tingle.

But this proves that she successfully hit the opponent.

But the next scene surprised Qian Chengxue, and saw Xilica appearing with the attack of the golden spear, her sharp claws tearing towards the future messenger.

Qian Chengxue's pupils shrank and said secretly.

"not good!"


At this time, Xilica's claws were blocked by the sudden appearance of the blade, and Domac rushed up at the critical moment.

Qian Chengxue quickly manipulated the future envoy to retreat, and Domac quickly jumped away when he saw this.

Obviously in this situation, the two can't beat each other at all.

So Qian Chengxue manipulated the future envoy to raise his left hand, open a hidden launch port, and a signal bomb blasted out from the large gun above his head, and exploded outside.

Seeing this, Xilica thought that Qianchengxue and others were provoking it, and her scarlet eyes became more and more annoyed. Immediately, he raised his head and opened his mouth, and a terrifying beam blasted out above his head, making the gap at the top even bigger.

Just after it finished shooting, it lowered its head again and looked at Qianchengxue and Domac with disdain.

Suddenly a stream of light fell from the top of the head, and a dragon claw directly held down Xilica's head and hit the ground hard.

Suddenly, the whole ground cracked like a spider web.

At this moment, Crazy-Eyed Rain Hawk finally arrived.

Qian Chengxue said with a long sigh of relief.

"Su Mo."

"Thanks for your hard work."

Su Mo replied calmly.

At this time, Xilica struggled to get up, but Su Mo controlled the crazy-eyed Rehawk to explode with all his strength, and kicked Xilica hard, kicking him out.

So at the same time, Kendi, Yangang, Sun Duoxiang and others rushed in with their mechs.

In an instant, the situation on the field turned 180 degrees.

"Sun Duoxiang, take Lanxi and go first."

Su Mo said bluntly.

"no problem."

Sun Duoxiang responded quickly, and then drove towards Lan Xi with his mecha.

At this moment, Lan Xi came back to her senses, and immediately shouted: "Don't fight here, find a way to get it out."

Su Mo was slightly surprised, but then replied.

"Okay, you don't have to worry about these."

At this time, Sun Duoxiang also controlled the mecha and stretched out his hand to Lan Xi, saying quickly.

"Quick, go!"

Lan Xi immediately climbed onto the palm of the mech.

Sun Duoxiang opened the mech without saying a word

Slip, run faster than a rabbit.

At this time, the vi-type general-level Xilica got up, and it turned to look at Su Mo and others who surrounded it, becoming more and more angry.

The eyes became more scarlet, and the pustules on the body bulged one by one, and then burst open, splashing on the other half of the body.

It can be seen that the vi-type general-level Xilica is rapidly sliding towards the abyss of deformity and depravity. At the same time, his biological reaction soared rapidly, his injuries healed quickly, and his stance coat reappeared.

"It's a little tricky."

Su Mo said to the Creator Devourer in a low voice.

"Give it a shot and kill it! With so many of us, the odds are high."

The Creator Devourer replied in a low voice.

"Well, but before that, let's blast it out."

Su Mo said in a deep voice.

Yi Leisi laughed like a silver bell and said.

"That's not easy, blast out from the opening above the head."

Su Mo glanced at the terrain for a while, and immediately knew it, he said to Qian Chengxue.

"I'm in charge of containing it, and you guys find a way to blast it out."

"no problem."

Qian Chengxue responded immediately.

Su Mo's pupils shrank suddenly, and the negative energy bracelet instantly reversed to the second gear, and the terrifying negative energy gushed out.

Elise used colorization, and the entire Mad-Eyes Rainhawk turned into black, exuding a strong Pollock biological reaction, and its power soared.

The Creator and Devourer crazily bless their strength at the same time.

Su Mo then controlled Crazy-Eyed Rainhawk to attack Xilica.

Xilica roared and rushed forward crazily.

Touch both!

A terrifying shock swept away.

I saw Crazy-Eyed Ryan Hawk blocking Xilica's claws with his double dragon claws, and the two were in a stalemate.

The veins on Su Mo's forehead were bulging, and all the bones in his body were rattling. But he was still holding on, and the entire Crazy-Eyes Reinhawk didn't take half a step back.

At this time, Qian Chengxue controlled the future messenger to disappear with a flash of light, and appeared next to Xilica in the next second. She swung the golden spear from bottom to top and hit Xilica's jaw.

Silica was provoked instantly.

At this time, Yangang and Kendi controlled the mecha and rushed up at an extremely fast speed.

The two swung their weapons from left to right and hit Xilica hard.

At the same time, Domak also rushed over, jumped and slammed, and hit Xilica head-on.

In an instant, Shilica was knocked out from the crack on the top of her head by Domak.

Seeing this, Su Mo manipulated Crazy-Eyed Rehawk to bend his body slightly, bursting out of strength in an instant, and rushed towards the top of his head where the crack was blown open.

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