Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Up - v2 Chapter 1684 Stock market and property market five

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The secretary is not a think tank, and his job is to organize and collect information; therefore, there is no need to give specific opinions on questions. But now Mie Yeyasu did not train Miyagi Thirty-eight as an ordinary secretary. Not to mention the successor, because it is still too far away; but as a member of the think tank, or a capable person; the boy in front of him still has no problems at all, at least he has enough ability.

Just because I grew up in a poor family, I always feel a little inferior in my heart; I am a little timid in doing things. But professional ability, and other aspects, are definitely better than too many peers. But this is exactly the result he needs. If there is someone behind the other party, it will not be so easy to control.

And what is even more commendable is that this kid did not forget his original intention; even if he became the secretary to the president of the Bank of Japan, he still chose to marry the girl who was his childhood sweetheart. This alone is difficult to achieve, but most people can't stand the temptation. After all, Miyagi Thirty-eight was not bad, and even among the Japanese who were generally low in height, he was still a big man.

Many well-off employees in the Bank of Japan have some interest in it. But he can remain unmoved, which is worthy of the girl's entrustment and trust.

Although marriage is a private matter, one can see one's character clearly.

Therefore, he wants to hear the opinion of the secretary. After investigating and tracking for so long, if there is no constructive opinion at all; then it is too disappointing.

Thirty-eight Miyagi also knew that the boss was testing him; and this was a question that he had to answer. Fortunately, after so many days of investigation and analysis, not to say that he is the person who knows Bao Zixuan the most in Japan, but it is similar. Moreover, in order to investigate some of Bao Zixuan's thoughts, he deliberately arranged the wedding honeymoon in Xiangjiang; of course, it was also to save money.

The trip to Xiangjiang still brought him a lot, and he thought it was worth it.

Thirty-eight Miyagi sorted out the language and said very seriously: "Currently, Bao Zixuan has two companies, the Black Cloud Group and the Blackstone Fund both have investments in Japan."

"The Blackstone Fund mainly invests in real estate and stocks in Japan, which is purely speculative. As for the most important asset of the Black Cloud Group, the Black Cloud Animation Company is headquartered in Japan; of course, the Black Cloud Group also has some real estate. And stocks, but the scale is much worse than the Blackstone fund.”

"And the real estate and stocks held by Heiyun Group are basically strategic investments; it is to improve the Heiyun industry chain. Therefore, I think the possibility of selling is unlikely. For example, Heiyun Automobile is the largest shareholder of Suzuki Motors. I think unless there is a Special circumstances; otherwise, Bao Zixuan would never sell the shares of Suzuki Motors."

"At the same time, Heiyun Bank also holds shares in several small and medium-sized Japanese banks. As long as it does not fully withdraw from the Japanese market, it is estimated that Bao Zixuan will not easily sell its shares."

"Although the Black Cloud Group has a lot of investments in Japan, it is relatively stable; it is basically the type that will not sell. Even though the Blackstone Fund has sold a lot of Japanese assets in the past year, the Black Cloud Group has only a few real estate properties; Outside of stocks in particularly important companies, there has been little action."

"But the Blackstone Fund is different. It has already started to sell properties in the core areas of Tokyo, giving people the feeling that it is preparing to withdraw from Japan. And its attitude is very firm, and the tens of billions of dollars have been cashed out is the best proof."

"The boss knows that my honeymoon was deliberately placed in Xiangjiang. The purpose is to have a comprehensive understanding of Bao Zixuan. Not only the Black Cloud Group, but also the Blackstone Fund! The world's richest man is all in control, except him There are no other shareholders at all. So as long as it is what he decides, the executives of both companies will implement it unconditionally.”

"Bao Zixuan did not invest a penny in the real estate business in Xiangjiang; of course, it is not accurate to say that, after all, the other party has built the Black Cloud Town project. But that is more like laying the foundation for the development of the company in the next hundred years, strictly speaking. It's not really an investment in real estate. He wasn't involved when other tycoons in Hong Kong were attacking the real estate industry."

"And it's not just Heiyun Group, but also another company under it; the same is true for Hutchison Whampoa, which has its own real estate business. It may be said that I don't like the real estate industry, but as a businessman, I should always like to make money! "

"In the past few years, the real estate business in Hong Kong has been very hot, even more than in Japan now. But the other party is still unmoved, indicating that they are not interested."

"As a native of Hong Kong, I have not invested much real estate in Hong Kong; would it be unrealistic to like to live in Tokyo. Then I can only explain that it is purely for making money; after all, as a foreigner, I will not really help Japan's economic development."

"Now that I see the Japanese real estate market, there is no profit to be made. And I say something bad, or some alarmist; Bao Zixuan has also been paying attention to the movements of the Bank of Japan and the government, and has long been preparing for the withdrawal of capital."

"I don't know if the boss noticed or not. It is precisely because you became the president of the Bank of Japan that the Blackstone Fund increased its efforts to sell its holdings. Because you have said more than once that you should cool down Japan's fast-rising property market and stock market."

"Bao Zixuan's investment in Japan is so huge, and his intelligence power will definitely not be bad. Maybe we will talk today, and he will know tomorrow. I have suspected that there are commercial spies inside the Japanese bank, but there is no evidence."

"Now that Bao Zixuan is here in person, I can take this opportunity to check it out. Of course, it all depends on the president's intentions. No matter what I do, I will resolutely implement it."

Hearing the analysis and opinions of his subordinates, Yasushi Mie was very pleased. It seems that this kid is still worthy of training, even during the honeymoon of the newlyweds, he is still thinking about work; this attitude alone is worthy of recognition, at least ordinary people can't do it.

Of course it also exposes its ambitions, but what does that matter. At present, apart from himself, he has no high branches to climb; if he has no ideas at all, it is really not worth cultivating. Don't be afraid of the ambitions of your subordinates, just see how you can control them.

When choosing a marriage partner, you have already given up some other things.

In fact, deep down in his heart, he also believed that Bao Zixuan would definitely reduce his holdings of Japanese real estate and stocks on a large scale. There is a Chinese proverb, eggs cannot be put in one basket; if you invest such a large amount in Japan, even if you have money, you will worry about losing your interests.

Moreover, people like Bao Zixuan have more investment channels than others; even compared with the Bank of Japan, they might as well give more.

There is no shortage of investment channels at all, and even countries around the world will welcome the investment of the richest man in the past.

But now many things are not ready, can it be announced directly? Then it is not trying to trap Bao Zixuan, but embarrassing the Japanese consortium and Wall Street capital. After all, compared to the Blackstone Fund, they are still actively buying stocks and real estate in Japanese companies.

Many of the properties and stocks that Bao Zixuan sold were taken over by them. Moreover, it is a foregone conclusion that the richest man will make money. After all, it is a matter of cashing out tens of billions of dollars; it is just a matter of earning more and earning less.

Even if the major consortia are notified now, it doesn't make much sense. They are all a group of gamblers, UU reading and already red-eyed, they will not listen to your advice at all.

In fact, after Yasushi Mie became the president of the Bank of Japan, the Blackstone Fund began to increase its efforts to sell real estate and stocks; it can only be said to be a coincidence. Through a series of complex financial operations, Shi Fund has too large assets in its hands.

If the Japanese property market and stock market collapse ahead of schedule, and the Black Cloud Group does not come to the rescue, the Blackstone Fund must not go bankrupt and liquidate. In order not to worry about funds in the future, the richest man Bao is making a huge gamble.

Now that you have obtained huge profits, there is no need to take risks. If it is known that Mie Noyasu has become the president of the Bank of Japan ahead of schedule, it is estimated that the sell-off plan will be advanced. Safety is the first, as for making more and less, it is not so important anymore.

Mie Yeyasu thought for a while and said, "Since there are distinguished guests coming to Japan, you must not turn a blind eye. In my name, you will send the next message to the richest man in the world."

"Inviting him to have dinner together the night after tomorrow is a little bit of the landlord's friendship."

Miyagi Thirty-Eight was still a little confused about the boss's sudden desire to meet with Bao Zixuan. Now that Bao Zixuan thought he was in the dark, wouldn't it be better. But the boss's orders must be unconditionally implemented; for this, I still know how to do it.

Besides, you will definitely not hide the things you know; don't ask about the things you don't want to say; the secretary must be conscious, otherwise it won't be long.

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