Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3692 Another conflict

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This made Luo Chen frown slightly, because the eldest sister actually followed, and there was really no way to kill someone.

"You don't hate them, they bully you!" Luo Chen said.

"They're all people from Guixu. They don't hate them. They're just some meat. They weren't like this before." The eldest sister said.

"And it's not that the elder sister said that you killed someone just for a meal. This temper is really a bit violent." The elder sister said.

Luo Chen could tell that the eldest sister was not purely worried about Luo Chen causing trouble, and then provoked the pursuit of the Emperor's Ministry, but because the eldest sister was very kind in her heart, which was a kind of real kindness.

Not to mention the second sister, the second sister was even scared to see blood.

But Luo Chen was very puzzled at the moment, which one will be the queen, the eldest sister or the second sister?

Luo Chen was pulled in by the queen's crown, so this matter must have something to do with the queen.

It's just that Luo Chen really couldn't connect the eldest sister and second sister in front of him with the queen who ignored creatures.

Because at present, the eldest sister and the second sister are very kind.

This kind of kindness is not in disguise, it is kindness from the heart.

"Then you can't just be bullied like this?" Luo Chen asked back.

"It's okay, it's cruel for us to hunt the divine deer." The eldest sister said with a hint of guilt.

"When you are full, Eldest Sister will take you to find someone from the Ministry of Witchcraft." Eldest Sister said again.

"Yesterday, the Ministry of Pharmacy gave you a gentle face, aren't you angry?"

"Who would be angry if you ask someone to do something?" The eldest sister said with a smile.

This made Luo Chen look at the elder sister, who seemed to be really simple and kind.

"Don't go, the result should be the same." Luo Chen said.

If Ah Chen really offended the Human Emperor's Department, all the departments will be notified now, and they will not help the three siblings.

"You are still weak, don't always stand outside, go and rest." The eldest sister said.

Luo Chen frowned slightly at this moment, because this Ah Chen's body was indescribably weird, it was indeed very weak, or the strength in his body was almost gone, and now it was all supported by Luo Chen's own strength.

But this kind of power comes and goes, after all, Luo Chen was not so handy when he was controlling the Human Emperor's Arrow just now.

Luo Chen's eyes narrowed slightly, and then he looked at the second sister, who was packing some things at this time.

"Don't clean up in front of Ah Chen." The eldest sister looked at Luo Chen, and then at the second sister.

This is obviously planning to leave here.

The eldest sister said that because she was worried that Luo Chen would have opinions.

Luo Chen frowned slightly. At this moment, in Ah Chen's consciousness, there was indeed an extremely uncontrollable anger, and then there was an extremely difficult to reconcile and imagine aggrieved.

So Luo Chen looked at the eldest sister.

"If you don't want to leave, we won't leave. The eldest sister and the second sister have been following you and won't go anywhere. Don't be angry, okay?" The eldest sister was stared at by Luo Chen at the moment, and suddenly panicked.

"Let's go." Luo Chen forcibly suppressed the anger in Ah Chen's heart.

"Really?" The elder sister looked at Luo Chen in astonishment.

Luo Chen nodded. Although all this seemed inexplicable, Luo Chen knew that he was drawn into the past events of the First Era by the crown.

But Dust?

There will be no such person in later generations.

And actually had a conflict with the Emperor?

"Before you leave, eldest sister and second sister will accompany you to visit them." The eldest sister suggested.

Luo Chen was curious, so he nodded in agreement.

The eldest sister and the second sister led Luo Chen to the back mountain. Before he got close, Luo Chen saw that it was a barren **** with a large area!

The key is that the barren **** is full of graves!

There are no inscriptions, just small solitary mounds, probably more than 10,000.

Luo Chen looked at the scene in front of him, but didn't do anything.

"They are your brothers, brothers who were born and died with you. After that incident happened, they risked their lives to intercede, and exchanged the lives of thousands of people for your life."

"You said you wanted to stay with them, so Eldest Sister never dared to mention taking you away." Eldest Sister said.

The second sister showed a sad look.

"They all died because of me?" Luo Chen said, because the suppressed anger, anger, and aggrieved in his heart were impacting Luo Chen's heart like a wild beast.

The eldest sister and the second sister were silent.

Luo Chen stood for a while, then left directly.

This is like someone else's story, Luo Chen himself really doesn't have any sense of substitution.

But when Luo Chen returned home, the yard was already full of people standing inside and outside.

These people have high cultivation bases, all of them are at the quasi-king level, and there are even a pair of indifferent eyes looking at Luo Chen from above the sky.

That is a king!

His eyes were cold, overlooking everything.

"He just used the Emperor's Arrow again, everyone saw it and killed him."

"Kill him!" The man who snatched the meat before shouted instantly.

"The Human Emperor's Arrow is the Human Emperor's thought that you have made a lot of military exploits for the Human Emperor's Ministry, and finally left it for you to protect yourself!"

"It's not for you to threaten ordinary people!" The king Zhun, who was leading at the moment, said coldly.

"Give me a way out!" The elder sister suddenly appeared behind her.

"King Wen, Ah Chen knew he was wrong."

"Give him a way out!" The elder sister knelt on the ground as she spoke.

This King Wen is obviously not the King Wen of the later generations, but should be the King Wen of the first generation.

It's just that King Wen's cold eyes were colorless.

Surrounded by quasi-kings, at least tens of thousands, not to mention that Luo Chen couldn't completely control it at the moment, even if he could, it would be troublesome.

Because after all, there is still a King Wen.

"Give me a way out?" the leading Zhunwang said indifferently.

"How to give a way to survive?"

"I beg you, Achen, he has already repented and knows he was wrong." The elder sister knelt on the ground and prayed with her hands folded.

"You shouldn't stop me, just kill them and it won't matter." Luo Chen said indifferently.

Of course, Luo Chen didn't care about it completely at the moment, because this matter itself revealed a weirdness!

Just looking at the elder sister kneeling on the ground, Luo Chen still couldn't bear it.

"Ah Chen is just very angry. What he said was angry, not true. Please forgive him. He really knows that he is wrong." The eldest sister begged again.

And those quasi-kings looked at the elder sister and Luo Chen with indifference.

"You are sinners yourself!" The king was still indifferent, indifferent to the eldest sister's plea.

And Luo Chen frowned, the Human Emperor's Arrow was just about to take off, but with a whoosh, the Human Emperor's Arrow fell down instantly.

A stronger force controlled the Human Emperor's Arrow, making Luo Chen unable to control it directly. And the next moment, a golden decree fell, and Luo Chen was wrapped up tightly in an instant!

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