Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 6507 . Qiu Lao (4)

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Chapter 6507

As long as Elder Qiu can protect his people, even if he asks him to help find Qiu's family and take care of one or two, Su Ruoxi will agree!

Old Qiu didn't understand Su Ruoxi's thoughts, but he was very satisfied with Su Ruoxi's attitude. Su Ruoxi is not like an ordinary genius, so arrogant and arrogant!

When facing him, Su Ruoxi was very polite. Old Qiu could see that Su Ruoxi really respected him. Maybe it was someone who Su Ruoxi wanted to protect her as best he could, but Old Qiu didn't feel disgusted at all. !

Even if Su Ruoxi was very rude to him, he would not be perfunctory when he promised Jiang Alliance Leader, not to mention that when he came here, he was shocked to find that he could not see through Su Ruoxi's strength!

But Su Ruoxi's temperament and breath give Qiu Lao's feeling, Su Ruoxi is definitely not just an alchemy genius, but a weak person, when he sees Su Ruoxi bringing someone to see him, Su Ruoxi intentionally exposes Qiu Lao was shocked when he came out with the first-order strength of the Lord God!

Only after talking to Su Ruoxi so much, I really want to befriend Su Ruoxi!

In Qiu Lao's opinion, Su Ruoxi will definitely ascend to the Central Sky Territory faster than him!

After all, Su Ruoxi's bone age is there, and a first-order main **** who is less than a hundred years old is simply a monster!

If such a person doesn't get along quickly, is he a fool?

Therefore, even if there is no love from the leader of Jiang, he will try his best to protect Su Ruoxi's people and Danlou's!

Qiu Lao wanted to live closer to Su Ruoxi, but he didn't expect Su Ruoxi to arrange herself in her courtyard, so Qiu Lao was in a better mood!

Qiu Lao chose a room on the left, and only after entering did he secretly marvel at Su Ruoxi's intentions!

From the outside, Su Ruoxi's small courtyard is not very big. The door of the courtyard is directly opposite to the row of rooms where Su Ruoxi lives. There are five rooms in total, and there are also five rooms on the left and right sides!

Qiu Lao chose a room on the left side, because when Su Ruoxi asked him to choose a room, Qiu Lao found that the door of a room on the right was open, and it seemed to be the kitchen, so Qiu Lao chose the left side!

But after entering, Qiu Lao found out that Su Ruoxi clearly deliberately opened the door on the right to let him choose the room on the left!

Looking from the outside, Qiu Lao only chose the next room, but when he entered, he found that the room on the left was just one room, and only two of the other four doors outside were real, and the other three doors were decorations. That's it!

Because Qiu Lao's room is too big, there is a living room after entering, which is a place to receive guests. The tables and chairs are well decorated, and the decoration is very elegant and chic, which is the simple style that Qiu Lao likes!

Further inside is a training room. It is not big, but it is enough for three or four people to practice in it at the same time. Especially in the training room, there is a spirit gathering array. Just put in the spar and it can be activated!

Su Ruoxi added spar in the formation. When Qiu Lao went in, he felt a strong spiritual power coming towards him. There was a jade slip and a storage ring on the low table in the training room!

Qiu Lao picked up the jade slip and looked at it. Inside was the description of the activation of the cultivation array left by Su Ruoxi. There were a lot of spar in the ring, enough for Qiu Lao to use it for a thousand years!

Qiu Lao looked at the ring in his hand and was stunned for a long time!

He has no heirs or apprentices in his life. When he was young, when his parents were still there, his talent and strength could only be regarded as slightly better in the Qiu family!

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