Monkey Sun Is My Younger Brother - Chapter 1769 sinister snake

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   Chapter 1769 Insidious Snake

  Cixian has already started to retire at this moment.

   Mode 1 can't solve the problem, Mode 2 can't handle the body function.

   Turning on Mode 2 is equivalent to directly activating the deed on the body.

  A Snake licked his lips and took the initiative to attack Ci Xian.

   Ci Xian's body technique still exploded.

  But A Snake doesn't confront Ci Xian head-on at all, he just uses ninjutsu to disgust people from a distance.

   As soon as Cixian approached, Ah Snake immediately used Shinra Tianzheng to shake Cixian away.

Although   Stab has not turned on mode 2, even in mode 1, he cannot continue to fight.

   This is because Ci Xian's body was originally a waste material.

  Otsutsuki Ichishi was seriously injured and had no choice but to choose Cixian.

  Go out was attacked by Kaguya Otsutsuki, and his whole body equipment was destroyed, and his level was also destroyed.

   He had no choice, either to die, or to draw material nearby.

   As a result, Ci Xian entered his field of vision.

   A body without any qualifications.

   Endured the double torture of Otsutsuki for a thousand years, both mentally and physically.

   has now reached its limit.

   It can be said that Ci Xian's body is dying fast now.

   Even if you do nothing, you will gradually weaken and age in the next ten years.

   And Ah Snake is now forcing Ci Xian to make a choice.

   To be precise, Ci Xian did not have the power to choose.

  If he could die in peace, he wouldn't have survived for a thousand years.

   Powerful taijutsu also brings a huge burden on the body.

   Ci Xian stepped back quickly, he had to make a decision now.

   Escape, or turn on mode 2.

  Cixian finally made a choice.

  Leave the green hills without worrying about no firewood, run, must run.

   Find the place in the future.

   A black hole appeared behind Ci Xian.

   This is his escape skill. In fact, all space-related skills that can be teleported can be called magic skills.

   For example, the technique of flying thunder god.

   Of course, it was the only time he used it to escape.

   A small number of Otsutsugi clan have their own starting ball space.

   For example, Otsutsuki Kaguya, and Otsutsuki Ichishi.

   All have their own personal space.

   As long as you run into your own space, it is absolutely safe.

  Cixian took a step back.

  Suddenly, A Snake rushed forward.

   First, a Shinra Tianzheng slammed Ci Xian into the black hole.

   Immediately after, Ah She himself chased in.

   Well, sometimes the escape skills are not very safe.

  Especially when the enemy knows this skill.

  Cixian and A Snake came to a wasteland full of rocks.

   This is the starting ball space of Ci Xian.

   Because he did not embark on the path of evolution.

   So his starter space is barren.

   And his own ten tails have always been in juveniles.

  Cixian's face became even more ugly when he saw Ah She rushing into his starting ball space.

   "It looks like you have chosen a good cemetery for yourself." Ah She admired her surroundings.

   At this moment, black energy began to rise from Ci Xian's body.

  Cixian's forehead and back of head began to grow horns.

   "No, this is the cemetery I prepared for you." Ci Xian said coldly.

  A Snake forced him to turn on Mode 2.

   Can borrow 50% of the power of the Otsutsuki Ishiki body.

   His current idea is to get rid of A Snake as quickly as possible.

   Then stabilize your body.

  A Snake felt the pressure from Ci Xian.

   At this time, Ci Xian's body was covered with black lines, and even his pupils turned black.

   "Come on." Ci Xian hooked his fingers.

   But at this moment, A Snake suddenly turned his head and ran away.

  What a joke, he didn't come to fight with Ci Xian.

   At this time, Ci Xian knew that he was not easy to mess with.

  Shabi was just in front of him.

  Cixian looked at the back of A Snake running away, so handsome...

  What a handsome ass, what kind of **** is this?

   Never seen such a cheap one.

   Where does this happen?

  Cixian immediately chased after Ah Snake.

   quickly caught up with Ah Snake, condensed a black stick in his hand and shot it towards Ah Snake.

  A Snake turned around and it was a shock of Shen Luo Tianzheng.

  The black stick can only be condensed and mastered by those who possess the power of all things.

   is somewhat similar to Qiu Daoyu.

   Of course, it is not as lethal as Qiu Daoyu.

   But it can seal the enemy's chakra.

  Cixian threw out another huge black pot.

   is also the product of the power of all things, and it is simply a fool-like super seal.

   Even if the sixth-level is covered by this black pot, he must kneel.

   Naruto in fairy mode has eaten this black pot.


  A Snake didn't have time to dodge, and was instantly covered by the black pot.

  Cixian breathed a sigh of relief.

   finally solved.

  Cixian slowly put away Mode 2, then knelt on the ground, vomiting blood.

   His body was on the verge of collapse.

  Suddenly, a chill came.

   Ci Xian's body didn't have time to react.

   A hand has passed through Ci Xian's chest from behind.

   Ci Xian turned his head back in astonishment.

   When he saw Ah Snake, his face was full of surprise.

   "It's impossible... how could you..."

   Ah She's eyes were tightly closed, but his face was full of pride.

   "Are you surprised? It's just a substitute technique."

   "It's impossible, I clearly feel yours on that body..."

   "Is my pupil strength? It's normal, I put the Samsara Eye on the substitute." Ah She said.

  Cixian never thought that A Snake would make such a big sacrifice.

  A Snake smiled: "In order to get you hooked, this sacrifice is worth it, and as long as you are resolved, those eyes will still return to my hands."

  Cixian gritted his teeth and looked at Ah She: "You **** bastard!"

  The deed on Ci Xian broke out again, but this time it covered his whole body.

  A Snake quickly stepped back with a smile on his face.

   Although he couldn't see it, he could feel that Ci Xian had activated Qi, the real activation.

  The black lines on Ci Xian's body completely wrapped him.

   The next moment, the real Otsutsuki comes back to life.

  The complete Otsutsuki family, the complete Otsutsuki power.

   There is no middleman to make the difference.

   For the next three days, Otsutsuki will be able to move freely.

  Freely release his power without any restrictions, he can love freedom uninhibitedly.

   Of course, after three days, the coffin will be covered.

   "Now, I see your death."

  Otsutsuki's left eye is a white eye, and his right eye is Mizhi's eye.

   This is a variation of the white eye, with a special pupil technique, little known as Vigana.

   can make all inanimate objects bigger or smaller.

   A living object cannot do it except himself.

   This ability is very buggy. It can be said that if he has infinite pupil power, he can even smash the enemy with a mountain.

   Ah Snake's face was not very good, he lost two reincarnation eyes, but Ah Snake's senses were very clear.

   The powerful Otsutsuki in front of him made him a little creepy.

  Is this the real power of the Otsutsuki clan?

   is completely immeasurably powerful.

  Otsutsuki pointed at Ah Snake with his palm: "Die!"

   (end of this chapter)

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