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Qing Yunzong.

In the main hall of the sect, the atmosphere was extremely gloomy.

Whether it was the Qing Yun Sect Master on the main seat, or the elders present below, their faces were all gloomy.

One invincible half-saint and three senior half-saints.

A total of four semi-holy elders died like this.

Although these four semi-sage elders are all the ones whose time is approaching, their potential has been exhausted, and they have retreated behind the scenes to wait to die, but they are also the background of the Qingyun sect, and they are the high-end combat power of the Qingyun sect.

Four of them died all at once, such a loss, even for a top sect like Qingyun Sect, it is indeed not a small loss.

After hearing the words of the second elder, the master of Qingyun Sect looked at the other elders present; "What do you think?"

"Sect Master, the majesty of my Qingyun Sect cannot be challenged, and the elders of my Qingyun Sect cannot die in vain."

"In a mere dynasty, even if there are four invincible half-sages who dare to kill the four elders of my Qingyun Sect, they will be destroyed."

The elder said coldly.

"That's right."

"My Qing Yunzong is the top sect in the Eastern Region, even the dynasty has to give me Qing Yunzong three points of face."

"But Dazhou, a dynasty, dared to kill the four elders of my Qingyun Sect. If my Qingyun Sect survives Dazhou, how will outsiders think of my Qingyun Sect?"

The remaining elders spoke out.

They were a little shocked that there were four invincible half saints in Da Zhou, but they didn't care much.

In their view, Qingyunzong is the top sect in the Eastern Region, and there is nothing that Qingyunzong can worry about in this three-acre land in the Eastern Region.

So what if Da Zhou had four invincible half saints?

The four invincible half saints may be very strong in the eyes of ordinary forces, but in the eyes of Qing Yunzong, a top sect in the Eastern Region, they are nothing more than slightly bigger ants.

If he dared to kill the four elders of the Qingyun Sect and challenge his Qingyun Sect's majesty, even the four invincible half-sages would have to die.

at the same time.

The Great Elder of Ziyang Sect also fled back to Ziyang Sect.

A majestic voice came from the hall; "Very well, a dynasty dares to kill the three elders of my Ziyang Sect, it is really courageous."

The plain voice echoed in the hall, exuding a deep sense of coldness.

The several elders present also had gloomy faces and cold eyes.

Ziyangzong is the top sect in the Eastern Region, no one has ever dared to challenge the majesty of Ziyangzong like this.

First he killed his true disciple of the Ziyang Sect, and now he killed the three half-sage elders of the Ziyang Sect...

If his Ziyang sect survives Da Zhou, others will think that his Ziyang sect is a sick tiger! Any cat or dog would dare to challenge his Ziyang sect.

"Sovereign, this Great Zhou killed the three elders of my Ziyang Sect, and there are four invincible half-sages with impressive combat power. If you want to deal with these four invincible half-sages, you can only ask the Supreme Elder to take action."

All the elders looked at the Ziyang Sect Master who was sitting on the main seat.

There are also several invincible half-sages of the Ziyang Sect, among which the Great Elder is the top existence among the invincible half-sages.

But even the Great Elder, the top existence among the invincible half-sages, is not the opponent of Da Zhou's invincible half-sages, and their nine half-sages can't deal with the three invincible half-sages of Da Zhou.

Then we can only ask the Supreme Elder above the semi-sage to take action.


They can only dispatch most of the semi-sage's power to the Great Zhou, but this may cause damage to Ziyangzong's high-end combat power.

"Well, the suzerain will discuss this matter with the Supreme Elder later."

The head of Ziyang Sect nodded.

The four invincible half-sages are indeed difficult to deal with. It is impossible for the elders of his Ziyang sect to come out in full force!

I can only ask the Supreme Elder to kill it.

Just when Qingyunzong and Ziyangzong were discussing to dispatch the Supreme Elder to Dazhou, the national fortune of Dazhou suddenly increased sharply and tumbling endlessly.

Hall of Mental Cultivation.

Zhou Chen sat on the throne of the dragon chair, feeling the changes in the national fortune above the palace, his eyes flashed.

"It seems that Lu Bu and Yang Zaixing have already succeeded."

The corner of Zhou Chen's mouth curved slightly.

The country's luck has increased dramatically, and this can only be achieved by expanding the territory.

Needless to say, it is estimated that Lu Bu and Yang Zaixing have already won the royal families of other dynasties.

"Now that the national luck has strengthened, we can start signing in this month."

Zhou Chen turned his eyes, and his mind was immersed in the system.

As early as a few days ago, the time for one-month sign-in had arrived.

It's just that Zhou Chen didn't sign in immediately.

Zhou Chen knew that the stronger the national fortune, the stronger the ability to sign up to be outstanding.

Therefore, Zhou Chen has been waiting for Lu Bu and Yang Zaixing to do something, waiting for the changes in the national fortune.

Now that the national luck has increased dramatically, then Zhou Chen can start signing in this month.

"Ding... Do you want to start signing in?"

When Zhou Chen was immersed in the system, a mechanical sound sounded.

"Sign in."

Zhou Chen muttered in his heart.


[Sign in successfully. 】

[Congratulations to the host for gaining the allegiance of the hero Guan Yu. 】

Guan Yu?


Zhou Chen's eyes flashed brightly, and his brows were beaming with joy.

Guan Yu, this is a well-known figure, the top military general in the Three Kingdoms, with Qinglong Yanyue Saber in one hand, second only to Lu Bu and Zhao Yun in the entire Three Kingdoms.

The most important thing is Guan Yu's loyalty. In the entire Three Kingdoms, even among all the outstanding people in the past, there are very few people who can match Guan Yu's loyalty.

That traitorous hero in the Three Kingdoms tried his best to keep this Second Master Guan.

Even, he did not hesitate to give Chitu to this Second Master Guan, but in the end, the traitor still failed to keep this Second Master Guan.

For the sake of loyalty, this second master Guan went through five stages and killed six generals, but he still returned to the crying emperor's side.

It can be said that Liu Paopao, the crying emperor, was able to divide the world in the end, and half of the credit should be attributed to the loyal second master and the third master Zhang.

It's a pity that even such a loyal and unparalleled hero lost to Maicheng in the end, and died at the hands of a small person, achieving the opponent's prestige of capturing feathers. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Zhou Chen didn't expect that the outstanding person who signed in this time would be this second master Guan who scraped his bones and healed his wounds.

A figure appeared in front of Zhou Chen.

"Guan Yu has met His Majesty."

After Guan Yu appeared, he hugged Zhou Chen on the dragon chair and saluted.

The tone is respectful, but not arrogant.

That bunch of beautiful beards and long beards are instantly majestic.

It's just that the color of the temple hat on the top of the head makes people want to laugh.

Zhou Chen took a look at Guan Yu, waved his hands and said, "You don't have to be polite, Yun Chang."

Seeing the color of the temples on Guan Yu's head, Zhou Chen smiled secretly, it was indeed green.

However, after seeing Guan Yu's strength, Zhou Chen's eyes immediately lit up, and he nodded in satisfaction.

Wu Sheng Guan Erye.

It really lives up to its name.

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