Six Realms Conferred God - Chapter 4598 Do a big vote

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4598 Do a big vote

"It seems that killing this Xiao Han is still a little tricky. We need to send more people." After Xia Xia heard the news, he could no longer despise Xiao Han.

If they kill one or two Qi King Stage Jiuzhongtian, they don't need to pay so much attention, but killing ten at the same time, it is completely different.

In addition, Zhou Hua has also asked Zhou Huangfu to send additional staff. Since they have decided to kill Xiao Han to save face, there is no way out.

And Zhong Yao and the black-robed youth and the giant sword youth are also people with backgrounds. Now their deaths have long been known, but they have never known who killed them.

But after some investigations, suspicions were all on Xiao Han's head, and according to the current situation, only Xiao Han had the ability and courage.

Zhong Huang's Mansion, the Black-robed Youth's Mo Huang's Mansion, and the Judao Youth's Wu Huang's Mansion have all sent troops to kill Xiao Han, but they have not announced it to the public.

"We were chased and killed as soon as we came here. What's the matter?" Meliande sighed after hearing some news.

"Heaven will give great responsibilities to the people. If we don't practice and hone, how can we achieve great things? Isn't we here to hone? If there is nothing and everything goes smoothly, then it is a waste of time. " Qiu Lanqing said.

"Since we have come this far, there is no need to sigh here. Even if we start from scratch, I believe we will still do it. We are not the kind of people who swallow our voices." Xia Mu said.

"Next, we can only make ourselves stronger and stronger. As long as the emperor does not go out, we can still deal with it. I think, the emperor in the emperor's world is a heavenly existence, and it will not be dealt with casually. A king, that will be made fun of." Lord Grim said.

"You can't be careless, there are always some people who don't play cards according to the rules." Situ Mu said.

"Xiao Han, what are your plans?" Barbarian asked.

Xiao Han is still their backbone, and at a critical time, he still wants to see how Xiao Han handles it.

Xiao Han smiled and said: "The soldiers will block the water and cover the soil. We will continue to seize the will of the emperor, and at the same time improve our strength, and break through to the eighth heaven of the king of Qi as soon as possible. If those guys from the imperial palace kill us, we are not afraid."

Up to now, there is no other better way. Even if you are looking for a backer, you need to make yourself strong, and you have to rely on yourself for everything.

Even if you enter the ancient emperor's line, people may not take you so seriously. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to show your skills, which also requires a process.

Sometimes, if you are not important in the ancient emperor's line, even if you kill him, the ancient emperor's line will not care too much.

Xiao Han and the others avoided the limelight first, but they were not stupid enough to go out against the wind.

While avoiding the limelight, while cultivating, at the same time refining the will of the emperor, and comprehending the mystery, this is also of great benefit to cultivation.

After half a month, Xiao Han and the others reappeared in everyone's field of vision. They once again came to the Zeng's ruins. There are a lot of imperial wills here that have not been captured, so don't waste them.

"These guys disappeared for a while, and now they ran out again. I thought they would hide for a year and a half." Someone looked at Xiao Han and whispered.

"It's killing you."

"Six or seven imperial palaces are looking for them now. If they all rush over to know the news of their appearance, they are afraid that they will be finished." Someone said.

Xiao Han and the others were very ostentatious in the ruins, as if they were not afraid that someone would come to them.

The Zeng Clan’s ruins are still relatively large, and it took Xiao Han some time to seize the emperor’s will here, and they didn’t seem to be in a hurry, so it took several days.

During this period of time, the whereabouts of Xiao Han's eight people have also been reported, and the Imperial Palace, which is looking for the traces of Xiao Han's people, has naturally heard the news.

"What if there are too many people here?" Mei Liangde looked at Xiao Han with some worry.

"If there are too many and we can't kill them, then let's run away, and making fun of them is enough to make them lose face." Qiu Lanqing said with a wicked smile.

"It is absolutely impossible for them to come here at the same time, unless they have made an appointment." Lord Grim said.

"This time, we will do a big vote and **** all their imperial will, then we can leave Tianzhou." Xiao Han said.

Meliande rubbed his hands and said with a sinister smile: "It doesn't matter how much he comes, we kill as much as he comes, otherwise these guys think we are so easy to bully."

Xiao Han and the eight people wandered around the Zeng family ruins, and many people couldn't understand it. At this time, they didn't leave quickly, waiting for someone to come to take their lives?

"I heard that Yan Hai and Zhou Hua have already brought people here. If they are fast, they will be able to arrive today." Someone looked at the figures of Xiao Han and whispered to their companions.

"It is estimated that these guys don't know yet. There will be a good show to watch. I don't know if they can escape this disaster." A warrior smiled happily.

Many people were discussing each other. Xiao Han overheard some news with his martial soul. After learning some news, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and the fish began to take the bait.

Xiao Han also told the information to others, and was ready to run away.

The eight people have been preparing all the time. At night, Xiao Han and the eight people withdrew from the Zeng's ruins first, but they did not go far. Many people also knew where they were.

"I have checked again, everything is fine, just wait for the fish to take the bait." Xiao Han smiled.

"This time I don't believe that I can't kill them." Meliande laughed.

Next, Xiao Han and the others closed their eyes and rested, waiting for the fish to take the bait.

The night was dark and windy, and two groups of people appeared at the Zeng Clan's ruins at almost the same time. These two groups of people were the people brought by Yan Hai and Zhou Hua.

After they came to Zeng's ruins, they soon learned the whereabouts of Xiao Han and several others from the mouths of some warriors.

"Yan Hai, since we are all here, let's join forces to get rid of them to make sure nothing goes wrong." Zhou Hua suggested.

Yan Hai said: "Today, he will definitely be able to escape."

The two groups of people immediately went in the direction of Xiao Han and the others, and many people also followed to join in the fun.

"Come on." Xiao Han sensed a lot of breath approaching.

"Just come." Qiu Lanqing sneered.

"Disperse." Xiao Han said.

Immediately, several people dispersed quickly, and only Xiao Han stayed in place.

"Xiao Han, you can't escape today, accept your fate." Zhou Hua shouted after seeing Xiao Han.

"What about the others?" Yan Hai frowned, why was Xiao Han alone.

"Xiao Han is their backbone. If you kill Xiao Han, no one else should be afraid." Zhou Hua said disdainfully.

Xiao Han smiled and said: "It seems that there are a lot of people. It seems that you are still very afraid of me. I am only a Qi King Realm Seventh Layer. Do you have to be so inspiring?"

"Although you are only in the seventh heaven of the Qi King Realm, your abilities are more than that. My brother was killed by you because he underestimated you." Yan Haidao.

"You are so eager to chase and kill me. It's really boring. Do you have nothing to do? Don't you need to practice? Don't you need to seize the will of the emperor?" Xiao Han said with a look of consideration for others.

"It doesn't make any sense to say this now, let's die." Zhou Hua had killing intent in his eyes, then waved his hand, and all the kings behind him rushed out.

Yan Hai also waved his hand and said, "kill him with all his strength."

"It is an honor for you to die in the hands of so many kings." Zhou Hua sneered.

"Although I really want to have this kind of honor, I'm really embarrassed. My strength doesn't allow it." The corner of Xiao Han's mouth raised, and the smile made everyone feel uncomfortable.

Seeing Xiao Han's smile, Yan Hai and Zhou Hua both had a bad feeling, but they couldn't tell.

Under the siege of so many kings, what tricks can Xiao Han play? In other words, what other means could Xiao Han have to destroy so many of them?

Even if they were killed, they wouldn't believe it, no matter how capable Xiao Han was, he was only the seventh heaven of the Qi King Realm after all.

At this moment, Xiao Han's figure suddenly disappeared.

"'s this trick again..." Zhou Hua was shocked and suddenly realized something, it's night now, and the shadows are the most.

During this period of time, he also learned some of Xiao Han's skills, and how Xiao Han solved the ten kings of Jiuzhongtian.

Now that Xiao Han used this move again, Zhou Hua immediately shouted, "Retreat and spread out."

"It's too late." At this time, Xiao Han's figure had already appeared in the distance.

Everyone looked at Xiao Han, is this speed too fast?

When Xiao Han's voice fell, Xiao Han had already activated the phantom spirit formation.

This Illusory phantom array is very large, Xiao Han spent a lot of soul-refining stones to arrange it, and the power is several times that of the phantom phantom array that is usually arranged.

Zhou Hua, Yan Hai and others were all trapped in the formation, and Xiao Han lit the soul-killing lamp and threw it into the formation.

After these people were trapped, all the barbarians showed up. Jun Mochou and Situ Mu immediately released terrifying sword energy and rushed into the formation.

The people facing the formation are all illusions, they don't know the situation outside, and they don't know that there is a sword qi attacking.

However, they have all exploded their profound energy to the extreme and want to break through the formation.

Therefore, they still have profound energy protection, and the profound energy protection of the Qi King Realm is still very powerful.

The sword qi of Situ Mu and Jun Mochou came, and some kings were directly penetrated by the sword qi, some kings were only injured, and some kings had strong defense, and the sword qi couldn't hurt at all.

After the first wave of attacks began, the king in the phantom array completely sensed the danger, and tried his best to mobilize his profound energy to defend.

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