Monkey Sun Is My Younger Brother - Chapter 1768 habitual death

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   Chapter 1768 Habitual Death

  Jin Si looked left and right here, looking for something valuable.

   Don't break it, after all, he can't afford it.

   Or put it away first, so as not to waste it.

   As for A Snake, that is the kind of heart that stares in front of him with sincerity.

  To be honest, the Ci Xian in front of him couldn't see anything special except that his hairstyle was slightly brilliant.

  Cixian is also looking at Jin Si and A Snake.

   But after he glanced at Jinsi, he lost interest, rookie.

   took a few more glances at Ah Snake.

   "You, very good." Ci Xian generously praised Ah Snake.

   "What about me?" Jin Si looked at Ci Xian expectantly.

  Cixian looked at Jin Si again, frowned slightly, then turned to look at Ah She: "Is he your entourage?"

  A Snake grinned: "Your eyesight is a bit poor, Your Excellency Otsutsuki, can't you see that we are both dominated by him."

   Ci Xian was stunned for a moment, then stared at Jin Si again.

   watched for a long time, and finally frowned: "Are you sure you're not kidding me? He's just an ordinary person."

  A Snake shook his head and said in disappointment, "I'm really disappointed, Dignified Tsutsutsuki can't see through his depth."

   "This is normal. For a man as mysterious as me, of course he can't see it. Only women can see my connotation and charm."

  Cixian pointed at Jin Si and lightly tapped between his fingers.

  Jin Si and A She instantly felt a sense of oppression.

  Jin Si stood there with a look of indifference.

  A Snake resisted this sense of oppression, but his face was not struggling or frightened, but excited.

  Cixian finally looked directly at Jin Si this time.

  A snake who was valued by him only barely resisted his power.

   But Jin Si was indifferent.

  Kim whistled.

  Cixian had a black stick in his hand and shot at Jin Si.

  Jin Si stretched out his hand to pick it up, but the black stick penetrated Jin Si's palm, passed through Jin Si's chest, flew out Jin Si's belt, and finally stuck it on the pillar.

   "Ah...A want to avenge me...avenge" Jin Si tilted his head and died again.

  A Snake glanced at Jin Si, his face expressionless.

   Does this dog thing have to be played first?

  A snake will not believe Jin Si's performance even if he thinks with his ass.

   Although he acted very realistically.

  But Ah She knows that Jin Si has worked as an actor.

  A Snake has seen a movie played by Jin Si.

   The dark head he played is a classic screen image.

   In terms of acting, he should be the best in the ninja world, no one.

   Ci Xian frowned, and made two more black sticks in his hand to shoot at Jin Si.


  Jin Si didn't move.

  Cixian then believed that Jin Si was really dead.

   is really strange, it looks ordinary, but it can easily face its own power.

   But dying is so easy.

   really made Ci Xian not understand.

  Cixian looked at the snake in front of him: "It's your turn!"

   Suddenly, Ci Xian turned into a terrifying whirlwind and attacked Ah Snake.

  A snake saw a flower in front of him, and Ci Xian kicked his whole body away.

   bang bang bang——

   smashed several stone pillars in a row, and then stopped.


  A snake spit out a mouthful of old blood.

   This body art is too scary!

   kicked his body to the point of collapse.

  Although I heard Jin Si say that Ci Xian is scary.

   But he didn't expect that even taijutsu could be so terrifying.

   How strong is Ci Xian's physical skills?

   Can fight Naruto and Sasuke at the same time.

   And it is Sasuke who has turned on the nine-horn mode and completely Susanoo.

   One kick smashed his entire body, Susanoo, and one punch knocked out Naruto's nine-horn mode.

   is almost at the level of Bamenkai.

   And this is him in the first state where only the deed is used.

  Only Otsutsuki is 20% stronger.

  Cixian appeared in front of Ah Snake again.

   But in the next instant, a repulsive force swept in.

  Cixian's body was knocked out.

  A Snake stood up again, and his injuries have fully recovered.

   moved his body.

   "It's so dangerous, I almost died here."

  Cixian ate a snake's Shinra Tianzheng at close range.

   But he didn't show any signs of injury, and looked at Ah Snake in surprise.

   "I finally understand why you have the courage to challenge me, but I am very curious, where are your eyes from, their pupil power makes me feel very strange."

  Cixian generally knows who in the ninja world has the eye of reincarnation.

   But even if he scoured the entire ninja world, he couldn't remember who was the owner of these eyes.

   This kind of unfamiliar pupil power made him confused.

  A Snake shook his head: "No, you don't understand, my courage doesn't come from my eyes."

   Shadow Serpent! The shadow at Cixian's feet suddenly turned into a snake's mouth and bit towards Cixian.

   Ci Xian jumped away immediately.

   Vientiane Tianyin!

  Shen Luo Tianzheng!

  A Snake unabashedly released the big move of the two Samsara eyes.

  Cixian also suffered a lot under these two moves.

   But after Ah Snake's set, he was stunned that he didn't break the string of defense.

   Even Shinra Tianzheng can't hurt Ci Xian in the slightest.

   "What a tough opponent." A Snake said in distress.

   This was the first time he was so helpless against an opponent.

   Even if he used the reincarnation eye that he was proud of.

  Cixian patted the dust on his body: "For me, you are also a difficult opponent."

  Cixian felt that the snake was difficult to deal with because he had to deal with the attack of the snake with all his heart.

   He didn't want to be beaten by A Snake in the second stage.

   Even at the first stage he is already putting a great burden on his body.

   Once he used the second stage, his body was almost bound to collapse.

   This is the consequence of inappropriate deeds.

   cannot fully accommodate the power of the body.

The more    power is used, the greater the burden on the body.

  Especially this body is already reaching its limit.

   This is also what Ci Xian is most worried about now.

   He wasn't ready for a perfect deed.

   At present, the experimental products of the research deed container led by Amado are all defective products.

   Once he now this body collapses.

   Then he will automatically open the Otsutsuki form.

   This also means that he only has three days to live.

   Within three days, he must change to a body with a deed.

   Otherwise, you have to kneel directly.

   However, with the current state, it is difficult for him to cause fatal damage to Ah Snake.

   This is a headache.

   But it also fits the character of A Snake.

  A snake belongs to the existence that will give him a headache if he faces it.

   "If you don't use the second mode, I'm afraid it will be difficult for you to beat me." Ah She looked at Ci Xian with a smile.

  Cixian's expression couldn't help changing, he had never used Qi's second mode in front of outsiders.

  Why would A Snake know?

   "Surprising, isn't it?" A She had a confident smile on her face.

   It seems that the information given by Jin Si is really very accurate.

   (end of this chapter)

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