Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7074 . No one talks too much to explain!

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Chapter 7074

Shangguan Hao, Tian Lao also came down and stood beside Su Ruoxi, not knowing what Su Ruoxi was going to do!

And just now they remembered that there seemed to be no open space on this mountain!

What did Bai Sakura do just now? There is such a large open space?

Bai Ying stood beside Su Ruoxi, and no one explained much!

Shangguan Hao and Tian Lao had no choice but to focus on Su Ruoxi's hands!

Only then did they see clearly what Su Ruoxi put on the open space, and what Su Ruoxi kept playing with in the afternoon, what they thought was a toy before!

Now I can see it clearly, it looks like a small box!

It seems that it was specially refined, and then the small box that was thrown on the ground by Su Ruoxi slowly grew bigger under the influence of Su Ruoxi's thoughts!

When it became completely big, Shangguan Hao and Tian Lao were a little surprised!

It turned out to be a space artifact. They are no strangers to this kind of space artifact, and Su Ruoxi gave them several very delicate space courtyards!

It's just that this one in front of them is a bit too simple compared to what they have in their hands!

This spatial artifact was actually just a small courtyard. Apart from the gate in front of them, there was a spacious courtyard inside, and then a row of ordinary rooms!

There is only a row of houses facing the door, and there are more than 20 doors in a row of houses. You can see from the distance that each room is not very big!

Shouldn't Xi'er refine this to put debris?

Because there was a gate blocking it, Shangguan Hao and Tian Lao were also accustomed to it. They didn't use their spiritual sense to see it, but they could only vaguely see what was inside with the naked eye!

"Let's go, let's go inside!" After Su Ruoxi finished speaking, she pushed the door and walked in first!

Shangguan Hao and Tian Lao are at the end!

After the four people entered, the door closed directly!

Until Su Ruoxi and Bai Ying walked to the left side of the yard, there were several chairs, and Bai Ying sat down beside Su Ruoxi!

However, Shangguan Hao and Tian Lao were stunned!

They didn't expect that after entering, there were more than 100 corpses lying on the ground in the small courtyard, and then they found out that they were not corpses.

And these more than 100 people, they are very familiar with the clothes on their bodies, it turned out to be the clothes of the Shangguan family!

Could it be that Xi'er stared at Xuanyuan Wentian's face that night and brought them back?

Shangguan Hao and Tian Lao thought of this at the same time!

"Uncle, Mr. Tian, ​​sit down first!" Su Ruoxi looked at the dumbfounded two and said.

"Oh, okay. Elder Tian, ​​let's go and sit!" Shangguan Hao replied.

Then, he took Tian Lao and sat near Su Ruoxi!

But the eyes of the two were still looking at the people on the ground, and they found that although these people were dressed in ordinary clothes, they all looked very healthy, but there were a few young people who were a little embarrassed!

Tian Lao didn't feel anything, just doubted in his heart!

But Shangguan Hao was different. Shangguan Hao soon found out that these people have a strong taste of medicinal herbs, and these people should have stayed with medicinal herbs for a long time!

Otherwise, it is impossible to have such a strong taste of medicinal herbs on the body!

There were even seven old men lying on the ground with their faces on the far side. The dan incense on their bodies was particularly strong.

In addition, Shangguan Hao felt that the grades of those alchemists should not be low, and the fragrance of the pills was pure and rich, which is not something that can be found in alchemy all year round.

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