Lord of Pets - Chapter 1255 : Mechanic

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In the super-giant training ground that can accommodate the battle of the ancestor body, Yang Luqi's white clothes are like snow and her blonde hair is like weave.

Although the corners of his eyes are wrinkled, the erosion of time is difficult to disappear.

But the elegant and peaceful charm, from the inside out, is more prominent than ever.

- She has changed.

Bai Wushang couldn't describe for a while, what had changed.

But when she took off her monocle, her bare eye actually reflected the luster of metal.

Bai Wushang realized that the magnitude of the change would only exceed his expectations, and could never be lower.

"No injury...you've grown up."

Yang Luqi stared at Bai Wushang's face and muttered to herself:

"In my impression, you are just a little boy."

"In a blink of an eye, you have matured, you have power and power in your hands, and you can be on your own..."

Bai Wushang smiled: "Aunt Lu, this may be the price of growth."

"Let's talk about it, what happened to you after you were captured by the mechanical evil spirit?"

"I see that your current soul power has reached the realm of the Holy Venerable. What have you experienced in the ten years since you got out of trouble?"

"I was implanted with a lot of mechanical knowledge, forced to make mechanical parts, and also participated in the development and control of mecha..."

Yang Luqi sighed softly: "I have to say that the wisdom of the mechanical family is no less than the inheritance of any lineage."

"Unfortunately, this kind of power is contaminated with evil, and it will never be possible to spread it. Otherwise, the extraordinary world will change with each passing day, and there will be subversive changes."

"Then you are..." Bai Wushang aimed at her robotic arm and robotic right eye, looking confused.

"This is a mechanical part forged from rare divine gold, embedded with as many as ten safety procedures, which is limited to my personal use."

Yang Luqi explained: "My flesh and blood body has been devastated. Instead of recuperating and recovering, it is better to transform myself."

"Have you seen this mechanical monster? Its core is controlled by a talisman, but with these carefully crafted parts, it can exert the power of the holy king-level half-step myth."

"But I heard that the mechanical insect mother who attacked the Giant God Palace was guarded by the insect king in the outer circle, and it seemed that it was not swallowed by Garuda."

"When the enchantment expanded, they were also the first to escape."

"Later, when Death God and Dou Zhan went to search, they couldn't find their whereabouts and eradicate them in time..."

What Bai Wushang wanted to say is that the mother of mechanical insects is still alive, and Yang Luqi is instructing the way of machinery. Will she be manipulated and enslaved again?

"Anti-God Evil God"

"No, these mechanical devices have been greatly modified under my research."

"All the cores are also replaced with secret treasures, not the program codes implanted in higher machinery."

"Combined with my extra load of the emergency self-destruction device, the safety factor has reached the highest..."

Yang Luqi swore an oath and added:

"Of course, the cost of doing this is the cost of each mechanical puppet, which is 1562 times that of the evil spirit transformation body."

"So my current scientific research concept, including the pressure from the extraordinary environment, Long Ting only allows me to research alone, and does not allow me to expand the scale of innovation, so as to avoid accidents to the greatest extent."

"In other words, Auntie Lv, have you changed careers?" Bai Wushang sneered, "From a major in the field of blood pharmacy to a mechanic?"

"You can say that." Yang Luqi nodded and threw a pair of talismans from her pocket.

"This is the mother-in-law key talisman. With this talisman, this mechanical puppet will obey your orders."

"I still have two puppets of a similar level, and I will give them all to you later."

"Maybe for you now, it may be an insignificant battle card."

"But in case of danger, you let the puppet explode directly. According to my calculations, the power of the explosion will be higher than that of the semi-holy king, threatening the real ancestor."

"It can be used." Bai Wushang suddenly became interested.

As a one-time consumable, isn't it equivalent to three super bombs?

Don't look at the supreme myth of the current peak level, with the help of external enhanced recipes, it is easy to threaten the most disheartened eight-winged Lonely Shadow Angel.

But similar trump cards, of course, the more the better.

Bai Wushang and Yang Luqi spent the whole day and night reminiscing about the old days.

They chatted a lot, from being slightly unfamiliar to becoming familiar later, day and night.

Bai Wushang has been lamenting the impermanence of the world.

Back then, the most essential purpose of forcing Aunt Lv to join the field of scientific research was to study metal **** and find lost relatives.

But unfortunately, Aunt Lu who was kidnapped learned early on that all the human beings who were taken away in the past were used as experimental subjects and were subjected to abusive research by the mechanical bug king.

She...is still alone after all.

Failed to regain the warmth of the past, failed to save the beauty in my heart.

The great luck in misfortune, the long-term mechanical thinking mode, did not give her time to grieve.

Yang Lvqi was healed by the power of time and forcibly slowed down.

Now, her life is monotonous.

But when she thinks that the evil spirits are not yet dead, Yang Luqi has endless motivation to continue scientific research and provide free help to Zulongting within her capacity.

"Aunt Lu, leave the matter of revenge to me."

"You have suffered all these years. If you can, I hope you live for yourself and don't act extreme."

"Don't worry, I know what to do."

Yang Luqi nodded lightly, put on her monocle again, and walked towards the Lava Axe Dragon, which no one cared about all day and night.

"Lord Holy Master, most of the materials you need are prepared, please come here."

A newly grown holy dragon, Zilu flew to Bai Wushang's side, wagging the dragon's tail, carefully leading the way.

"Holy Master?" Bai Wushang said goodbye to Aunt Lv, and immediately looked back, a little strange for this title.

"I heard from the ancestors in the ethnic group that "Holy Son" is not enough to define the identity of an adult long ago, and it is only by replacing it with "Holy Lord" that it can be equal to the "Pope", and it is more appropriate to spread it out. "

"Strange desire to win, but it's really more pleasing to the ear."

Bai Wushang didn't take it to heart, he flapped his glass wings, and followed the holy dragon galloping in the passage.

He greeted the Emerald Tree Demon King in his heart and said excitedly:

"Sen Soul, get ready."

"Your transformation... is about to begin!"

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu www.uukanshu.com Big Willow Tree has finished the star, I'm a father, the last trace of stubbornness is gone..."

The big unicorn rarely sold badly, in exchange for Bai Wushang's smile.

"Don't worry, there will be a chance that belongs to you."

"Maybe it's best to leave it to the end."

"Gurgling!" The little rabbit in his arms nodded frequently, firmly believing.

The unicorns of my clan have the qualifications of the king of gods, and their fathers cannot be inferior to weak beasts.

"I'm looking forward to it. After cooking the six-path wood incense, the big willow tree has successfully climbed to the supreme myth."

"The so-called "Six Paths Tree", as well as the future "Six Paths Immortal Tree" and "Six Paths Reincarnation Tree", what kind of laws are mastered, and what is the difference between them and the existing bloodline? "

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