Reborn into Young Master Huo’s Little Fairy - Chapter 905 to get her back

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Yan Zhou raised his head and looked at Li Xia.

Li Xia's pretty face was tense, and there was a trace of anger in her apricot eyes.

The look in his eyes was rather unkind.

From Li Xia's point of view, she was really angry.

I fled from the imperial capital to Nidu, thinking that I would never see this hateful man again.

As a result, it was just over a month before he appeared in front of her.

He also became a professor in their department.

What exactly does he want to do?

"Yanzhou, haven't you had enough? We've already settled the two, and you don't have any other women, so why bother?"

Yan Zhou looked at Li Xia, whose eyes were full of vigilance, but there was no emotional change on his handsome face.

Just like looking at an ordinary student, "Classmate Li, you are thinking too much."

Li Xia was stunned.

What does he mean?

Wasn't it because she was here that he came to be a professor?

He is a dignified president of Yanda, why should he come to be a professor away from his homeland?

Just when Li Xia was about to say something, a clear and capable voice came, "Zhou Zhou, how does it feel to teach for the first time today?"

The woman walked in and saw Li Xia, she was slightly taken aback, "It's classmate Li Xia!"

Li Xia naturally knew women, and was the youngest and beautiful director of their department, Bai Su.

She is also the recognized goddess of the academy.

Hot body, pure appearance.

The union of devil and angel.

"Director Bai." Li Xia greeted Bai Su.

Yan Zhou walked up to Bai Su and put his long arms on her shoulders, "I'm not quite used to teaching yet, can you teach me some more experience?"

Seeing Yan Zhou put his hand on Bai Su's shoulder, Li Xia seemed to understand something.

The pretty little face was instantly burning hot.

The whole person panicked.

Yan Zhou is a typical unrequited lover, and he never wastes too much time on the same goal.

She is already his past tense, how could she think that he came for her?

It turned out to be because of the goddess Baisu.

Li Xia lowered her eyes, did not dare to look at Yan Zhou again, turned around, and fled in a panic.

As soon as Li Xia left, Yan Zhou withdrew his hand from Bai Su's shoulder.

Bai Su shrugged his shoulders, "It's a thousand miles away, and the background is to be a professor from home, is it for her?"

Bai Su is Yan Zhou's cousin, but when Bai Su was seven or eight years old, her parents divorced. She followed her mother to K country and changed her surname to Bai.

Yan Zhou looked at the direction Li Xia was leaving, and Taohua's eyes flashed a bleak look, "She is very wary of me, and she is also very disgusted."

Bai Su didn't know what happened to Yan Zhou and Li Xia, but it was the first time she saw the prodigal son in love eating grass.

"What are you going to do next?"

When Yan Zhou came here, he made a series of plans to recover Li Xia.

He rested his chin with his fingers and said thoughtfully, "I donated a sum of money to Nidu University for them to build a new library and girls' dormitory."

It's been a while since the girls' dormitory was built, and the school has long wanted to build a new one.

If the girls' dormitory is rebuilt, the girls will have to move to another temporary dormitory building, but there are not enough beds in that dormitory building.

This requires some classmates to rent a house, and Yan Zhou provides subsidies to the school for girls who need to rent a house.

Yan Zhou patted Bai Su on the shoulder, "Sister, don't you have a two-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment outside the school? You try to get Li Xia to rent it, and then I will also live in a room under the same roof. Let her get to know me again."

Bai Su was speechless for a while.

"You have to spend hundreds of millions on such a big project, right?"

Yan Zhou shrugged, "As long as she can forgive me, it doesn't matter if she spends more money."

Bai Su, "You are really doing your own thing, you can't live!"

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