Master Xiu, Please Flop - Chapter 923 Nine Spirits Immortal Sword

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The main purpose of Hua Lao is to let this Peach Tree Demon come to their family.

I don't know what he was thinking about.


he opened his mouth.

Just like that, the group sat on the warship.

The warship was pulled by a huge monster and moved forward at an extremely fast speed.

"This monster is so big! It looks like the meat quality is good!" Long'er standing beside Mo Fan raised his head and looked at the huge monster in front of him, his eyes lit up, and he said with a smile.

"..." Mo Fan heard this, his eyes twitched, and he glared at Long'er.

This dragon is really a foodie.

But the problem is that this monster belongs to someone else.

Is it appropriate to say so?

When Hua Lao heard this, he snorted coldly in his heart, but his face remained unchanged. After all, the Peach Tree Demon is here.

His eyes flickered, and he was already following the plan.

The spaceship flew forward quickly, driving, and was pulled by a huge monster.

The monster was huge, with scales all over its body, and it was dazzling with scarlet light.

Mo Fan and the others stood.

He is eating peaches.

I have to say that the peach is very sweet and tastes great.

The spaceship continued to move forward, and time passed quietly as it progressed.

After some time, a towering mountain appeared in Mo Fan's sight.

The mountain is suspended in the void.

At the top of this mountain is a huge bird.

"Welcome to the **** family!"

Ahead, Hua Lao raised his head, looked at Mo Fan and the others, smiled and said.

His eyes fell on the Peach Tree Demon in front of him.

The Peach Tree Demon still transformed into a human figure.

This is a burly old man!

He stood beside Mo Fan, chatting and laughing with Mo Fan.

Under the leadership of Hua Lao, everyone landed below.

"This is all the territory of the Hell Clan?" Mo Fan looked up, looked at the majestic mountain range in front of him, and asked Hua Lao.

"Yeah!" Hua Lao nodded and glanced at Mo Fan. Seeing Mo Fan's expression, he looked at Mo Fan as if he was looking at a country bumpkin.

It seems that the person in front of him has never seen the world at all!

"The monsters here are all from our **** family!"

Hua Lao said arrogantly.

"It's really big!"

Mo Fan raised his head, looked towards him, and sighed.

Under the leadership of Hua Lao, everyone came to a canyon.

There is a huge altar in the center of the gorge ahead.

Nine sharp swords are suspended on the altar.

At this moment, in front, Hua Lao's right hand waved lightly, and suddenly, in front, the nine sharp swords suspended on the altar hummed and trembled at this moment, making a series of sword sounds, which could be heard endlessly.

Nine dazzling sword lights surrounded Mo Fan and the others at this moment. The sword's edge was emitting a dazzling cold light, which was extremely dazzling. The killing intent was lingering, and it erupted like a volcano, which was extremely shocking.

At this moment, Hua Lao directly turned his face. He looked at Mo Fan and the others with indifference, and stood with his hands behind his back.

"What do you mean?"

Seeing this scene, the Peach Tree Demon was stunned for a moment, and then, he looked at Hua Lao, who turned his face in front of him, and his voice became extremely indifferent at this moment.

"It's no fun! Peach tree demon, this is a place for you to live. From today onwards, you can live here well! Produce peach trees for me every day, and work for the monks of my **** family!" Hua Lao looked up, Looking at the middle-aged man who exuded a terrifying and demonic aura in front of him, he said slowly, there was no doubt in his words, but also a domineering self-confidence.

"Just you?"

Hearing this, the Peach Tree Demon reacted instantly. He looked at the words ahead with an indifferent expression, and his tone became extremely cold at this moment, like a gust of cold wind swept towards this side, Hao mighty.

His whole body exudes a terrifying demonic energy, and the violent demonic energy swept away in all directions, which was extremely shocking.

He stretched out his right hand and slapped forward.

However, at this moment.

In the void, nine sharp swords roared at an astonishing speed, exuding a shocking sword intent.

This sword intent burned like a raging fire, and it was extremely frightening.

The nine sharp swords fell straight into the hands of the giant in front of him.


Suddenly, in front of him, in the void, the giant hand shattered.

"Is this torn?"

Mo Fan looked up and saw this scene, and looked at the front with a bit of confusion.

It seems that the old Hua is not a good person. He wants to let the Peach Tree Demon be the coolie of the first ancestor of hell, and his heart can be punished.

Mo Fan couldn't stand it anymore!

"It's too much!" he said, he still had a good impression of the Peach Tree Demon, although he knew that the Peach Tree Demon treated him so well because he was a member of the Xianling tribe, but the latter really treated him good!

"Three generations of devil emperors, go and help him!"

Mo Fan thought of something and said to the three generations of demon emperors beside him.

"Okay, Master!" The three-generation Devil Emperor nodded lightly, raised his head, and looked ahead. The next moment, the magic sword behind him hummed and trembled, and then the sword was unsheathed.


A sword cry resounded through the heavens and the earth.

The bright sword light suddenly roared away.

The three-generation Demon Emperor glanced at the confident Hua Lao in front of him, and he sneered in his heart.

The person in front of him did not know the true identity of his master at all.

With Master there, all of this person's tricks are useless.

How ridiculous!


In the void, Hua Lao, standing proudly, said indifferently.

As his voice fell, suddenly, in the void, the nine sharp swords made a humming sound, which was extremely loud.

The nine sharp swords exude a terrifying sword intent, like the eruption of nine volcanoes, which is extremely astonishing.

"Excessive!" Mo Fan said. He looked at the Peach Tree Demon not far away. At this moment, the whole figure of the Peach Tree Demon who turned into a middle-aged man kept backing away.

Those nine sharp swords are definitely not ordinary sharp swords, but divine swords!

"The Nine Spirits Immortal Sword is actually in your hands!" The face of the Peach Tree Demon turned gloomy, and his eyes were filled with endless cold light: "It seems that back then, the genocide of the Immortal Spirit Clan had something to do with your Hell Clan!"

Nine Spirits Immortal Sword!

This is the best fairy sword!

is an absolute treasure.

However, as Mo Fan's voice fell, suddenly, in the void, the nine sharp swords that were suspended in the sky trembled at this moment.

Immediately afterwards, countless cracks appeared on the body of the nine sharp swords, spreading in all directions like a spider web.


The nine-handed fairy swords shattered in unison.


Not far away, Hua Lao raised his head, saw this scene, and made an extremely sharp voice, his face full of disbelief.

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