Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8160 This ally, don't care

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After receiving Feng Tianxing's affirmative answer, all the demons present looked extremely excited.

"Admiral Feng, I'm separated from you by an area. I'll tell the kid between us. If he doesn't agree, I'll clean him up!"

"Namku, please pay attention to what you said. I just met the luxury emissary yesterday. I am already a member of Admiral Feng's allies. You can give me a try?"

"And me, there are five jurisdictions between me and Admiral Feng. Anyone of you who is in the middle should report it quickly. We are sure there is no problem. We will persuade or persuade the rest."

Seeing the enthusiasm of these demons, Feng Tianxing felt a little more confident.

This time against the void, his power to govern the territory alone is really limited. If he wants to change from defense to counterattack, he must have a number of people.

The demons are not good at fighting like the human race, that is, standing at a distance and bombarding with exercises.

Most of their means are close combat, and now they can only rely on quantity to make up for the lack of quality.

Quantity requires a larger jurisdiction and more demons.

All of this can be solved by the alliance, and even in the future, when the alliance army formed by themselves is established, they will be able to face some weak void creatures alone.

This is a great good thing. After all, the demons in front of them are quite active. Feng Tianxing has not put forward any conditions yet, and they have always agreed to it. There will be no major problems in scheduling in the future.

It is a good thing for Feng Tianxing to establish such a demon army of his own.

"Okay, since everyone has such an idea, I would trouble you to mark the location on this map. If there are any admirals who are not willing to do so, if they don't threaten our alliance scheduling, they can be accepted."

"If there are really many, then leave it to me to deal with. I will try my best to get the right to pass through their territory at will. As long as it doesn't affect our mutual support, there will be no problem."

Feng Tianxing's statement stunned all the demons present, and they looked at Feng Tianxing with strange eyes.

"Admiral Feng, in fact, in my opinion, within the sphere of influence of this alliance, there cannot be such jurisdictions, otherwise it will be difficult for us to rush to help in time."

Nam's timely words let Feng Tianxing understand what they are thinking now.

But Feng Tianxing didn't care, just said it casually. "What we need to do now is to win over allies in a larger sphere of influence, not to be enemies with other demons on the territory under our jurisdiction. We must dare to establish our alliance before the void attacks. As for those demons who are unwilling, we will see later he

Their performance, if it really interferes with us, I don't mind teaching them a lesson. "

Namzu was silent for a moment, then suddenly bowed slightly to Feng Tianxing.

"I have long heard that Admiral Feng is different from other admirals. Today, seeing Admiral Feng's actions, the rumors are true. If Admiral Feng is useful to me and the demons in the land under my jurisdiction, I will definitely not complain. "

"It is my greatest achievement to see Admiral Feng act today."

After Namzu finished speaking, the other demons nodded one after another.

With Feng Tianxing's attitude of giving both kindness and power, it is only a matter of time before all the admirals return to their hearts.

The benefits they can get are not just for now.

This kind of treatment is given to demons who are unwilling to surrender, and the treatment will only be better if they join Feng Tianxing's command.

For a while, all the demons nodded one after another, expressing their loyalty again.

Just when a group of demons were about to draw a map to show the territories under the jurisdiction of each demon, a light flashed outside, and Feng Tianxing also stood up and clasped his hands at them.

"I still have some things to do today, so I won't accompany you all. I need to know how the battle is going on on this continent, and I can make other arrangements when I come back."

At this moment, Namzu stepped forward. "Admiral Feng, I have something to say. If you form an alliance with other admirals today, if you can't take Admiral Feng as the main one, you can reject them. No matter how we admirals add up, there are twenty to thirty demons, accounting for nearly one-fifth. one,

Have the confidence not to depend on others, but to listen to others' orders. "

Feng Tianxing nodded silently.

The body turned into a thunderbolt, rushed out of the city lord's mansion in an instant, and went to the front of the teleportation circle. After tidying up, he took the opportunity to look at the magic circle carefully, and after making sure that there was nothing wrong, he stepped into the teleportation circle.

With a buzzing sound, the world in front of Feng Tianxing's eyes suddenly changed.

What appeared in front of him was an incomparably bustling city, even larger than the original human race. Every building was carefully crafted, and gold bricks and jade tiles can be seen everywhere.

Shaking his head, Feng Tianxing looked back at the teleportation array with lingering fear.

"A really fast thing is really fast, and a dangerous thing is really dangerous."

If it wasn't because of the rush this time, Feng Tianxing really wanted to go back. The teleportation array he sat in just now didn't shorten the distance, but relied on powerful force to distort the space to achieve the purpose of arriving instantly.

If there is any problem in the middle, I am afraid that the body will be torn to pieces.

A demon came forward and asked.

"Where did you come from, Admiral?"

Feng Tianxing glanced at the demons in front of him, his strength was only at the peak of his body, but his eyes were extremely arrogant.

Treating himself as an admiral, he didn't have any respect at all. Instead, he treated him like a small official in the village. This attitude reminded Feng Tianxing of many things.

He took out his admiral's token at random.

"Feng Tianxing, got the news of the alliance, so I came here to have a look."

The Mozu recorded it for a while before turning around and leaving.

It's just that when he left, his words were not polite at all.

"If you want to get the protection of our main city, you'd better be respectful, the people here are not something you can afford."

Feng Tianxing has never seen any scene before, knowing the purpose of coming here today, he didn't bother to argue with the demons in front of him, so he followed the demons and left the place where the teleportation array gathered. "Feng Tianxing, your name seems to be familiar to you, and you can be regarded as a famous name in your jurisdiction. Then, when you go to the main city to pay a visit, you can say my master's name, He Saline. You can guarantee you will not meet

See blocking. "

Feng Tianxing agreed, and then had no other actions or intentions.

The main city is so prosperous, and the demons living here naturally have a great sense of superiority after being nurtured for a long time.

Thinking about calling myself and a few admirals who successfully resisted the void to form an alliance today, I am afraid that the position of lord will be held by the demons in the main city, and how could the "noble" demons born in this place know how to lead troops? fight. This ally, don't care.

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