Opening Reward 100 Million Lives - Chapter 2412 Meet the Emperor again

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With this sword, Jiang Cheng didn't use all his strength and did not cause real damage to Zhirucheng.

However, the momentum was astonishingly loud.

The whole city almost jumped because of this sword, and the aftermath of the shock caused dumplings to fall from the void, and many flying immortals fell.

Fortunately, Brother Cheng is very particular about his work, so he just shook and didn't hurt anyone.

After wielding this sword, he flashed back to the same place and hid himself deeply.

"what are you doing?"

Miao Yu was almost mad at him.

"Knowing that what we want is concealment, you still make such a big noise, on purpose?"

Jiang Cheng smiled and nodded.

"Of course it was intentional."

At this time, the entire Zhiru City was turned into porridge because of the sword just now.

"Enemy attack!"

"what's the situation?"

Although there are immortals in the city, no one dares to take action here without authorization.

What's more, Jiang Cheng's sword is already the power of ordinary saints. For most people, it is the power of heaven that can easily destroy themselves.

"Did Luoxiandian call you?"

"No, there's another war? Then I have to get out of here quickly."

"It shouldn't be a big attack..."

The discussion filled the whole city, and I don't know how many people flew into the sky, and some people were panicked like headless flies.

No way, in the war between the two sides, the death rate was too high.

Ninety-nine percent of the immortals in the city were not qualified to fight because of their weak strength.

Once you are involved in that level of war, it is up to you to decide whether you can survive until tomorrow.

In the Tianliu Hall, a team of priests and guards also rushed out.

This is not only the front line, but also the central area of ​​the front line, so they can't help but pay attention.

Looking at the partial gods who were waiting in a strict line, and then looking around the city that was surrounded by iron barrels in the distance, Miao Yu, who was still a little broken, suddenly calmed down.

She is a smart person after all, and she already understood Jiang Cheng's intention at this time.

"Are you going to lure Emperor Lin out?"

"That's right, since it's not convenient for us to go in quietly, let her come out."

When Jiang Cheng's voice fell, Emperor Lin really came out.

But what came out was not the body, but a projection.

Despite this, the prestige of the righteous **** is still above everyone present, causing countless immortals to bow their heads and dare not look directly.

Emperor Lin scanned the city and quickly swept past Miao Yu, Ji Linghan and Jiang Cheng.

This made the elder brother very dissatisfied.

Miao Yu and Ji Linghan changed their appearances, it's normal that you didn't recognize them immediately.

I'm what I really am, and you actually ignored me?

As a righteous god, can you be a little more professional?

As a last resort, he could only release a trace of divine soul and take the initiative to explore the projection of Emperor Lin.

At the moment when the two sides contacted, Emperor Lin finally found him.


Perhaps because she was too shocked, she almost blurted out on the spot and called out Brother Cheng's name.

"How did you come?"

Her voice transmission soon took on anger.

"Even if you want to attack the Shinto League, you shouldn't choose me, right?"

"You misunderstood. I have something important to discuss with you, but it is inconvenient for others to see."

The next moment, Emperor Lin directly ordered those divine envoys under his command to come out in full force to search for "infiltrating enemies" in the tens of billions of miles around Zhirucheng.

There is nothing wrong with this order. After all, they have not found any suspicious enemies in the city, so of course they have to go out of the city to continue their search.

And when all the divine envoys under his command were transferred out, the Tianliu Palace finally became empty.

With the cooperation of Emperor Lin himself, Jiang Cheng, Ji Linghan, and Miao Yu finally successfully teleported in.

In a secluded side hall, the three finally saw the body of Emperor Lin.

"I didn't think it would be so difficult to see you now."

As soon as he sat down, Brother Cheng spat out.

Emperor Lin looked at Ji Linghan and Miao Yu who had returned to their original colors, and his eyes were finally locked on Jiang Cheng.

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"What are you doing here?"

"If you want to persuade me to switch to Luoxian Temple, then you can avoid opening your mouth."

As a righteous god, her position is naturally on the side of the Shinto Alliance.

If she joins the Falling Immortal Hall, even if she wins in the future, there is no place for her to stand.

"you misunderstood."

"I came here to help you."


Emperor Lin didn't believe that he would be so kind.

"What's the matter, are you planning to abandon the darkness and cast the light, and take Feixianmen to the Shinto Alliance?"

Brother Cheng pouted, "If you let me be the leader of the alliance, I can consider it."

"Okay, I don't mind."

"You don't have an opinion, other righteous gods will have an opinion."

"No no no."

Emperor Lin shook his finger and said meaningfully: "They won't have any opinions. If you can come to be the leader, everyone will be eager."

Miao Yu and Ji Linghan originally thought they were just talking nonsense, but when they heard this, they were slightly taken aback.

Because Emperor Lin doesn't seem to be joking.

Jiang Cheng was also surprised.

"It turns out that my brother's prestige is so high that all the righteous gods are happy?"

Emperor Lin nodded with a smile.

"Yeah, what everyone expects, do you want to think about it?"

Brother Cheng felt that her smile was full of anticipation, two points of temptation, and seven points of ill will.

This woman must be calculating herself.

Moreover, he could not have been the leader of the Shinto League.

"Forget it, let's talk business."

Seeing that he no longer mentioned the matter of the alliance leader, Emperor Lin was quite disappointed.

"What else can you do?"

"The transaction."

Brother Cheng shook his brows, "You know, brother is also a businessman."


Emperor Lin laughed directly.

"Are you still a businessman?"

She has been with Jiang Cheng longer than most people, so how could she not understand his style.

"Okay, what do you want to trade?"

"I want to trade a lot of things, but I heard that you are being stared at by the Shinto Alliance, which is becoming more and more inconvenient, so I came over to take a look."

"Look at it? Look at what?"

Jiang Cheng said: "Look who is preventing you from trading."

Emperor Lin smiled with interest.

"And then? How can you see it?"

"Fix it when you see it."

Emperor Lin finally heard his intentions.

So her expression became a little weird.

"You actually plan to come over to lift my trading ban?"

She wanted to say, UU reading www. Have you forgotten your enemy's identity?

In any case, this is also an internal matter of our Shinto League. It's a bit outrageous for you to intervene?

"Any questions?"

Jiang Cheng shrugged, "The transaction is for both sides. They forbid you to trade, and they also block our Feixianmen's fortune."

"Cutting people's wealth is like killing one's parents, I have no reason to care."

In the face of this powerful reason, Emperor Lin suddenly found that he could not refute at all.

She stood up slowly.

"Actually, it's not other temples that stop us."

"It's the sanctuary."

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