Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1796 - Human Sovereign’s Stone Saber

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Chapter 1796 Human Sovereign’s Stone Saber

There were people coming and going around Guide Ancient City. Ever since Zhou Wen’s identity as Human Sovereign was exposed, more and more people rushed to Guide Ancient City.

Many ordinary people who were affiliated with other factions nearby had brought their families here, hoping to settle down here.

However, entering Guide Ancient City wasn’t as easy as before.

Many people had no choice but to stay outside, causing the periphery of Guide Ancient City to become abnormally lively. All sorts of tents and temporary camps could be seen everywhere. It even had a bazaar.

Seeing Zhou Wen appear, everyone watched from afar, but no one dared to speak.

“Interesting. It looks like they are rather respectful of you,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said mockingly.

“This city belongs to me now,” Zhou Wen said.

“That’s really interesting,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said meaningfully as he walked into the ancient city.

Zhou Wen followed him in. After entering the ancient city, everyone he met would bow and call him City Lord. Some even called him “Your Excellency Human Sovereign.”

“Do you have what it takes to be called Human Sovereign?” The silver-haired Companion Beast couldn’t help but mock.

“It’s just a nickname. There are many nicknames like God, Saint, and Buddha. Human Sovereign is nothing,” Zhou Wen said.

To his surprise, the silver-haired Companion Beast immediately scoffed when it heard Zhou Wen. “What God, Saint, Buddha? How can those things be compared to Human Sovereign?”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen asked with interest.

The silver-haired Companion Beast seemed to have a very high evaluation of humans. He even believed that gods, immortals, saints, and buddhas couldn’t be compared to humans.

The silver-haired Companion Beast snorted coldly and continued walking forward without saying a word.

“Where are we going?” Zhou Wen wanted more information.

“You’ll know when we get there.” The silver-haired Companion Beast didn’t explain further.

Soon, the human and pet arrived in front of a strange building

“Fire God Platform?” Zhou Wen wore a strange expression. Fire God Platform could be said to be the core of Guide Ancient City. There was a stone saber embedded in the platform. Just shaking the stone saber an inch would cause a huge anomaly in Guide Ancient City.

Even The Thearch had designs on the stone saber. She wanted Zhou Wen to get it for her, but to no avail.

Now that the silver-haired Companion Beast was here, it was most likely for the stone saber.

As Zhou Wen expected, after the silver-haired Companion Beast walked onto Fire God Platform, he came in front of the furnace with the stone saber and stared at it.

“If you want to touch it, it’s best you make yourself clear.” Zhou Wen stood in front of the silver-haired Companion Beast.

If the stone saber moved, there would definitely be a major change. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Guide Ancient City couldn’t be risked.

“It’s not me who wants to touch it, but you,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said with a twitch of its lips.

“Can it remove the wish mark on me?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“No.” The silver-haired Companion Beast’s answer surprised Zhou Wen, but he continued, “However, it can temporarily prevent Nüwa from triggering the wish mark on you.”

“Do you know what will happen if the stone saber is pulled out?” Zhou Wen probed.

“Nothing will happen,” the silver-haired Companion Beast answered without any hesitation.

“From the looks of it, you aren’t sincere about cooperating with me.” Zhou Wen’s expression turned cold. “I once attempted to pull out the stone saber. Just a slight nudge caused a dimensional zone anomaly, but you’re telling me that nothing will happen?”

“It won’t since I’ve said so. Who do you think you are? Are you worth me lying to you?” The silver-haired Companion Beast said superciliously, “With me around, nothing will happen.”

“What’s the origin of this stone saber?” Zhou Wen asked doubtfully.

“To think you call yourself Human Sovereign. Don’t you even know about Human Sovereign’s stone saber?” the silver-haired Companion Beast teased.

“Human Sovereign’s stone saber?” Zhou Wen had never heard of it.

“The fire of human civilization was born from this saber,” the silver-haired Companion Beast explained casually.

Zhou Wen looked at the stone saber in the furnace in surprise. The evaluation of the silver-haired Companion Beast was extremely high.

Zhou Wen roughly knew that human civilization began with the use of tools and fire, but it was still somewhat controversial if stone tools were the earliest man-made tools.

“Cut the crap. With this saber protecting you, you can withstand Nüwa’s wish mark. Are you pulling it out or not?” the silver-haired Companion Beast said impatiently.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and didn’t say anything else. He walked to the stone furnace and reached out to grab the hilt of the stone saber.

In the past, he had to circulate the power of the Ancient Sovereign Sutra to move the stone saber, but now, there was no need to go through so much trouble.

With just a slight nudge, the stone saber moved a little.

To his surprise, the stone saber didn’t produce any anomalies despite the greater nudge.

“You sure are cautious. You have the same character as your useless father.” The silver-haired Companion Beast snorted coldly when he saw that Zhou Wen was only probing without really pulling out the stone saber.

Zhou Wen thought nothing of it as he slowly pulled out a sliver, but there was still no reaction.

“As expected of Earth’s Companion Beast!” Zhou Wen praised the silver-haired Companion Beast.

The silver-haired Companion Beast didn’t appreciate it and only grunted coldly.

He pulled out the stone saber bit by bit. Just as the silver-haired Companion Beast had said, Guide Ancient City showed no anomalies.

More than half of the stone saber had been pulled out. Just as Zhou Wen was about to completely pull it out, he suddenly heard a whistling sound. A figure tore through the air and arrived on Fire God Platform.

The figure had long gray hair and tattered armor. It was none other than the humanoid creature that had been guarding Guide Ancient City before Zhou Wen entered.

At that moment, the humanoid creature’s hair and beard were disheveled. Its eyes were red as it stared intently at Zhou Wen, who was pulling at the saber. However, it didn’t immediately pounce forward. Instead, it stood there motionless as it stared at Zhou Wen. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Zhang Yuzhi’s voice sounded from below Fire God Platform. She quickly rushed up and ran to the humanoid creature’s side, trying her best to appease him.

Zhou Wen was able to enter Guide Ancient City thanks to Zhang Yuzhi’s control of the humanoid creature. However, from the looks of it, Zhang Yuzhi’s control of him had weakened drastically.

Under Zhang Yuzhi’s appeasement, the humanoid creature continued staring intently at Zhou Wen as though it would kill him at any moment.

Zhou Wen had long thought of this uneasy factor, but he had no other choice.

The battle at Chess Mountain was probably ten thousand times more dangerous than the battle with Transcendent Immortal. He had to be prepared.

Furthermore, after the battle with Transcendent Immortal, Zhou Wen had comprehended the trump card, “In the Human World.” He also had the confidence to defeat the humanoid creature.

The silver-haired Companion Beast watched coldly without saying a word.

Zhou Wen looked at the humanoid creature without retracting his strength as he pulled out the stone saber inch by inch.

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