Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2516

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2516 Bloodbath

After he finished speaking, K7, who was wearing a headscarf, slowly walked out of the driver’s seat and communicated with the armed men.

Ye Jian, who was sitting in front, didn’t understand what he said. After he finished speaking, he took out another identification document. One of the people who stopped their jeeps walked out and took the identification document. After talking for a while, he took the identification document and walked to his team.

After some time, a burly man with a full beard walked out from the group of militants. He was holding a new submachine gun and pointed it at K7 as he spoke arrogantly.

The people in the jeeps couldn’t help but frown because of his attitude. Now, they were disguised as TV reporters and international friends who were helping the poor local people with supplies.


The document that K7 handed out was like a pass. The local militants wouldn’t make things difficult for him.

Ye Jian and the rest didn’t understand what was going on, but K7 did.

“I’m sorry, foreign friends. We want your cars and the things in them. I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t kill you. Hurry up and get lost!”

When his men heard his words, they shouted even louder.

K7 didn’t take them seriously at all. Although these people had good equipment in their hands, their movements made it obvious that they were… unfamiliar with using the equipment. They didn’t seem to use it often. It was as if they had just gotten it and hadn’t really learned how to use it.

Ye Jian noticed it too. She said in a low voice, “They must have snatched their equipment not long ago. I can smell blood in the air.”

“Really?” V8’s interest was piqued. He looked outside carefully and saw the problem. “It’s true! The two young men are stained with fresh blood.”

So it was a robbery. They felt more at ease.

G3, who was in the back, said indifferently through the earpiece, “They even dare to rob and shoot a regular army unit. What’s there to be happy about?”

That was right! This group of people even dared to kill and rob a regular army. Why were they happy?

Outside, K7 said calmly, “We’re just foreign reporters in charge of social interviews and foreign friends who are going to support poor children. We don’t have any bad intentions toward you. We don’t have anything valuable.”

The bearded man didn’t care about K7 at all. He had just massacred a military truck that drove over and snatched a bunch of useful weapons. He was full of confidence. He said to his men beside him, “The few of you go over and kick out the people in the jeeps. Remember, don’t destroy my jeeps.”

As soon as he finished speaking, five people walked toward the jeeps with guns.

K7 saw that there was no room for discussion. A vicious look flashed past his eyes. He placed his hands behind his back and used his right hand to make a hand gesture.

He was asking if there was anyone nearby.

Ye Jian, who was in charge of guarding the front car, replied, “No one.”

T6, who was on guard in the back, replied, “No one.”

How much time had they wasted here? Since there was no one around, K7 made a clear sign.

“Do you really want to do this?” K7 stood in the same spot without moving. There was no trace of fear in his voice. He told the other party calmly, “I believe that you’ll regret your decision.”

The bearded man, who was wearing a loose cotton robe, turned to his subordinates as if he had heard a joke. He laughed and said, “Listen, listen. Did you hear what this arrogant foreign friend said? Hahaha, isn’t it funny?”

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