Pick Up The Invincible World Attributes at the Start - Chapter 936 Wudi level Tiangang puppet

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At this moment, Yuying Bingdi is completely like a little sister next door. After doing a good deed, after being praised by her brother, her happy eyes narrowed into slits.

Luo Fan shook his head, ignoring Yuying Bingdi's reaction, and immediately looked around.

When he was outside, Luo Fan had already checked some things inside.

It is found that there are only some simple buildings near the entrance of Medicine Immortal Valley.

Every building is far away.

There is a lot of open space next to it.

Judging from the situation of the open space, it should be all medicine fields.

Now that the Tiangang puppet guarding the gate has been resolved, and after finally entering here, Luo Fan determined that these open spaces are indeed medicine fields.

Only now, there are no herbs in it.

Compared with the fact that he had obtained a lot of spiritual plants outside the entrance of Medicine Immortal Valley before, he actually entered the Medicine Immortal Valley without any gain.

If it was before.

Luo Fan still wonders why.

But now, he clearly understood why.

It must be that when the people from the Frost Holy Land came over, they dug up all the spiritual plants in the medicine field here!

"Are you iron roosters? The wild goose has plucked its hair? Nothing is left!"

Standing next to the medicine field, Luo Fan asked dumbfoundedly.

"Who made Medicine Immortal Valley, there is nothing!"

Yuying Bingdi smiled embarrassingly and explained:

"At the beginning, in order to find Medicine Immortal Valley, we also paid a great price for Frost Holy Land. Who knew that after finding it, it turned out to be like this, we must be dissatisfied! We took all the useful things we saw. In this way, our final loss is also hundreds of billions of spirit stones!"

"Isn't it! You didn't say that Medicine Immortal Valley was considered a top-level force in the ancient world. How could there be nothing left?"

Luo Fan asked curiously.

"It can only be said that it is a relatively powerful force, not a top-level strength. Compared with Yantian Sect, Medicine Immortal Valley is still too far behind. As for nothing left, I guess it is because when the people of Medicine Immortal Valley left, they Something's gone. Either..."

Yuying Bingdi raised her eyebrows, her eyes flashing with a cold light:

"Before our Frost Holy Land came here, someone had already found this ruin and took all the contents away!"

"If you say that, I think it's still possible!"

Luo Fan raised his brows and couldn't help but nodded.

"We speculated at the beginning, and this possibility is indeed the greatest. But the problem is that we also spent a little time looking for it later, but we found nothing, which is very strange!"

Yuying Bingdi explained.

"Didn't your Emperor Wu find out?"


Yuying Bingdi nodded and frowned:

"This was where we were particularly puzzled at the time. Who was so powerful that he could take away all the things here before we found it. Later we thought about it, and I'm afraid there are only a few other people who can do this. It’s a holy place! But they will definitely not admit this kind of thing, so we don’t bother to ask!”


Hearing what Yuying Bingdi said, Luo Fan knew that it was almost impossible to know something about Yaoxiangu from Yuying Bingdi's mouth.

However, Luo Fan didn't care too much.

His sight was placed near the surrounding buildings and in the empty medicine fields.

You can still see some attribute bubbles exist.

The number is not too small.

According to the fact that the more attribute bubbles, the fewer attributes dropped, if Luo Fan can still pick up the attribute bubbles dropped by a cultivator from Emperor Wu now.

The number of attribute bubbles here is definitely not less.

A pity, no pity!

In Medicine Immortal Valley, the attribute bubbles that drop are still dominated by elements.

Among them, there are quite a lot of green wood elements.

Although it is still a long way from the 50 million green wood elements that raised the Qinghong Spirit Mouse to the eighth rank.

But Luo Fan did not have any dissatisfaction.

Mosquito legs are meat no matter how small they are.

Add up.

Always get a lot.

Yuying Bingdi watched Luo Fan leisurely wander around the entire empty medicine field, and then walked around the buildings around the medicine field.

There was a look of doubt on his face.

She had no idea what Luo Fan was doing.

Yan Shuiqing has seen Luo Fan too many times, such an inexplicable picture of turning around somewhere.

Until now, she didn't know what Luo Fan was doing.

But because I'm used to it.

The expression seemed very calm.

"Pavillion Master Yan, what is Luo Fan doing?"

Yuying Bingdi's out of the corner of her eyes noticed Yan Shuiqing's expression, so calm and calm, she couldn't help her curiosity and asked secretly.

"I do not know either!"

Yan Shuiqing replied as a matter of course.

"Aren't you curious?"

Yuying Bingdi didn't understand why Yan Shuiqing's reaction was so flat.

"Why are you curious, Luo Fan will tell me what I should know, and what I shouldn't know, he won't tell me, and I won't ask."

Yan Shuiqing answered simply.


Hearing Yan Shuiqing say this, Yuying Bingdi suddenly felt that she seemed to be educated.

Use her own thoughts to understand Yan Shuiqing's words, that is, the meddling of special meows, does it have anything to do with you?

"The Lord of the Smoke Pavilion taught me that!"

Yuying Bingdi silently nodded at Yan Shuiqing, showing a wry smile, and shouted at Luo Fan:

"Friend Luo, speaking of this place, there are actually some good things!"


Hearing Yuying Bingdi's words, Luo Fan, who happened to pick up the nearby attribute bubbles, immediately returned to Yuying Bingdi's side and asked curiously.

"In the valley over there, there was an array there before, but the level was not high. In addition, after a long time, the array seems to have been damaged. After we forcibly destroyed it, we found a tree inside. !"

Yuying Ice Emperor replied.

"a tree?"

Luo Fan was stunned for a while, and looked in the direction of Yuying Bingdi's finger.

at once.

In an inconspicuous place, he saw a group of Tiangang puppets standing like statues.

There were a dozen or so in number.

After being reminded by the system, Luo Fan discovered that one of the Tiangang puppets had a 7-star Wushen, and the others were all 3-stars of the Wushen, adding up to a total of nineteen.

"My dear, this Medicine Immortal Valley is not simple, isn't it? There are so many puppets in the Martial God Realm alone?"

Luo Fan was speechless.

"I remember that at the beginning, I seemed to have discovered the Tiangang puppet at the level of Emperor Wu, and it was destroyed by several of our Emperor Wu together!"

When Yuying Bingdi heard Luo Fan's words, she couldn't help laughing, with a hint of bragging and pride on her face.

It turned out that there was something that shocked you, President Luo! !

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