Just Got Dumped, The School Flower Asked Me To Go To the Hospital To Sign - Chapter 265 Adoptive father, you are finally back!

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Chapter 264 Adoptive father, you are finally back!

"How is that possible, that, sorry, maybe I was too tired yesterday, you really stayed all night, or else, you will make up for sleep later." Kana said a little embarrassedly.

\'No, I also fell asleep in the middle of the night last night, no need to make up, I can eat! \' Ye Fan said, he picked up a piece of barbecue and ate it.

And Kana immediately went to wash up with water, and then sat together to eat barbecue.

"Your water attribute is really good!" Ye Fan nodded and said.

This water source is very important.

If you have water, you can hold on a little more!

\'thanks! \'Kana is very happy!

After all, Ye Fan rarely praised her.

Not to mention, this guy is finally willing to praise her.

It's not easy!

Of course, it feels good!

It seems that it is recognized.

"Then am I the best partner?" Kana asked while looking at Ye Fan.

"It's okay!" Ye Fan said calmly.

This woman can't be praised!

Compliment her two words, that's it...

After eating the barbecue, the two began to search forward again.

As a result, I am still the same.

Still haven't found anything.

"Ye Fan, you said, where did these demons hide, aren't they in the direction we searched?" Kana looked around and asked Ye Fan who was in front.

How to do this.

Could it be that this demon met another team?

In Kana's heart, she couldn't help thinking.

"Maybe, we're just doing a good search of the area right now, and we can't leave anything behind," Ye Fan said.

Ye Fan, the demons are really not in this direction.

You know, they have a total of four groups of eight people, so maybe they were met by other groups.

"Well, if we really can't find it, we will go back to the city in another day, hey!" Kana said again.

"Don't think too much, try your best to search!" Ye Fan said.

Now, the only thing they can do is search.

Otherwise, it depends on luck!

The two searched hard until the sun was about to set, but they found nothing.

After that, Kana didn't talk about what happened last night and searched at night. She followed Ye Fan obediently, found a place to stay, and waited for the night.

Ye Fan started a fire, and the two sat by the fire and chatted without a word.

"Ye Fan, didn't you say you have a child? How old are you, boy or girl?" Kana asked with her hands on her knees, her eyes full of curiosity.

I really don't know what kind of family a person like Ye Fan would have.

Of course, what about Ye Fan's daughter-in-law?

Anyway, she was very curious.

I want to hear Ye Fan talk about family affairs.

"I have both sons and daughters. My children are very well-behaved. Of course, sometimes they are very naughty. My daughters are four years old, and my son is almost one." Ye Fan said slowly, staring at the person in front of him. flame.

His voice was very soft. ,

Such a voice was something Kana had never heard before.

Looking at it, the face illuminated by the flames softened incomparably.

In the past, when she looked at Ye Fan, she felt extremely indifferent.

However, Ye Fan at this time today is a very gentle person no matter what.

It was the first time I saw him like this.

It can be seen that Ye Fan loves his family very much.

Otherwise, when he mentioned his family, he wouldn't show such an expression.

so good!

Unexpectedly, no matter how ruthless a man is, he will have such a gentle side when he thinks of his family.

Karna was surprised.

Hearing Ye Fan's words, she was really envious in her heart.

"I really envy you." Kana said slowly.

"You will have it in the future, too." Ye Fan looked at Kana and said.

"Hopefully!" Kana sighed lightly.

"There will be, don't worry!" Ye Fan said.

This woman has a story of her own. ,

He could feel that this woman seemed very sad.

Maybe something sad.

"Okay, I'll keep vigil tonight, you can rest!" Kana said looking at Ye Fan.

Last night, it was Ye Fan who was alone at night, so he felt embarrassed no matter how he thought about it.

So, tonight, she has to keep vigil by herself.

Let Ye Fan take a good rest.

"That's okay, I'll pick up your class in the middle of the night." Ye Fan said.

The next second, he leaned directly on the stone behind him and closed his eyes.

Kana looked at Ye Fan's speed and was a little speechless. ‘

good guy!

This man is really amazing!

Look, I don't know how to be polite.

After saying that, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


In fact, she wanted Ye Fan to brag about herself.

As a result, the other party was so straightforward.

Not at all like the men I knew before.

When she was on a mission with them, those people never let her keep a vigil, and of course, she asked for a vigil automatically, and those people didn't agree.


This Ye Fan is a big straight man.

It's too late, a big straight man who can't be cured.

Karna sat by the fire in a daze.

Time passed by a little bit, and Kana was also a little sleepy.

However, thinking about the danger at night here, I forced myself to wake up.

Seeing Ye Fan sleeping so soundly, she was a little envious again.

so sleepy~

In desperation, she increased the size of the firewood, leaned against the stone, looked at the burning flame, looked at it, and fell asleep all of a sudden.

As soon as Kana fell asleep, Ye Fan opened his eyes.

Looking at Kana sleeping, she shook her head helplessly.

This woman is really lazy.

It wasn't until midnight, and I was sleepy.

He leaned against the rock and fell asleep.

It's amazing!

Ye Fan didn't wake Kana, since the other party was sleepy, he went to sleep.

Anyway, he came to guard it.

...In a blink of an eye, it was time to go back, and Ye Fan and Kana could only rush back to the city in disappointment.

They didn't find any traces of demons, and they didn't know if other groups had seen traces of demons.

Of course, when I went back, it was a lot faster than when I came.

When they arrived at the gate of the city, they saw that some teams came back.

Looking at it like this, there is no trace of the devil.

Now, only the next black hole can be dealt with.

There are still a few days before the black hole opens this time.

They are ready to pay it all back.

Presumably, this time the demon must be harder to deal with than the last time.

A few people went to report the results, and Ye Fan went back to his small yard alone.

As soon as I entered the gate, I heard a trot ^

Listening to the footsteps, you know who it is.

"Father, you've finally come back. You've been gone for seven and a half days. I'm counting the time every day, waiting for you to come back. You're finally back. I really miss you. I thought I was left behind again. That's it." Ye Guangyao said directly hugging Ye Fan's thigh.

Bai Nen's little face is pitiful.

Really, he really thought that he was going to be left behind again.

He has heard a lot of rumors, and this time the task is dangerous.

Looking for traces of demons, maybe encountering someone who has never come back, or someone who is injured, he listened to his heart, and he was terrified.

However, apart from counting the days every day and worrying in my heart, there is really no other way.

Really, worried, scared to be alone again.

"Silly child, isn't the foster father back? Don't worry, the foster father is very strong, those demons can't hurt me." Ye Guangyao felt distressed by Ye Fan.

This kid really made him feel very distressed.

Look, this little face is worried, her eyes are red, and she is about to cry.

"Mmmm, the foster father is the strongest, he must be fine, foster father, you promise me that you must pay attention to your safety and don't leave me behind!" Ye Guangyao looked at Ye Fan, his little face very worried.

"Don't worry, foster father will not leave you." Ye Fan said.

This kid has really suffered a lot.

If you worry about a person like this, you can see that he has no sense of security in his heart.

'Well, foster father, you must be hungry, I'll cook for you! ' With that, the little guy let go of Ye Fan and ran towards the kitchen.

These few days outside the city, his adoptive father must not have good food and drink, and he is very hard and tired.

Therefore, he wanted to make something delicious for his foster father.

"I'll help you!" Ye Fan watched Ye Guangyao run into the kitchen and wanted to help.

How could he let a seven-year-old child serve him!

This is definitely not possible.

Besides, Ye Fan didn't adopt this child because he wanted someone to cook for him.

"Foster father, you just came back, you go to rest, I can do it myself, believe me, I can do this!" Ye Guangyao blocked the door of the kitchen, looking at his adoptive father, his little face was very firm opening.

His adoptive father just came back, how could he let his adoptive father cook.

Besides, I'm already seven years old, so I can take care of myself and my adoptive father.

The adoptive father helped him so much, and he also wanted to share some pressure and do something for his adoptive father.

Of course, he is still small and can't share any pressure and difficulties.

Right now, he can only do what he can do.

That's how it works.

It can be considered to help his adoptive father and let him rest for a while.

Ye Guangyao can do simple things like cooking.

Ye Fan looked at such a firm little face, and his eyes were full of softness.

This child, knowing such distressed people at a young age, is really good!

This kid has a good heart.

Ye Fan looked at the child's determined look, and knew that he would definitely not be able to help.

"Okay, the foster father, I'll take a rest, remember to call the foster father!" Ye Fan raised his hand and rubbed Ye Guangyao's little head, his eyes full of love.

This kid is really fun!

‘Don’t worry, foster father, it’s just cooking, I can handle it. ' The little guy smiled confidently.

"That's okay, hard work!" Ye Fan turned around with a smile and walked towards his room.

Ye Guangyao watched his adoptive father enter the room, then turned around, entered the kitchen, and started to get busy.

Ye Fan went back to his room, took off his coat, lay on the bed, and fell asleep after a while.

I slept very soundly.

This sleep is for several hours...

Ye Fan was really tired.

Ye Guangyao finished the meal, and when he was about to wake up Ye Fan, Ye Fan opened his eyes and looked at the little guy who had just entered his room. ,

"Father, did I disturb you? I just wanted to invite you to dinner." Ye Guangyao said in surprise when he saw that Ye Fan wanted to come.

As soon as he walked over, his adoptive father opened his eyes.

"No, I've slept well too, I slept very well this time, let's go, let's go to dinner, I'll try your craftsmanship!" Ye Fan got up from the bed, rubbed Ye Guangyao's little head, and smiled said. ‘

Smelling this smell, it seems not bad!

Really fragrant.

"The food you cook smells like chicken?" Ye Fan said suspiciously.

After all, this chicken is a bit complicated to handle, is this a seven-year-old kid sure?

However, the smell is really similar!

"Father, that's a good guess!" Ye Guangyao laughed instantly.

He made mushroom stewed chicken today.

"You child, how did you do it, and who did you learn it from? Shouldn't a seven-year-old child know such a complicated dish?" Ye Fan said.

"Hey, of course I'm self-taught, no, I checked it on my phone." The little guy said proudly.

The mobile phone his adoptive father gave him, he used the mobile phone to check the dishes and how to cook them.

So, otherwise, how could he possibly be.

"You child, you are so smart!" Ye Fan praised with a smile.

This kid's brain is spinning fast.

Not bad!

"Hey, foster father, let's go eat quickly, otherwise, the food will be cold and not tasty!" said the little guy.

If the food is cold, the stomach is not good!

\'good! \'Ye Fan dragged Ye Guangyao into the courtyard.

The little guy had already set up a small table, as well as a small maza, and there were three dishes on the table.

One is fried vegetables, one is spicy tofu, and the other is mushroom stewed chicken.

Look, the way is very good!

\'Dad, sit down first, I'll make rice for you! \'The little guy said, and got into the kitchen.

Ye Fan looked at Little Price's back and smiled!

This kid is really nice!

Ye Fan was really fortunate that he met this child.

Let yourself live here, not so lonely.

It seems that ~www.novelbuddy.com~ has become very warm.

"Father, it's time to eat!" The little guy came out with two bowls of rice and smiled brightly.

"Slow down." Ye Fan said after the bowl.

"Okay, let's start eating, you can try it, this chicken stewed with mushrooms is specially made for you to nourish your body, I know you have worked hard these days, you can't eat well and sleep well outside the city. !" The little guy said very distressed.

"It's okay, this is what the foster father should do!" Ye Fan said.

"Well, I know that I will be as strong as my foster father in the future, and help my foster father overcome difficulties together." The little guy vowed.

"Okay, our Guangyao family has grown up and fought side by side with me. Now, we have to eat first!" Ye Fan said with a smile.

"Mmmm, foster father, eat more!" The little guy took a chicken leg for Ye Fan and put it into the bowl.

(End of this chapter)

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