My Sister is a Bit Ruthless - Chapter 665 sleep like a pig

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  Chapter 665 Sleeping into a piggy

   "Wait for me!" Seeing Xia Chongchong leading Leng Yuanyuan away, that's okay, Leng Tiantian hurriedly followed, and grabbed the corner of Mr. Xia's clothes tightly, never wanting to let go.

  The little eyes are full of frightened light. Leng Yuanyuan's abnormality brought Leng Tiantian's mind back to a year ago in an instant.

  The big golden retriever also wagged his tail and followed behind Chongchong.

  Xia Chongchong has a small baby on the left and right sides of his small body, followed by a big baby with a long tail. He suddenly became the king of the four treasures.

  The special mission made him calmer and calmer than in the tunnel.

  He stroked the quilt on the bed and said to Yuanyuan, "Yuanyuan needs to take a rest. Although this bed is simple, the quilt looks soft and clean."

   "I'm going to catch the bad guys. I seemed to see my father when I was in the water yesterday." Yuanyuan looked extremely tired, but there was a will in her bones to support her body and not let her lie down.

"Yuanyuan, please rest for a while to recover your strength. I promise you, I will pick out the bad guys for you soon." Xia Chongchong looked at his little friend who was almost bewildered by the idea of ​​catching the murderer of his father. , Be careful, my heart is full of distress and sadness, but there is a gentle smile on my face.

   "Okay." Yuanyuan nodded obediently.

   She is so tired.

   "Shouldn't we take her to the hospital?" Leng Tiantian tugged at Xia Chongchong's ear and asked in a low voice.

  Xia Chongchong said: "If you can open the door, I will obey you."

   "Hey, is the door locked?"

"My guess."

"Let's go take a look. What if it's not locked?" Leng Tiantian didn't give up. She felt that sending Yuanyuan to the hospital was the only wise choice. If it was later, Yuanyuan's life might be in danger, or her brain might be Burn Erha's IQ.

   "Go and see for yourself."

"I can not."

   "Didn't you practice sandbags to take the heroic route with the sturdy sister Yu? With this little talent, how can you become a heroine in the future?"

"Ahem...I'll go and have a look." I don't know if it was Xia Chongchong's provocative method that worked, or Yuanyuan's life was at stake, Leng Tiantian managed to muster up the courage to run to the door, unscrewed the handle and pulled the door, It turned out that the door was locked.

   "Ah, it turns out that Uncle Sunglasses is a bad guy." Leng Tiantian fled the door like lightning and went back to the bedroom, and saw Leng Yuanyuan lying under the blanket.

  Xiao Yuanyuan closed her eyes tightly, sleeping like a little pig.

   Even the big golden retriever has become a dead dog.

   Both Da Bao and Xiao Bao snored slightly.

  The exhaustion of traveling all the way, and encountering the natural storms and the dangers of the world, has long since exhausted the mental and physical strength of several babies.

   It's not just Xiao Yuanyuan and Jin Mao who are sleepy and tired, but also Xiao Tiantian and Xiao Chongchong.

  But because of fear, tension and worry, Britney forgot to be sleepy.

   "Uh, fell asleep..." Leng Tiantian pulled the corner of the quilt for Yuanyuan, she knew that even if she threw Leng Yuanyuan into the river to feed the shrimps, Leng Yuanyuan would not wake up.

Xia Chongchong yawned, bent down to look for something in the bedside table, and said to Tiantian while looking for something: "Why don't you go and rest for a while, in case of an emergency, you will have the physical strength to deal with it. "

   "Where can I sleep? Is this a place to sleep?... Uncle Sunglasses must be a bad guy, otherwise why would he lock us up?"

"Maybe it was to protect us. If he really wanted to kill us, we would have died several times. Wouldn't it be a more perfect modus operandi to throw us in the river to feed the fish...Aha," Xia Chongchong suddenly brightened, He actually grinned, and there was an extra cardboard box in his hand, "I found it."

   "Find what, you are still laughing! I am almost dying of anxiety." Leng Tiantian gave Xia Chongchong a hard look.

  Xia Chongchong pulled out a sheet from the carton by magic, and then tore off the transparent protective film on the sheet, "I hope this thing can cool down Yuanyuan's body temperature."

"So it's the antipyretic patch." Leng Tiantian stretched out her thin neck to look at it, her eyes narrowed into a line, and she smiled with her small mouth open, "Congchong, you are so smart, how do you know that Uncle Sunglasses' house Will there be these things?"

"The life of a rich man is very valuable. If he lives alone, he will prepare some commonly used medicines. I often had a fever when I was a child, and my brother has these things around." Xia Chongchong gently and carefully pasted the antipyretic patch on Leng Yuanyuan on her forehead, "It's a pity that Yuanyuan should drink some water before going to sleep."

"You don't even check if that thing has expired or not? What if it expires?" Leng Tiantian picked up the medicine box from the bed cabinet, looked at the expiration date, and said in a fuss, "Oops, oh, rip it off, it's expired." A few days."

   As she spoke, she raised her hand to pull the cooling patch on Leng Yuanyuan's forehead.

   "Don't move, don't move," Xia Chongchong pulled Xiao Tiantian's claws, "It's fine for a few days, even if it's dozens of days past the expiration date, you have to let Yuanyuan try it. The medicine is almost ineffective, but at least it gives people some hope."

   "Congchong, is there something wrong with Yuanyuan's head? I'm so scared."

   "Don't worry, Yuanyuan may be too tired, plus she has a fever, it might be better to take a rest to cool down." Xia Chongchong looked at Leng Yuanyuan's red face, and responded to Xiao Tiantian gently and calmly.

   Xia Chongchong didn't know what happened to Leng Yuanyuan, but he knew that Leng Tiantian couldn't be nervous at this time.

  When he said that, he was definitely comforting Tiantian, so why not comfort himself?

   "You'd better take a nap for a while. Among us, you are the strongest. If you encounter bad guys, you will be the main force in fighting." Xia Chongchong persuaded Leng Tiantian half-jokingly and half-seriously.

"how about you?"

   "One person has to stay awake." Xia Chongchong responded indifferently. Although he also needs to rest at this time, he will definitely not fall asleep while Yuanyuan, Tiantian and the baby are resting.

  The strange place and the complicated situation cannot allow him to take it lightly; what's more, some useful information is faintly revealed between the lines in the sunglasses diary, and Xiao Chongchong wants to get more valuable information before the uncle in the sunglasses returns.

  Little Tiantian jumped onto the bed, unceremoniously squeezed the golden retriever away, rubbed against Xiao Yuanyuan's side, hugged Leng Yuanyuan's round arm, and fell asleep peacefully.

  The Golden Retriever screensaver appeared on the computer table, and the sky outside the window was already bright.

Xia Chongchong used his index finger and thumb to prop up his eyelids that were about to close, pinched his little arm fiercely, and looked at Leng Yuanyuan, Leng Tiantian and Da Jinmao who were already sleeping soundly, lightly Walk to the bedside table on the other side to continue the treasure hunt.

  In the open drawer, Chongchong accidentally found a bottle of Fengyoujing. Her little paw immediately unscrewed the bottle cap, and wiped some Fengyoujing on her temples. The pungent smell immediately restored Xia Chongchong's spirit.

   At the same time, another electronic product caught Xiao Chongchong's eyes.

   Hey, walkie-talkie!

  (end of this chapter)

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