Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1844 - The End Of The Nine Schools Competition

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By the end of the morning, Haru and Miyuki returned to their own room to prepare themselves since the official final of the Monolith Code would start.

Haru and Miyuki met again when they joined with everyone to watch the final of the Monolith Code with everyone, but with their mutual understanding, they didn't say anything about their interaction and meeting. After all, they knew that if someone knew about this matter, it would lead to a troublesome matter.

Haru didn't think too much, but Miyuki knew that his girlfriend was her aunt. If her aunt thought that she had a feeling toward him, then...

Miyuki didn't feel uncomfortable, but she felt that it would be awkward. Looking at him, who was talking with Erika, Mizuki, Honoka, and Shizuku as usual, she felt that she...

"What's wrong, Miyuki?" Tatsuya asked.

Miyuki looked at Tatsuya and gently shook her head. "Nothing, Onii-sama."

"Is that so?" Tatsuya looked at Miyuki for a while before continuing to watch the huge screen since he was curious about the match. He also wanted to see Juumonji's power. After all, Juumonji was the heir of the Juumonji family, and to see his power was something that he looked forward to.

Tatsuya knew that his strength was strong. With the combination of Elemental Sight and Decomposition, most people would disappear with just one magic, but Juumonji and Haru were different.

Juumonji's magic Phalanx could block Tatsuya's "Decomposition," and if they were fighting each other, then it would be a battle of attrition. The one who got tired first would be the one who lost.

'As for Haru...'

Tatsuya glanced at Haru and thought about Haru's magic. He knew that Haru was a master of various magic, and he had to admit that Haru's illusion magic was complicated. If he could use his Elemental Sight, then it would be great, but he was afraid of Haru's sound-based magic.

Sound-based magic was what Tatsuya concluded after he watched the battle between Masaki and Haru several times last night. He might not have heard, but he was sure that it was sound-based magic that made Masaki sleep, and if that kind of magic attacked him, he also wasn't sure whether he could react since it wasn't visible to eyes and even if he closed his ears, and eyes, he had a feeling that Haru might have a magic that was capable of five senses.

'If it's really possible...'

Tatsuya looked at Haru with a complicated gaze and knew that if they fought with each other, he had a feeling that he would lose directly since he really didn't have a way to deal with illusion magic.

"Oh, the match is starting!" Erika shouted.

This shout woke Tatsuya up, and he turned his attention toward the screen again, hoping that Haru wouldn't be his enemy in the future, but... he looked at Miyuki. Hopefully, the relationship between Haru and Miyuki was merely a friend.


Haru watched the fight of the First High team on the official of the Monolith Code and had to admit that it was a nice battle. He was also able to see that his seniors didn't want to lose to his team's performance, which was why they tried to defeat their opponent with overwhelming power.

Right during the match, Hattori dashed into enemy territory, destroying their chance of deploying, and because of that, the enemy was confused, giving a chance for the First High to attack them over and over, letting the First High gain the upper hand. Responding to the situation, he also sallied forth using various combinations of magic.

On the other hand, Tatsumi, who used single systematic magic but specialized interfering strength, delivered the final blow.

Lastly, using the "Phalanx" magic, Juumonji provided an area-wide protective magic reflector.

Haru looked at Juumonji and knew that Juumonji wasn't only good at his family magic, but Juumonji was also good at perception magic, especially related to space-related things, which caused him to be able to react to any situation or stop any sneak attack easily.

As a result, the conclusion of the match was already concluded, and the First High won.

Haru had to admit that for the level of the magician in this world, everyone was very good, but he knew that compared to the powerful one, there was still a lot of distance, but well, he was quite anticipating the final and wondering how Juumonji was going to domite the entire the Monolith Code.


The final happened shortly, and everyone didn't wait too long to see how Juumonji dominated everyone.

Leaving Hattori and Tatsumi, Juumonji moved forward alone, without hesitation, walking as if he was taking a leisure trip. The moment he was attacked, the "Phalanx" activated itself and deflected all the magic that was about to hit him. The "Phalanx" itself was a magic barrier that was created by several barriers, so even if one barrier was destroyed, it would refresh directly so no matter how many times the opponents would attack him, it was simply useless unless his Magic Power became zero.

Juumonji kept walking with huge strides, and when he saw the opponents were right in front of him. He used the "Phalanx" right in front of him, then bulged all of his muscles before he tackled all of them.


It was as if bowling pins were hit by the ball, which was how everyone described First High's opponents at the time.

Juumonji used his "Phalanx" as a shield, then crashed into all of them.

The opponents who were hit felt as if they were hit by a truck and directly passed out.


Everyone was lost for words, especially the girls.

Unlike Haru's match that showed complicated and various magics, Juumonji's match was so simple. He just defeated his opponents with his overwhelming power and won.

"...Gorilla..." Erika murmured.

Haru looked at Erika and could only shake his head, but he also felt the same as Erika since Juumonji's figure was like a gorilla. No, it should be a bull?

"It's either a bison or a bull, not a gorilla," Haru said.

"Oh, right!" Erika nodded and agreed.

"....I don't think that it is good to talk to your senior that way, Haru," Miyuki said speechlessly, but she also understood their feeling.

<The match is over!>

<The winner of the Monolith Code is First High!>

<And with all of this, the Nine Schools Competition comes to a close. The overall champion is the First High!>

With all of the results of this event, it concluded the Nine Schools Competition.

Haru sighed and knew that his quest had ended.

'Well, it's time to go home...'

The good time had always passed quickly, and soon, it was his time to go home.

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