Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3691 Enmity with the Emperor

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After tidying up the wound, the eldest sister went to change another set of clothes, and then dragged her tired body to rest.

As for everything outside, Luo Chen knew clearly.

It was dawn soon, and Luo Chen smelled the smell of meat early in the morning.

After Luo Chen got up, he saw some meat hanging under the eaves outside the yard.

"Woke up so early?" The eldest sister looked at Luo Chen as if nothing had happened.

"Ah Chen, hurry up to eat, I came back too late last night, I guess you fell asleep, so I didn't wake you up." The eldest sister said.

The eldest sister seems to really care and love this younger brother, Dust.

But Luo Chen is not Ah Chen, Luo Chen knows this very well, but sometimes, Luo Chen's consciousness will be temporarily replaced by Ah Chen.

Then Ah Chen really believed it, he was not Luo Chen, he was Ah Chen, everything about Luo Chen was just a dream.

Xinzhou, Luo's father, Luo's mother, Zhang Xiaoman, Ye Shuangshuang, Lan Bei'er, and everyone and everything behind are all a dream.

In the dream, he was in that world, he was Luo Wuji, the Immortal Lord, he was very powerful, he was decisive in killing, he was very powerful, and he was leading the Era War.

But looking at the old wooden houses around here, looking at the hanging meat, and breathing the air here, everything is so real.

It seems that about Luo Chen and Luo Wuji are just illusory.

Luo Chen stretched out his hand and looked at the palm of his hand. There was some heat coming from the sun through the palm. This feeling was not fake.

The second sister had already put the food on the table, and Luo Chen was pulled over by the elder sister.

"Here, you may still grow your body and make up for it. The conditions here are definitely not as good as those in the Human Emperor's Department before, so you can make up for it." The eldest sister said.

"When you were in the Emperor's Department, you wanted to eat real dragons, kunpeng and phoenix. Now that we are not in the Emperor's Department, we can't hunt and kill those creatures at will," the elder sister comforted.

Because Luo Chen was looking at a piece of divine venison in the bowl.

In the end, Luo Chen picked up the lump of meat with chopsticks, put it in his mouth, and began to eat.

At the moment, the second sister and the eldest sister smiled slightly, as if they were very satisfied and happy.

But at this moment, the eldest sister suddenly frowned. The eldest sister is obviously not an ordinary person, and her strength is also very good. It's just that Luo Chen's consciousness led to deceive her last night, so she couldn't detect that Luo Chen was awake.

But at this moment, the elder sister noticed before the people outside the door approached.

"Ah Chen, don't come out." The eldest sister stood up, while the second sister looked at the eldest sister worriedly.

"It's okay." The eldest sister put down her chopsticks and walked out.

Just as the eldest sister stood at the gate of the yard, a group of people came outside the door. These people were all tall and strong, holding some knives, bows and arrows, etc. in their hands.

"It smells like meat in your house." The leading man said.

His strength is already close to the level of Tianzun.

The eldest sister's strength is actually competing to cross the eighth floor.

It stands to reason that although there are many opponents, they should not be the opponent of the eldest sister.

But this group of people is not afraid of the eldest sister at all, but the eldest sister seems a little nervous.

"The meat is hanging over there!" Another man said at this moment, there were more than a dozen of them, and their eyes were not friendly!

"Let's get the meat." The leading man said again.

"The meat is for you." After thinking for a while, the eldest sister was very decisive without any hesitation.

A dozen or so people together should not be the eldest sister's opponent, but at this moment the eldest sister backed down.

At this time, someone had already taken off the meat of the divine deer that the eldest sister hunted last night.

It's just that the leading man still seems a little dissatisfied.

Then he walked into the room at once, and saw Luo Chen and the second sister sitting there eating at a glance.

The second sister's expression suddenly became tense and flustered.

Luo Chen ate on his own.

"We also want the meat in the pot!" the leading man said.

After the eldest sister and Luo Chen went out yesterday, this group of people had already come here once. At that time, the second sister was cooking and just stewed meat.

As a result, this group of people not only robbed the meat hanging under the eaves, but also robbed the meat in the pot.

The second sister stewed meat last night, but it was taken away, so the second sister can only cook some other wild vegetables.

The second sister was a little flustered, because one of them had already walked towards a cauldron in the kitchen.

"You're taking a step, die!" Luo Chen said indifferently. Although he was a little dazed, Luo Chen's consciousness still took over again.

These words made the face of the eldest sister outside the door change.

The leading man sneered, looked at Luo Chen, and completely ignored Luo Chen's warning.

At this time, the elder sister's face changed suddenly.

call out!

The Emperor's Arrow shot out instantly under Luo Chen's consciousness, piercing the head man's forehead.

Just clang!

Human Emperor's arrow stopped again, because the elder sister blocked the leading man.

"Ah Chen, let them go, it's just some meat, there's no need to kill them."

"Smelly bitch!" Although the leading man broke out in cold sweat from the fright, he grabbed the eldest sister's neck from behind.

"Come on, if you kill me, I'll drag your sister to die together, and don't look at what I'm doing now?"

"You still think that you are the adopted son of the Emperor?"

"Can you kill whoever you want?"

"Now you are just a rat crossing the street that everyone shouts and beats. The Emperor has crippled you once. If you dare to do anything again, the Emperor will kill you immediately!" the man threatened.

This made Luo Chen frowned.

I probably guessed why the eldest sister was a little worried, and why she went to the pharmacy yesterday not only did the other party not come out to see her, but she even made things difficult for them.

It turned out that he had an enmity with the Emperor.

"Ah Chen, stop it." The eldest sister persuaded.

call out.

Renhuang's arrow flew back and landed on the pile of firewood.


"Or die!" Luo Chen was very indifferent.

"You use the Human Emperor's Arrow again, the Human Emperor's Department must know about it, and they will come to you soon."

"You have nowhere to go!" The leading man put down his harsh words and walked out.

"Ah Chen, don't get angry, it's okay, it's okay, it's just some meat, the eldest sister will beat you when I get out later." The eldest sister comforted again.

"I have an enmity with the Human Emperor's Department?" Luo Chen asked. "No, that's not your fault. You just want to protect your sister. It's okay. It's all over. If the Human Emperor's Department comes to find us, we will leave Guixu and go to other places. The world is so big, there will always be us." able to accommodate

The place! "The elder sister said optimistically.

"Let's eat. You don't need to hunt anymore. I don't like meat." Luo Chen put down his chopsticks and walked out. Luo Chen still wanted to kill this group of people, but as soon as he came out, the elder sister followed.

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