My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1251 - Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (I)

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Chapter 1251: Chapter 1251 Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (I)

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Third Young Master Ye was looking at Tang Zhixi. When he heard Chu Wuyou’s words, he was slightly shocked. He thought that Chu Wuyou had misunderstood, so without thinking, he subconsciously said, “No, it’s not cute at all.”

God knows how Third Young Master Ye had said these words against his conscience. When he said these words, his conscience hurt.

Chu Wuyou. “…”

Secretary Liu. “…”

President, when you said those words, did your conscience not hurt? The little princess is clearly so cute. How can you lie with your eyes wide open?

Even if it is to coax Madam, you can not belittle the little princess like that!!!

Tang Zhixi, who had not walked far, stopped in her tracks. She turned around and glared fiercely at Third Young Master Ye before quickly leaving. This time, her short legs moved exceptionally fast.

The bad father actually said that she was not cute. He said that she was not cute at all. Her glass heart was shattered, completely shattered!!!

She wanted to find her older brother. She did not want her father anymore. Only her older brother was the closest to her.

Seeing how her darling daughter was about to explode, Chu Wuyou knew that her darling daughter must be very angry. Very angry.

Chu Wuyou turned around and looked at Third Young Master Ye. Her eyes were clearly filled with anger. He actually dared to say that her Darling Zhixi was not cute?

He actually dared to make her Darling Zhixi angry?

It was simply unforgivable!!!

She originally wanted to help him gain a good impression in front of her two darlings. It was fine if he did not cherish it, but he actually angered her darling..

At this moment, Chu Wuyou did not know how to describe her feelings.

“What’s wrong?” Third Young Master Ye looked into her eyes that were filled with anger and was momentarily stunned. What’s wrong?

Why was she suddenly angry?

Did she not believe his words?

Third Young Master Ye thought of the matter of her being unable to give birth, afraid that this matter would affect her mood.

“You know, I don’t like children.” Third Young Master Ye Thought for a moment and then added, “I actually hate children.”

Third Young Master Ye was afraid that she would misunderstand and not believe him, so he specially emphasized it.

In Third Young Master Ye’s eyes, nothing was more important than his wife.

Of course, Third Young Master Ye’s words were also against his conscience. His conscience was really hurting.

At this moment, Tang Zhixi had already walked quite a distance away, but she still heard Third Young Master Ye’s words. Her small body clearly stiffened, and she immediately ran.

Boohoo, so sad, so sad!!!

Qin Yutong also heard Third Young Master Ye’s words, and the corner of her lips could not help but twitch violently. Third Young Master Ye, even the heavens ca not save you with your suicidal actions, really!!!

At this moment, Chu Wuyou’s heart felt like it was trampled by millions of grass mud horses. Third Young Master Ye, you’re really amazing!!!

“Aren’t you going to buy things? Come, I’ll accompany you.” Third Young Master Ye was still thinking about Chu Wuyou’s theory that men spent money for women, so Third Young Master Ye still wanted to accompany Chu Wuyou to buy things!!!

Chu Wuyou looked at him and secretly gasped in her heart. His heart was really big. He had angered his own son and daughter to the point that they had left, and he still had the mood to go shopping?!

“I’m not going.” Chu Wuyou glared at him, then turned around and wanted to leave. She wanted to comfort her darlings. Originally, she only needed to comfort one, but now she needed to comfort two.

So, she did not have time to go shopping with him, and she was not in the mood to accompany him!

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