Serious People, Who is Learning Magic at Marvel? - v15 Chapter 62 Death of the Mage (Quadk)

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There are many ways to fear life. Some people choose not to kill easily, while others choose to become animal protectors and fight for those who are on the verge of extinction.

As for He Shenyan, the method he chose was much simpler.

Just to kill to kill.

With the palm down, the world turns around.

The upside-down mirror world reappears, where the world hangs upside down. The angels stood silently, not talking. The pure white giant energy body began to dissipate little by little, turning into overwhelming light spots. In the end, an angel with no wings behind his back stood in front of the mage.

"First meeting," she said politely. "The human cross-border mage named He Shenyan took 120,000 years, and we finally found you."

Looking around, she had a peaceful smile on her face. Beautiful, like a figure walking out of an oil painting, her quiet and weak temperament makes her look inoffensive: "Of course, there is also your world."

Authority does not work for her.

The mage squinted his eyes. He is not a person who likes to speak harshly before a battle. Any words can be saved until the opponent is beaten to the point of death. So, the moment the mirror world was formed, his attack had already begun.

Unfortunately, however, the power of death has no effect on this angel from outside the world. She also seemed to realize what He Shenyan had just done, tilted her head, and looked at him carefully.

"It turns out that the multiverse-level gods in this sea of ​​​​stars are looking after you." She nodded. "But, unfortunately, ours is not the original creation of this star sea, and her power cannot affect us."

"Now, Mage, you will be tried for the crime of killing the angel. The White Tower Council cannot protect you." The angel said simply and clearly. "You will be put to death, and the world you guard will be fuel for the furnace."

The angel's voice fell, and a heavy punch hit his face.


The violent noise sounded, and He Shenyan, who was gradually approaching the Berserker in his attack method, deceived himself. He didn't rely on magic, and only flew with his body to catch up with the angel who was punched to the other side of the sky by this punch. Then there was another punch, which was even more ruthless. The angel's cheek was completely displaced, the bones were shattered, and a soft white light penetrated through the body.

"...Is the information wrong?" Angel asked suspiciously during the beating. "Your physical strength does not match the intelligence."

There are so many things you don't know.

He Shenyan threw a punch again, and at the same time opened a portal at her landing point - just a few strokes made him understand that if you want to fight this thing, you must not choose the battlefield on Earth. The Great Barrier that blocked the world didn't react at all to this, and didn't even stop him from leaving.

Floating in the universe, two wings gradually spread out from behind the angel. The style is simple and unadorned, just like the long white dress on her body. The angel from afar raised his hands, earnestly trying to capture the mage in the universe.

Her mental power was obviously extremely powerful, and in an instant, she captured He Shenyan, who was located four galaxies away. Immediately afterwards, the two wings began to emit a heart-wrenching white brilliance. The vast distance between the four galaxies was spanned in just three seconds, not because of speed, but simply displacement.

He Shenyan narrowed his eyes—whatever he wanted? Or the effect of that pair of wings?

This ability...

He raised his arm, the power of the explosion of millions of stars, and the power of the double stars from Captain Marvel mixed together and exploded in full force - half of the starry sky was illuminated by the brilliant and gorgeous red gold, angel He attacked him fiercely, but he was pinched on the head by a hand in the middle of the journey.

Power burst.

The stable dimensional frame of the real world was blown out of the gap. The mage did not make any stop, and directly pressed the angel's head on the blown-out dimensional gap, and the power exploded again, accompanied by a crisp sound, the dimensional barrier. Broken by him.

The angel's head was pressed in by him, but there was no change in the chaotic time flow of the outer dimension. At the same time, He Shenyan was analyzing her form of existence with mental power.

The attack on this thing just now was enough to kill her a thousand times, but she didn't die once.

Not only that, the injury didn't even recover. In less than a second, the angel's displaced cheek returned to its original state. That's not a so-called self-healing ability or a heavenly healing spell, but something else.

He had to find the rationale.

Of course the angel wouldn't sit still, she raised her hands, and with a little bit of force on her weak and boneless hands, she even broke free from He Shenyan's shackles.

She pulled herself back from the outer dimension little by little in a creepy posture, her head remained the same, completely unaffected by the flow of time.

"Your attack is ineffective against us."

She said calmly, without the slightest emotion, like a cold robot, but there was indeed sullen anger in those golden eyes. At the same time, she raised her hands again - a minute and a half since the start of the battle, the angel's first attack, came.

White light emerged from between those small hands, but He Shenyan was not hurt in the slightest, and his protective magic circle was not touched. Not only that, he even felt a burst of warmth. Immediately afterwards, the mage's expression suddenly gloomy.

It was not an attack, but a blessing.

The prayers of countless people rang in He Shenyan's ears, and at this moment, the prayers of people were heard - countless different souls whispered in his ears, telling their sufferings and loyalty to the Lord, Desire for his grace.

The prayers were very moving.

But it made him very angry.

"Fuck you."

Since the start of the battle, He Shenyan spoke for the first time. The words are not very elegant, but with naked murderous intent.


For the first time in the dark dimension, Sithone's expression changed - yes, he was watching the battle. His originally relaxed expression changed his face at this moment, very serious: "Blessing? Rank promotion? No, this son of a bitch, she is not so kind..."

Underworld God rarely lost his self-restraint.

Beside him, the scarred beholder, Shuma Goras also waved her tentacles with a fierce tone.

"You guessed it right, Sishorn. She made He Shenyan an angel in the broad sense of Christian doctrine. From this moment on, he not only has to face that enemy, but also to face countless parallels. The prayers of those in the world who are ruled by angels."

Sishorn tapped the armrest of the chair with a gloomy expression. He knew He Shenyan better than Shuma Goras, so he said, "No, why do you need to face his own anger."

Looking at the beholder's puzzled eyes, the Underworld God said slowly: "For him, being an angel is an insult."

"It's a scheming."


The surging anger even changed the chaotic scene in the universe, and the rubble and space junk closest to him were shattered and turned into pure energy flow gathered around him. The red-golden flame condensed by the power of the explosion of millions of stars and the power of double stars enveloped the universe where he and the angel were located.

The angel was no longer that emotionless, she showed a smile: "Angels can't utter foul language, you should be punished."

He Shenyan's face gradually disappeared in the red-golden flames, only one pair of eyes were still clearly visible. Black and white are clear, without any trace of energy, only the ultimate anger surging in it.

The surrounding space begins to shatter a little bit, and the swirling dimensional fragments scream away from here, they will reunite here at some point, and the will of the world will repair here, but not now. With the continuous sound of breaking, He Shenyan finally made his choice.

- He crossed the border at that moment, bringing the angel with him.

The splendid and magnificent scenery in the endless star sea flew past them, and the angel still had a smile on his face, but He Shenyan was uncharacteristically and took the initiative to stay away from her.

He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. But the voices in his ears were too complicated, and his breathing became more and more rapid.

How to make a mage unable to cast spells?

Generally speaking, there are two answers to this question.

First, limit his spellcasting ability. For example, a formation that can block the magic power is placed nearby. If the magic power cannot run smoothly, the magic without an energy source will naturally not be able to cause any effect.

Or simply stick to close range and engage in melee combat. Quite a few mages can't do anything about it, unless your surname is Gan.

Second, disturb his thoughts. The casting of any spell needs to be calm and careful, especially powerful spells.

If someone interferes with the casting of the spell, the consequences are naturally extremely serious. This is also the source of the magic countermeasures most used by mages in the civil war, disrupting the opponent's brain through the mental tentacles, causing him to cast spells unintentionally, and even suffer backlash.

What the angel did to him was the latter. Her unreserved blessing and the certification of eternal heaven made He Shenyan an officially certified angel in countless worlds at that moment. It took the angels 120,000 years to arrive in He Shenyan's world. During this time, they had time to conquer the world along the way.

This means that what He Shenyan is facing at this time is the sincere prayers of every human being in every world conquered by angels within 120,000 years.

His soul seemed to be torn apart, and the innumerable loud prayers made him grit his teeth, exhaling a cold air from the gap between his teeth. The angel stared at him with a smile, not attacking directly, but looking at him with expectant eyes.

"Come on, Mage."

She said with sincerity, her hands slowly clenched, and she assumed a prayer position.

"Join us, join this great glory. By the grace of the Lord, save the world. They will die proudly, and their souls will be our future strength. You will be honored by as many worlds as you want, Mage. !As long as you want!"

She finally got a frenzy on her face: "You can even be an incarnation of God! No one in Eternal Heaven will have any opinion on this! Come on, accept that prayer! Join us! Join us!"

Fuck you.

He Shenyan closed his eyes and wanted to scold him, but he couldn't. Just resisting the prayers was enough to distract him, and he was still analyzing the existence of angels. There are too many people praying, and he is completely unable to abandon this influence. It should be noted that the angels gave him blessings.

How do you get rid of blessings?

The angel approached him little by little, expecting, waiting, eagerly waiting. She let go of her hand, held up the mage's face reverently, and watched his painful expression with joy in her eyes - she was a composite existence, forged from the souls of thousands of angels.

But she was not made for killing, but for love.

Love who?

The angel looked at He Shenyan's face with love and smiled sweetly—that blessing is not without a price, the higher the blessing, the deeper the price, but the angels were already prepared. In the past years, they have used this set to solve countless people in their way, and the angel believes that He Shenyan will also become one of them.

And, over time, he will become the strongest among the angels. This is the first cross-border mage that they have found a weakness. If he is not a stupid so-called guardian, how could the angels have a way to get a cross-border mage?

Her breath became weaker and weaker, but her expression became more and more calm. The mage was still struggling, but the prayers were too numerous for him to resist so many devout souls. The angel had a premonition that when she died, he was born.

fair enough.

She looked at him tenderly, just about to say something, but He Shenyan opened her eyes.

If Strange was here, he would have recognized the look immediately.

He had seen it too many times, when they fought against the devil together but were cornered, He Shenyan showed this look. When they faced the overwhelming aliens, He Shenyan showed such eyes. Of course, there was also the time when He Shenyan pulled out half of his soul into the barriers of the world in front of him.

But the angel is not Strange, she doesn't know what this look means, she only sees He Shenyan smiling.

A sense of unease began to gather in her heart.

-Why are you laughing? No, no, you should be in pain. You deserve to be reborn in pain...reborn as God incarnate in supreme glory!

" bastard." He Shenyan pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. "I have fully understood the form of your existence."

you understood? Her words could not be uttered, because He Shenyan once again opened the cross-border - a dazzling blue light flashed past, and they returned to the dark universe again. At the same time, the mage lifted up tremblingly. On the right hand, the index finger and the **** are close together, and they are on the temple.

His eyes turned pure pitch black.

The angel boy Kong shrank and screamed: "No-!"

However, it was too late.

The messenger of death killed himself with authority. His body no longer breathed, but his body still possessed enormous power gradually calmed down, and the pain and life disappeared together.

The angel looked at him's expression gradually became crazy.

-Why does this angel exist?

To make He Shenyan one of them, to love him, and to make him feel their love too.

but now......

he died.

"No, no, no, no! No!"

She growled and filial piety, her hands trembling, but the lost power was irreversible. The object of blessing has already died, and the fall of a quasi-angel made countless worlds controlled by them cry together, and she also shed tears.

Her beautiful cheeks began to crack, like broken china. The shattered traces spread little by little, and finally covered her whole body, in a cry of despair, in the burst of white light showing through the body surface—

- She is dead.

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