Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 960 - Fatal Genetic Flaw!

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Chapter 960: Fatal Genetic Flaw!

Ever since he found out that the Turan people were divided into professional warriors and military nobles who belonged to the clan, as well as the rat people who had been expelled from the clan, these two classes had been divided.

Meng Chao had been thinking about the differences between warriors and rat people.

In his previous life, although he had come into contact with some Turan people, at that time, he was just a chess piece who could not help himself. All he wanted was to obtain power, find his sister, and… survive.

In that muddle-headed life, his biggest impression of the Turan people was that they were a bunch of idiots with well-developed limbs and simple minds. When they charged into battle together, they were quite suitable as meat shields, but most of the time, they were not good enough, they were existences that could do more than harm.

In this life, he had grasped a higher level of wisdom and power, so he could observe and analyze the Turan civilization more calmly. Meng Chao soon discovered more clues.

At first, he thought that the rat people and warriors were distinguished by their bloodlines.

However, he soon discovered that after thousands of years and hundreds of generations of mixed-blood, 99% of the rat people now had very thin bloodlines that originated from the ratfolk.

For example, Leaf did not have any characteristics of the ratfolk at all. He was just a big boy with slightly thicker hair.

Moreover, the clans didn’t reject mixed-blood.

Through the Blood Bestowing Ceremony, even the lowliest rat-people were qualified to join the clans and pass on their bloodline and characteristics.

Such customs and habits made many warriors, like the rat-people, look weird.

They were obviously wild boar people, but they had huge horns on their heads.

They were obviously elephant people, but other than their thick and long trunks, they had sharp claws that looked like tigers and leopards.

If Ice Storm, this female leopard, was willing, she could join the Blood Hoof Clan at any time.

Once she married a Turan, the offspring she gave birth to would naturally have the characteristics of a cat. However, they could also be considered Turan!

Meng Chao also learned from Leaf that the elders of the clan did not care much about their own offspring. In fact, they were very strict.

According to the rules of the Turan nobles, it was not a problem for warriors to have dozens or even hundreds of illegitimate children when they mixed with the rat people.

However, these illegitimate children did not have the status of a clan at birth.

They could only enjoy the treatment of ordinary rat people—at most, they were treated as domestic rats.

Unless they could go through the coming of age ceremony of the clan.

Otherwise, even if their father was the leader of the settlement, the priest of the temple, or even the chief of the clan, they would live a shameful life as rats.

And their leader, priest, and chief father would never look at them.

It sounded like the difference between warriors and rats was purely based on power.

However, what determined the difference between warriors and rats?

Meng Chao didn’t believe in the nonsense of “glorious bloodline” and “lowly bloodline.”

At first, he thought that it was because the warriors of the clan and the military aristocrats had been able to get sufficient food and cultivation resources since they were young.

The odds of the descendants of the humble families in Dragon City becoming extraordinary were far lower than those of the wealthy families.

Was it because the descendants of the humble families were born stupid, lazy, and even had genetic defects?

As the saying went, “Poor scholars are rich in martial arts.” This logic was the same in the Turan civilization.

However, just now, when Leaf and the others were chased around by the rat servants of the Ironhide Clan, Meng Chao had a flash of inspiration and suddenly realized the biggest difference between warriors and rats!

The so-called advanced orcs were the products of genetic modification.

This point was without a doubt.

It was impossible for natural evolution to evolve into a “human-shaped carbon-based intelligent life form” that carried the characteristics of lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, and wild boars on the body of a human. It was such a strange species.

However, genetic modification was not easy.

Cross-species fusion was not as easy as it was imagined.

Even if the fusion was forced, it would not be able to display great combat strength. It would only be a deformed and ugly waste…

How many times must one fail in order to fuse the ferocity of a lion with the sharpness of a falcon to create a brand-new species named griffin?

And if one wanted to transfer the characteristics of a griffin to a human and create a “griffin-man” with wings on its back that allowed it to fly freely, fight fiercely on land, and possess the intelligence and logical thinking abilities of an ordinary human, the probability of failure would be increased by a hundred times, it would probably be magnified a hundred times more.

Meng Chao did not know who had created the ancestors of the Turan people.

Based on the military buildings of the Turan civilization and the super plants that could support a civilization such as the mandrake tree, the ancestors of the Turan people who were created in the beginning, the so-called “ancestral spirits,” were all the products of the super biochemical technology, they were all the crystallization of the super biochemical technology.

The first lion people, tiger people, leopard people, Turan, wild boar people, and elephant people were the ultimate killing machines that had been refined and perfected to the point that human organs were perfectly compatible with the organs of wild beasts.

However, it was just like how the once glorious Turan civilization gradually declined and deteriorated to the age of clan after thousands of years.

When the original “ultimate killing machine” was passed down for dozens of generations and hundreds of generations, the uncertainty hidden in the depths of their genes finally erupted.

Even the most perfect and accurate “genetic blueprint” would gradually become blurred and unrecognizable after dozens or hundreds of copies.

Moreover, due to famine, wars, marriages, and various other reasons, many hybrids were born between different tribes and clans.

Each hybrid was equivalent to an uncontrollable gene fusion experiment.

According to Meng Chao’s observation in the hidden fog domain, 99% of the results of uncontrollable gene fusion in such a wild environment were not that wonderful.

The result of a hybrid between a leopard and a wild elephant was not necessarily the birth of a super warrior who had the agility of a cheetah and the strength of a giant elephant.

It was more likely that he would give birth to a waste who had fat all over his body, could not run, and was far weaker than a pure-blooded wild elephant man.

Such a waste had the slender bones of a leopard man and the heavy flesh of a wild elephant man. As long as he stood up, it was very likely that he would be crushed by his own weight.

The Turan people must have realized this problem during the gradual decline of their civilization.

Their way of dealing with this problem was also very simple and crude.

Since there was a 99% chance that they would give birth to deformed and ugly monsters, then they would give birth to a hundred of them in one go.

Anyway, there were plenty of mandrake fruits.

They could survive no matter how many they gave birth to.

At least, that was the case for the elders of the clan.

As a result, the elders of the clan would often choose a spouse from the same clan and give birth to a few pure-blooded descendants to ensure the stability of their genes.

Then, they would let go of themselves and find all sorts of strange rats or members of other clans to have fun, giving birth to more and more strange descendants.

If he was lucky, the descendants would inherit the advantages of both parents, and there wouldn’t be any problems of incompatibility. Such descendants would be absorbed into the clan through the coming of age ceremony.

The rest of the trash that failed to fuse with the gene would be expelled from the clan and become rat people.

That’s right, this was the truth!

Warriors and nobles were the lucky ones that succeeded in gene production!

The rat people were the waste products of gene production failures!

Meng Chao felt that this conjecture was much more reliable than the so-called “because they fled on the battlefield and sullied the reputation of the Turan warriors, they were dismissed as cowards like rats.”

This was precisely because there was not much difference between warriors and rat people in terms of gene sources.

The rat people’s extremely unstable gene pool merged with each other. There was also a small chance of avoiding all the gene defects and giving birth to powerful descendants.

Just like the product of inbreeding, it could cause mental and physical defects.

But it could also give birth to a genius with extraordinary intelligence.

Meng Chao felt that Leaf was such a genius.

He was the lucky one who succeeded after 99 failed gene modulation.

He perfectly avoided all the genetic defects, incompatibility, and instability.

He was even closer to the original appearance of the Turan people.

As for the domestic rat soldiers of the Ironhide Clan…

No matter how much they used their power to be arrogant and domineering…

They were still rat people.

They also had fatal genetic defects!

“They are too strong.”

Quickly organizing his thoughts in his mind, and once again confirming his own thoughts, Meng Chao said calmly, “These domestic rat soldiers, imitating their masters, each piled at least three or five hundred pounds of flesh and blood on their bodies, as if they were wild boars standing on their heads.

“Besides, the Ironhide Clan is known as the ‘skin of steel.’ If I’m not wrong, the trace metals in their bodies are far more than those of other families. A lot of these metals are concentrated on their skin, which is equivalent to putting on an indestructible armor.

“At the same time that their defense ability has been greatly improved, the burden on their body, especially on their lower limbs, has also been greatly increased.

“If it’s through the coming of age ceremony or the Blood Bestowing Ceremony, it’s certainly not a problem for the real members of the Ironhide Clan. Their genes… their racial talents, as well as the gold fruits and the flesh of the totem beasts that they devoured in large quantities, have allowed them to have sufficiently solid joints that can bear the weight of hundreds or even thousands of pounds to carry out an unstoppable charge.

“But these… naturally crippled domestic rat soldiers… Hehe, they don’t have such strong joints and tendons, yet they still dare to imitate their master and build muscles on their own bodies without thinking?

“They are simply courting death!

“The more muscles they have, the faster they will die!

“Leaf, Spider, did you notice that although these domestic rat soldiers are aggressive and can break through an iron wall if they raise their speed, they can only sprint in a straight line. It is difficult for them to change direction and speed up in a small area. In fact, after they miss you, they still have to run dozens of arms before they can slow down and stop?

“Also, when the farce was over, all the people on our side were breathing evenly without any change in their expressions, but these guys who seemed to have the upper hand and were full of prestige were all panting and sweating. Many of their legs were beginning to tremble slightly?”

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