Master Xi Wants To Make Official Announcements Every Day - Chapter 990 Cp at the cinema (one more)

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  Chapter 990 Cinemas play cp (one more)

  The sweet scent of the girl came to her face, and the soft touch of her pink lips suddenly increased the strength of the big hand that Xi Jiu placed on her waist.

  His lips parted as soon as they touched, Ruan Qi quickly finished kissing, then quickly pulled back and put on the mask again.

   can be said to be a typical run after finishing.

  Xi Jiu's eyes were darkened, and a dark glow that was full of aggressive predation appeared in the bottom of his eyes.

  He didn't move, but with his big hands, he pushed the little girl's waist forward and pressed it tightly on his body.

  In the summer of late July, although there is air conditioning in the elevator, it is still hot.

  The material of the clothes on her body is very thin, and the skin is inseparably attached to each other through the fabric. The ambiguous touch is relatively more maddening than Chi Luo.

   Ruan Qi felt the man’s body hot, and his face covered by the mask gradually turned red.

  But she didn't avoid it, instead she cleverly let Xi Jiu hold her, holding the clothes on his chest relying on her two small hands.

  The irritating masculine breath of the little girl, which you can taste, is getting thicker and thicker. He looked down at the little girl in his arms, his **** Adam's apple rolling slightly.


  The elevator stopped on the third floor, and the elevator door opened slowly.

  Xi Jiu turned his head and glanced at the people coming in and out, his figure moved slightly, blocking the little girl in his arms more tightly.

  It didn't take long for the elevator door to close again.

  The people in the elevator before have almost left. At this time, there is only one middle-aged man who bows his head and concentrates on playing with his mobile phone.

  The space in the elevator is no longer crowded, but Xi Jiu still maintains the posture of holding the little girl tightly.

  The floor on the digital display gradually moved up. Just when the elevator was about to reach the sixth floor where the cinema was located, Xi Jiu suddenly lifted and pulled the mask on the little girl’s face and kissed it hard.

  The man’s kiss was full of lingering and aggressiveness, with a little roughness between his lips and teeth.

  He seems to be punishing the little girl who ran away after she just finished teasing, and he was also venting the desire/hope that was nowhere to be released in his body.


  The elevator stopped and the sixth floor arrived.

  At the moment when the elevator door opened, Xi Jiu quickly returned to the cage rationally.

  He forced himself to leave the little girl’s lips, and pulled her mask as fast as possible and put on tightly.

   Then, he leaned down and spoke silently in the girl's ear.

   "Watch the movie first, go back and continue."


  Until entering the movie theater, the blush on Ruan Qi's face still did not disappear.

  She let Xi Jiu hold hands, her little head was like a big bowl of ecstasy soup, and the whole person was confused and did not know the east, the west, the north and the south.

   Xi Jiu looked at her dazed little appearance, her thin lips evoked a nice arc.

  Several depressed screams came from all around.

  Because of Ruan Qi's identity, Xi Jiu is very sensitive to such screams. He turned his head quickly and saw a few girls in their twenties not far away looking at this side with bright eyes.

  They watched and stamped their feet in excitement.

   "So handsome! Good figure!"

   "Just now he saw his girlfriend's eyes were super petting! Ahhhhh! I really want to cp!"

   "I didn't expect to see such a fairy couple in a movie! A perfect match! A perfect match!"

   "His girlfriend is in great shape! I can't bear it anymore!"

  Xi Jiu with too good ears: "..."

  The big boss is not very familiar with the hobbies of young girls nowadays. He coldly glanced at the girl who praised Ruan Qi's good figure, and then held Ruan Qi tightly in his arms like the old hen was protecting her food.

  The girls: "..."

  Screamed cp again!

  (End of this chapter)

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