Live Wilderness Adventure - Chapter 880 Taiga

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"I don't know about other countries, but in China, the most common way for the general public to understand animals is to watch the animal world when they were young, right?"

Bi Fang still remembers the scene when he was a child sitting in front of the TV and waiting for the opening of Animal World.

That kind of expectation can sometimes surpass the love for cartoons.

【plus one】

[Same as Fang Shen, I especially liked watching the animal world when I was young]

[My grandpa likes to watch Animal World very much. When I was young, I often went to my grandpa’s house to play, so I also watched it when I was young. It’s quite interesting to watch, much better than some cartoons]

[I don’t like it that much, but if I see cartoons that I don’t like to watch, I will go to see Animal World. 】

[Watching a fish lurking under the water surface, and then suddenly shooting a water arrow from its mouth, knocking off the insects on the branches, it feels so good after a mouthful of stuffiness, I don’t know why]

The meal was coming to an end, and Bi Fang and Harley began to retreat slowly, gradually moving away from the three brothers on the grassland.

"People are always curious about things they don't understand. They want to know how amazing the powerful muscles of tigers are, how powerful the sharp horns of rhinos are, and how big fish are in rivers. How to set off a vortex."

"If you really put most people in the lion and tiger mountain or the crocodile pond in the zoo, I'm afraid most people will not think of being close to each other, and instinctively just run as far away as possible."

"Even if it's placed in the Monkey Mountain or the Bird Pavilion, most people probably won't want to stay there. It's not enough for people to get to know them better just through the fence."

"This is true for a zoo that is divorced from reality and loses its wildness, let alone the real wild."

"Distance cannot produce beauty, but it can produce a sense of security."

After retreating tens of meters in a row, Bi Fang stood up again.

Far away from the eldest brother, the second brother, and the third brother, Harley, who was trembling, was finally able to straighten up and no longer curled up in a ball.

【Too real】

[One of the reasons why I like Lao Fang’s live broadcast is also the reason why there are always various strange animals in the live broadcast room. The most important thing is that Lao Fang also speaks in great detail, which is very exciting]

【Third brothers gathered together, Harley is simply not enough to watch】

[Hiding behind Fang Shen's **** all the time, I laughed so hard]

"I was interested in them as a child, but I was afraid to approach them."

"At this time, the animal world provides me with an excellent window to understand them."

"The variegated wolf is definitely a powerful faction, but we have never watched their performance carefully. If you are interested in this kind of creature and want to know more about it, you may wish to watch Sir Alex's "Dynasty"."

【Fangshen really loves Sir Alex】

[I've watched Dynasty, and it's really good. In other words, Ferguson's documentaries are not too bad. As expected of the father of documentaries, they are simply works of art]

[Even if these animals become extinct in the future, at least there can be something to prove to future generations that they existed. 】

[Theme, once again sublimated]

Bi Fang stared at the three grassland brothers.

The hyenas ripped apart the old zebras and ate up the belly, leaving blood-red ribs.

The **** ribs bent towards the sky, silently revealing the cruelty of nature.

The belly of the smaller sub-adult zebra was also cleaned out, and a few variegated wolves who hadn't eaten yet sneaked over and carefully bit the baby zebra, trying to drag it back to its own camp.

A few spotted hyenas stood up and roared a few times symbolically, but they didn't choose to fight, but just demonstrated on the spot.

The variegated wolf, frightened away by the barking, squatted down again after a few seconds, came back little by little, bit the zebra's leg and continued to drag it, and then was scared off by the white hyena, but ran back quickly.

After repeating this many times, the variegated wolves finally dragged the little zebra back to their home and placed it beside the ostrich. Many variegated wolves who were not full came up to feast on it, tearing and biting the meat.

Zebras are so huge that one adult zebra is enough for lions and hyenas to eat.

But the ostrich is much smaller in comparison, and it is still a "defective product" whose belly was gutted by the leopard. The little zebra left in the herd.

"Animals will be much 'lazier' after they are full. Many people are impressed by some film and television works, or are frightened by the behavior of hyenas. They subjectively think that they are more ferocious, but in fact they are not."

"Many reptiles and arthropods are limited by their own level. Most of them only have the instincts of hunting, eating, and reproduction. They can be used as mammals. At this stage, the development of intelligence has given them a certain personality of their own. feature."

"Of course, this is definitely much weaker than humans. Anthropomorphizing animals is a rather embarrassing thing in my opinion. Every time I see some descriptions of over-anthropomorphic animals, my big toe will curl up involuntarily. stand up."

【Ha ha ha, me too】

【Feel the same. 】

[Don't rush, don't rush, three bedrooms and one living room, right? It's already under construction]

"Spotted hyenas are not related to brutality and aggressiveness, so they usually don't take the initiative to provoke trouble, and only attack when their interests are relevant."

"This is the same for most animals, so if there is enough food, even if a small zebra is dragged away, no violent conflict will break out."

"After all, spotted hyenas will not make zebras into bacon like me to prolong the shelf life. I have actually emphasized this point many times, and it is exactly the same. We are very close at this time, but UU Reading It's pretty safe too."

The entire eating process of the three brothers took no more than an hour, and the originally lively and tense grassland fell into silence again after that, and the three groups gradually dispersed.

There are only a few corpses with bare bones left on the vast grassland, which may eventually flow into the stomach pouch of the vulture.

After appreciating the most authentic hunting, Bi Fang let out a long sigh of relief. He only felt that his heart was full of pride, and a burst of refreshing energy was transmitted to the heavenly inspiration along his toes, and his whole body was transparent.

Bi Fang turned his head and greeted: "Let's go, there is nothing to see."

At this time, Harley was squatting on a small **** of only two meters high, looking around vigilantly. After hearing his name, he quickly jumped off the **** and followed Bi Fang.

The three groups of grasslands are basically the three most threatening carnivores in Africa, and they all have territorial awareness.

Now that the three are full, this area can be called a safe zone for the next three days. Unfortunately, Bi Fang still has tasks and cannot stay here for a long time.

one day later.

The wide river blocked the way of Bi Fang and Harley.

On both sides of the river bank, huge Nile crocodiles lie on the bank, opening their long jaws full of sharp teeth, quietly waiting for the prey that rushed to the bank due to thirst.


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