Martial God Asura - Chapter 5198: The True Entrance

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Chapter 5198: The True Entrance

“How can you be so vicious? Which sect are you from?”

Situ Hongbo was afraid, but he still gathered his courage to confront Tao Wu. After all, an elder of their clan had just been killed.

More importantly, he wanted to know Tao Wu’s background, especially since he had never seen the latter before.

“I am Tao Wu. Feel free to come after me if you wish to avenge your brethren,” Tao Wu replied.

Situ Hongbo was put in a spot.

If he made a wrong move here, Tao Wu could very well massacre all of them here. He ought to protect the clan’s honor as a grand elder, but between the clan’s honor and his own life, he prioritized the latter.

“No one else has the guts to come at me? How did wusses like you become the overlord of a starfield?” Tao Wu sneered.

As infuriated as the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen, none of them dared to utter a word of complaint. They were the type of people who bullied the weak but deferred to the strong. They would become spineless cowards when their lives were threatened.

Perhaps the only one with spunk was the rank one Half-God level elder who charged at Chu Feng earlier, but the price for his moment of courage was death.

“What did the lot of you say that you’ll do to my Brother Chu Feng? Tear out his tendons? Skin him?”

Tao Wu turned his attention toward the crippled juniors, who immediately lowered their heads. Their earlier killing intent had disappeared without a trace, and they didn’t dare to utter a word or even look at Tao Wu.

“Don’t think that I’ll spare you just because you aren’t speaking a word. Tearing out tendons and skinning people? I can do that too.”

Tao Wu walked toward the juniors and broke the recovery formation around them. He had a peculiarly shaped knife in his hand.


Cries of agony echoed all around. Those juniors who said that they were going to tear out Chu Feng’s tendons and skin him alive ended up having it done to them instead.

Tao Wu didn’t take their life, but he made them suffer a fate worse than death.

Despite the tragedy unfolding before their eyes, none of the other Situ World Spiritist Clansmen showed any intent to help them at all. Who would dare to intervene after seeing how cruel Tao Wu was?

They knew that they would be next if they dared to interfere.

“Lord Grand Elder, save me! Save me!”

The tortured juniors begged Situ Hongbo for mercy.

“Elder, why can’t we talk things out? Is there a need to show such cruelty to the juniors? We can always compensate you for any misgivings there are between us.”

Situ Hongbo spoke up, but he dared not to directly intervene.

He had wanted to stand up for his juniors and even issued wanted posters for that, but when the person he was looking for came knocking at his doorsteps, he ended up taking a subservient attitude instead. How ironic it was!

“Milord, please spare us! We already know that we have done wrong!”

The other juniors also kneeled down and begged for mercy. These were the people who had spoken disrespectful words to Chu Feng even though they didn’t go as far as to threaten to tear out his tendons and skin him. They were afraid that they would be put through the same torture.

“That’s more like it. If you wish to live, kneel down and admit your mistakes to my young brother Chu Feng.”

Tao Wu’s knife was still dripping with blood, but he looked at the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen as if nothing had happened at all.

The juniors immediately kneeled down, but the elders still remained standing.

“Do you need me to break your limbs before you’ll get on your knees?”

Killing intent flashed across Tao Wu’s eyes.

Even more people fell to their knees out of fear.

Shoosh shoosh!

Even so, Tao Wu still made his move. With a flick of his hand, his martial power manifested into a scythe that instantaneously reaped the lives of hundreds. These were the people who didn’t kneel down.

Upon seeing that, the majority of the people immediately got down to their knees. Even Situ Hongbo, despite being a grand elder of the Situ World Spiritist Clan, also kneeled on the floor.

Nevertheless, there were still a few people who refused to submit.

“Looks like there are still a few people who have a backbone… but I don’t need anyone with backbone here.”


Tao Wu’s martial power scythe flashed across the room once more, and those who didn’t kneel down were sliced into two.

By this point, nearly every single person on the flying warship, be it inside the hall or outside, was already on their knees.

“I want you to say ‘Grandpa Chu Feng, we were wrong’,” Tao Wu ordered.

“Grandpa Chu Feng, we… were wrong.”

Some of the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen cried. Some of them gritted their teeth. Some of them clenched their jaws. However, all of them obeyed Tao Wu’s command despite their indignance. They feared for their lives.

“I know that it’s just lip service, but if you know what’s better for you, you shouldn’t mess with my younger brother Chu Feng in the future. Your Situ World Spiritist Clan won’t be able to pay the price if you continue your folly.”

With those parting words, Tao Wu left together with Chu Feng and Old Cat.

Many other cultivators had seen the spectacle on the flying warship, and they were discussing the matter fervently amongst themselves. They didn’t think that they would live to see a day when the Situ World Spiritist Clan suffered such humiliation.

Chu Feng and the others returned to their earlier meeting spot.

“Brother Tao Wu, don’t you think that you have gone overboard? You’ll be fine since you can just return to the Seven Realms Galaxy afterward, but you’ll bring trouble to me and Brother Chu Feng. The Situ World Spiritist Clan isn’t as simple as they seem,” Old Cat said worriedly.

He was afraid of the Situ World Spiritist Clan’s vengeance.

“Look at how scared you are,” Tao Wu sneered.

“Thank you, elder.”

Chu Feng bowed deeply to Tao Wu. He was earnestly grateful to the latter for standing up for him, especially considering how they had only met moments ago.

“Young brother Chu Feng, do you think that I have gone overboard?” Tao Wu asked.

“Not at all. They deserved it,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young brother Chu Feng is indeed gutsy. Not bad.”

Tao Wu patted Chu Feng’s shoulders and nodded with an approving smile.

“However, Old Kitty is right about one thing. I won’t be able to stand up for you anymore once I leave this galaxy. I may have helped you get back at them this time around, but if this doesn’t intimidate them, you will likely face greater danger in the future. Don’t you blame me for that?” Tao Wu asked.

“Blame? Why would I blame you? Elder, I have nothing but gratitude toward you. I’ll remember the favor you have shown me today. If you ever have a need for me in the future, I’ll do whatever I can to help you out,” Chu Feng said.


Tao Wu was satisfied with Chu Feng’s answer.

He turned to Old Cat and said, “Old Kitty, you should reflect on yourself. Despite your age, you don’t even have half the guts of young brother Chu Feng.”

“What do I have to be scared about? I’m just worried for Brother Chu Feng!” Old Cat protested.

“You should protect him then if you’re that worried for him. Won’t you still be here even after I leave this galaxy?” Tao Wu replied.

“Me, protect him? You’re only saying that because you don’t know how strong Brother Chu Feng is. His world spirit can easily crush me!” Old Cat replied.


Tao Wu directed a curious glance at Chu Feng.


Deafening explosions suddenly echoed once more. This time around, the rumbling of the earth was much stronger than before. A humongous light pillar rose into the sky from where the gaseous flame first poured out.

This humongous pillar of light pierced right through the barrier erected by Daoist Ninth Dragon. Innumerable cracks crept across the barrier, and it eventually crumbled.

“Here it is. That’s the real entrance!” Tao Wu said excitedly.

Chu Feng and Old Cat also had expectant looks on their eyes. This was what they had been waiting for all along.

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