Mr. Lu’s Little Pitiful - Chapter 806 Extra complete

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After Gu Yongye's hum, Gu Qiushuang's joy of meeting his fellow countrymen in another country flooded in his heart, and the fear of him somehow disappeared.

Even when Gu Yongye offered to send her off, she only hesitated for two seconds before nodding in agreement.

Then Gu Qiushuang was surprised to find that Gu Yongye actually... lived next door to her.

So the two exchanged names and began to have a relationship.

Two hearts destined to come together, even though Gu Yongye restrained herself repeatedly, she was slowly out of control.

In fact, it was Gu Qiushuang's first confession.

She is a girl who dares to love and hate, so after learning her own mind and feeling that Gu Yongye also has a good impression of herself, she decisively confessed.

Gu Yongye... Of course there is no reason to refuse.

On the family's side, there was Gu Yongchen who had already taken Yang Xi to his side, and Gu Yongye simply stayed in the ancient city of Lang to accompany Gu Qiushuang.

Soon after, Gu Qiushuang found out that she was pregnant.

Gu Yongye was ecstatic, because he knew that it was their daughter who came!

This time, no one can hurt his wife and daughter, and his thoughts will grow up in a happy and healthy family!

Gu Qiushuang asked for leave, and went back to Country Z to see Gu Yuan with Gu Yongye.

This was the first time that Gu Qiushuang returned to China after going to J country to study against Gu Yuan's meaning.

Originally, Gu Yuan was still very happy, but when he saw his daughter brought a man back, he said he was going to get married!

This is just nonsense! Gu Yuan certainly disagrees.

But after learning that his daughter was pregnant, Gu Yuan was silent.

Although he was very reluctant in his heart, Gu Yuan reluctantly agreed to their marriage.

Gu Yongye and Gu Qiushuang had a wedding in China, and they went to J country again because they had to continue their studies.

Gu Yuan also followed because he was worried about his daughter.

Eight months later, Gu Qiushuang gave birth to a healthy daughter, named Gu Niannian.

Gu Yuan, who had never looked good at Gu Yongye for a long time, finally saw him pleasing to his eyes when he heard Gu Yongye teaches Xiao Niannian who could only hum and call him grandfather.

Three years later, Gu Qiushuang finished his studies, and Gu Yongye took his wife, daughter, and father-in-law back to Z and settled in the capital.

Not long after I settled down, there were guests visiting my new home.

The visitors were a family of three, Lu Shengmin and his wife and eight-year-old Lu Jinyan.

Three years ago, when Gu Yongye was accompanying Gu Qiushuang to give birth, he took the time to take care of his former son-in-law Lu Jinyan and his former father-in-law, who were far away in the capital of State Z.

When the father and son were just kidnapped, he rescued the people, called the police, caught Li Lianghui, and handed the evidence to Old Man Lu.

Elder Lu was furious and divorced Ye Lan directly.

Afterwards, Lu Shengmin approached Gu Yongye to express his gratitude, and that was how he had contact with the Gu family.

So after learning that Gu Yongye's family had returned to China, Lu Shengmin came with his wife and children.

Although the eight-year-old Lu Jinyan seemed to be weaker than the children of the same age because it was a premature baby, he was not guilty of being kidnapped, so he could recover his health after raising him.

He was dressed in a small suit specially by his mother today, and his cheeks with some fleshy cheeks can already see the handsomeness in the future. He is a little bun that people will love when they see it.

The three-year-old Gu Niannian's round apricot eyes lit up as soon as she saw Xiao Jinyan.

She immediately stepped on her short legs and hugged Xiao Jinyan with her fleshy hands.

Seeing Xiao Jinyan, who was cried out by her three-year-old daughter holding her thigh, "Brother, you look so good! Brother hugged", Gu Yongye had a premonition of "not good" in her heart.

And this hunch became true after 15 years when Gu Niannian took Lu Jinyan, who had already graduated from university and took over the Shengshi Group, back home as soon as the college entrance examination was over and said that the two were dating!

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