Pushing Down the Male God Strategy - Chapter 346 season finale

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It's a little strange, isn't it cleared every time, why does it still exist this time? I called the system.

But just a property panel appeared in front of me.

Name: Lin Xixi

Appearance: 80

Body: 70

Charm: 100

Stamina: 100

Intelligence: 100

Points: 5000

Attribute points: 20 Skills: top kitchen god, pear flower with rain

Some doubts, before she finished speaking, the property panel refreshed automatically.

Property panel refresh

Name: Lin Xixi

Appearance: 100

Body: 100

Charm: 100

Stamina: 100

Intelligence: 100

Points: 0

Attribute points: 0 Skills: top kitchen god, pear flower with rain

"Host, your tasks have been completed, and the remaining points will be used as the cost of waking up from the outside world."

Before she could react, the whole person lost consciousness.

When she woke up again, she found herself in the hospital.

It suddenly occurred to me. By the way, she was coming out of the company at the time, and then she had a car accident.

Later, she made a deal with a man and traveled to each time and space to perform tasks.

Think about it, I think it's too unreal, maybe it's my own dream.

Thinking firmly nodded, yes, it must be like this, it must be because I just woke up so my mind is a little unclear.

At this moment, Ye Mingyu walked in from outside and saw her waking up, her face was full of surprises, "Xixi, you are awake, it's great."

After saying that, he checked her quickly.

"No problem. In fact, you should have woken up a long time ago, but I don’t know why, you always don’t wake up. Now it’s all right, I’m relieved."

"Brother Mingyu, Yangyang, why didn't I see him." Lin Xixi asked anxiously.

"Oh, don't worry, do you know? You have been in a coma for two years, Yang Yang has been cured after treatment, and now you have gone to school."

"What, it's cured, that's really great." Lin Xixi said with a smile on her face.

"Thank you so much, Brother Mingyu, I don't know how to thank you."

Ye Mingyu smiled, "Don't thank me, if you really want to thank me, just take care of yourself."

A few days later, Lin Xixi was discharged from the hospital and returned home, and then began to clean up, and then took a good rest for a while and started working.

But I don't know why, no matter how she gets busy, she always feels that something is missing, but she doesn't know what it is.

And the strange thing is that every night she dreams of a very enchanting man.

She thought, it wasn't because she hadn't been in a relationship for a long time, so she was like that. Then should she go find a boyfriend?

It is also possible that you are pushing yourself too tight, you should go out and relax, so you plan to go out shopping, just take a rest at night when you are tired, so as not to have those messy dreams.

Walking on the street, stopped at the door of an antique shop.

I was murmured in my heart. When did an antique shop open here, and it was still on the street selling snacks, it seemed weird, but curiosity drove her in.

After entering, I saw an old man who was over sixties sitting in front of the counter with reading glasses.

Seeing her, the old man smiled, "Just look at it and tell me what you like."

Lin Xixi nodded with a smile, and then began to stroll around. There were not many things in this antique shop, but they were all very delicate and beautiful, including Zhu Chai and bronze mirrors.

Suddenly, she saw something, raised her hand and took it, staring at the fox ornament in her hand without blinking, and smiled.

"This ornament is so strange, there is a peach hanging from the neck of the fox." It's really fun.

The old man also smiled.

"Don't underestimate this ornament, this ornament is antique, and there is a beautiful love story." So he told her the story.

But this gave Lin Xixi a huge shock. Isn't this story often appearing in her previous dreams, she was a little weird in her heart, she had never heard this story before.

"Girl, take it away if you like it. This decoration is not expensive, because my things are only sold to people who are destined." The old man said with a smile in his eyes.

It made her feel good and believed his words, and then she bought it in a ghostly manner.

In the evening, I took the decoration and looked at it again, "It's really weird." Why does this decoration always give her a familiar feeling.

In the end, she couldn't think of anything, so she shook her head and said, "Forget it, go to sleep." Then he put the ornaments on the bedside.

However, just after she fell asleep, the fox ornament on the bedside was strangely bright, shining with purple light, but after a while, she was calm again.

But at this time, Lin Xixi's dream was not calm at all, and countless images flashed that made her suffer from a splitting headache, and finally couldn't help but wake up.

But those memories came like a tide.

Suddenly opened his eyes, his face was filled with disbelief, "Actually, they are all true, Mo Ziran, Mo Liuqi, Xixi, Lin Xixi!"

"These are all true!" How unbelievable all this is, but it is actually true.

Her mind is a little confused.

At this moment, the fox decoration next to her lit up, and made a sound that made her very familiar, "Silly girl, I thought you would never remember it in your life!"

Lin Xixi was startled first, then turned her head to look at the fox decoration on the bedside table, and asked a little uncertainly, "This, what is this, you, you are Mo Liuzheng."

It is impossible for her to forget his voice.

Mo Liuzheng chuckled a few times, "Well, it's my girl."

"There is some strength left by me."

"Sorry, my peach, I never remembered it, but after leaving, I suddenly remembered our past life."

"You wait for me, I will come to you soon."

"Wait, wait, Liu Qi, where are you now?" Lin Xixi asked nervously.

"Haha, don't worry, I will be here soon, and wait for me obediently." After speaking, the fox decorations lost their voice, and it was useless for Lin Xixi to shout anyway.

She couldn't figure out what was real.

He said he came back to find her, is it true? He couldn't help whispering, "Ziran, flow..."

A few days later, as soon as she came downstairs, she saw a handsome man driving a black car with a global limited edition and parked downstairs in her house.

People are watching him all the way.

Suddenly, the man walked over to her, a little smile appeared on the face of the evildoer, "Girl, I'll take you home."

This man, I really don’t know what to say, with his hands around his chest, and with a smile in his eyes, he asked, "Should I call you dye brother, or call you a fox?"

He took her hand, "Of course you like it, you can call it whatever you want, my little peach."

She also never thought that she was actually a peach demon in her previous life, or a peach, which is really unique enough, "Liou, are you now?"

Facing her suspicious eyes, Mo Liuzheng smiled slightly, his eyes filled with unprecedented satisfaction, "I have spent thousands of years of cultivation, just to find you."

"Everything is worth it, because I love you."

In the previous life, he said too little, and he regretted it, so in this life he had to say it every day, saying she was tired, and she didn't stop talking about her annoyance.

"Now I am the president of the Mo Group. From now on, I will be responsible for raising the family. You will be beautiful and beautiful, how about my brother-in-law who is responsible for eating, drinking, and having fun?"

Lin Xixi couldn't help but laughed out loud, "Hehe, you will say, I haven't agreed yet, I'll talk about it when you reach the guide."

Don't let him taste the taste of chasing people, how do you know how tired she was at the beginning.

But my heart is full of unprecedented happiness. This man who has spent thousands of years of cultivation for her is worthy of her love.

She said that Mo Liuzheng had no objection at all, yeah, she had been chasing him all her life.

The last task is to attack him again, what's wrong with chasing her for him in this life.

In other words, I really should be grateful to the system, because the last task was so arranged, otherwise they might not be able to recall their previous lives.

No, it is not so much to thank the system, as it is to thank God.

Smiled slightly, "Okay, I will chase you from now on."

(End of full text)

(The last strategy was modified by the system. The real two people had Liu Yuyan in their previous lives, but in the end it was not just a cannon fodder with Mo Ziran. The heroine didn’t know when she went to the strategy, so the memory the system gave her is the last Mo Ziran is with Liu Yuyan to help her complete the task and awaken her memory.)

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