Military Technology - v3 Chapter 2323 Fried Sauce Noodle House

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【Military Technology】【】

For manufacturers, this order is undoubtedly a good start, and it can be regarded as a market. And Haoyu Technology is using it for publicity. For example, this car will attract the attention of some other people and enterprises. In this way, they can take advantage of the trend to win this market.

Wu Hao naturally knows what the boss of this manufacturer is thinking, but it doesn't matter, it's just a personal favor.

With the hasty demonstration of the last weapon and equipment, the entire field demonstration of weapons and equipment is over. After sending the leaders away, Wu Hao and the others are also preparing to leave.

However, he couldn't walk away because Li Weiguo and Luo Kai stopped him. Wu Hao certainly understood the intentions of several people, but he certainly wouldn't take the initiative to say it.

As for these people, they also got on Wu Hao's official car with a smile. Li Weiguo directly reported an address to the driver, and then turned to Wu Hao and the others and explained with a smile: "Let's go, it's all about this. Now, I'll invite you to dinner, there's a good miscellaneous sauce noodle restaurant not far from here, I used to eat here when I was working here, and the taste is very authentic."

Oh, everyone laughed when they heard that they were inviting guests to eat miscellaneous sauce noodles. Luo Kai couldn't help laughing at Li Weiguo and teased: "I said Li Suo, you are a great leader anyway, so please invite us to eat miscellaneous sauce noodles, this is too shabby."

If the miscellaneous sauce noodles are smashed, is the miscellaneous sauce noodles not a delicacy? There is no distinction between high and low food, only the people who like it are different. Li Weiguo first retorted at Luo Kai, and then said with a smile to the crowd: "Besides, the old restaurant I took you to belongs to the kind of small restaurant that only people in the old capital know about, and most people really can't find it. Here goes.


Li Weiguo looked at Wu Hao, and then said to Luo Kai: "I'm a salary man, so I don't have much money. It's good to invite you to eat a bowl of miscellaneous sauce noodles, so be content. If you want to eat mountain delicacies, it's simple. , look for Xiao Wu, he is a billionaire."

Hearing that Li Weiguo brought the fire to himself, Wu Hao said with a black thread on his forehead: "Why did you bring the words to me? It's easy if everyone wants to eat. Come to our company, we can handle the delicacies of the mountains and seas."

Hahaha, this kid is starting to dig people unscrupulously now, and the few of us are also capable of digging. Li Weiguo pointed his finger at him and scolded him with a smile, and several other people in the car also laughed.

Xiao Wu, the weapons and equipment you displayed this time are all very eye-catching. Li Weiguo and Luo Kai looked at each other and then changed the subject.

When he came, Wu Hao smiled bitterly in his heart, and then said: "Actually, it's nothing, just some ordinary weapons and equipment. There are many weapons and equipment in this demonstration, and they all performed very well. We are not conspicuous among them."

Look, this kid is pretending to be a lake with a few of us. Meng Changbo pointed his finger at him and scolded him with a laugh, and then said: "Although there are many weapons and equipment in this demonstration, as long as the people on the scene are not blind, everyone can see that these weapons and equipment are compared to what you have shown. Several models are a lot worse, it can be said that in this exhibition, you have already won a faint victory."

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【Military Technology】【】

You are too kind. Wu Hao replied with a smile.

As for Li Weiguo, he said angrily at him: "You are still hiding from us, what happened to the laser intelligent self-defense interception system today, did it suddenly appear?"

Oh, it is a weapon and equipment developed by us. Besides, we have not had related similar weapons and equipment before, you all know it. Wu Hao said with a smile.

You don't have to be sloppy, that and this are fundamentally different things. Li Weiguo glared at him, and then said angrily: "You boy, why didn't you know how to communicate with us in advance when you made such a good thing. Guys, you show it all at once, and we are very passive.

What, when did we make you so distrustful. "

You see what you said, when did we stop trusting you. Wu Hao explained with a smile, and then said: "Actually, this weapon and equipment is not to hide everyone, but we hope to show it to everyone at the promotion conference. If these weapons and equipment are all displayed and introduced in advance, then What else do we have to attract people to the town hall at the fair?"

"This laser self-defense interception system is very important to the Air Force. This weapon and related technical data should be sealed first. Don't show it to others without our permission." Li Weiguo glanced at him after hearing his words. Then he nodded and said to him.

Wu Hao nodded when he heard the words, and then replied, "No problem, I'll arrange it right away." Wu Hao looked at Shen Ning who was accompanying him in the car, and the Shen Ning meeting immediately began to arrange.

Seeing his attitude, Li Weiguo nodded, and his anger disappeared a lot. During the demonstration just now, he was often ridiculed by several colleagues and old friends.

These people were jealous of the close relationship between the Air Research Institute and Haoyu Technology, so when they noticed Li Weiguo's surprised expression at the time, they immediately made fun of him.

Why don't they have a close relationship with Wu Hao and the others? I don't know how to practice this weapon and Li Weiguo is so angry, but he has Zhang Zhang and doesn't know how to fight back , Smart was sulking.


The vehicle stopped at an alley, and everyone got out of the car. Wu Hao looked around and saw no miscellaneous sauce noodle restaurant, so he couldn't help asking, "Have you moved?"

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Li Weiguo smiled and waved at him, then led the crowd to the alley, and introduced them to the crowd: "The alley is too narrow to get in the car, so we have to walk for a while, it's not too far, turn a corner ahead. The bend is coming.

This old miscellaneous sauce noodle restaurant has been open in this alley for decades. It is said that it was there before liberation, and it was confiscated after liberation. It was not returned until the 1980s, and then the family continued to operate until now.

However, maybe because the shop is too small, or because the children are too tired to open a restaurant, so the younger generation has no one to do it, and now there are two old people supporting it.

I also followed my chef to eat it back then, and then I have to come here every now and then over the years, always thinking about this taste. Now it seems to be eating one less meal, maybe one day this restaurant will be closed. "

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【Military Technology】【】

While speaking, Li Weiguo couldn't help showing a trace of sadness on his face, as if thinking of something in the past.

In fact, it is no wonder that after so many years, it can be said that this restaurant has been eaten with the chef since he entered the unit, and then has been for most of his life.

Now the pipe is about to close, and he's getting old.

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