Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 2058 Lrreversible! L

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Chapter 2058 Lrreversible! L

Reversal of the spacetime Continuum to gaze upon what happened in the past!

It was a shocking ability that only existences like Lilith could speak so freely about, and she said this for multiple reasons.

The moment she finished, her will read the expressions and minute changes in essence of the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers and the Dream Dimensional Rulers.

They were the parties that were here and involved, and any negative reaction from them when it came to the reversal of the spacetime continuum would mean they were hiding something!

So she watched.

And…she became utterly shocked as not every single being did it, but a large percentage of the Dream and Avalonian Dimensional Rulers slightly turned their gazes or shifted their wills towards none other than a single man.

The man who wielded the Sword of Avalon!

At Lilith's words, they actually turned towards him as if they were first gauging his reaction- as if this would decide how they would react and what they would do after!

!And the Imperius Avallonis…looked unfettered.

He didn't seem worried in the least about the reversal of the spacetime continuum and others gazing at the secrets of what happened here!

After seeing his carefree demeanor, the Avalonian and Dream Dimensional Rulers thereafter also made no moves.+

But this minute and small moment in time.. it caused Lilith to become even - certain that this being was at the center of it all!

To the point that Dimensional Rulers were seeing how he would react before reacting with him as if it was negative or positive- they seemed like they would do it.

It was a shocking revelation.

She didn't know how or even fully have all evidence that supported this, but she believed that the disappearance of the Dream Dimension was involved with this being.

Her intuition told her so!

<Then let us reverse the fabric of Reality and gaze upon what has been veiled from us.>


The authoritative and domineering voice of the Quantum Dimensional Ruler emanated out in support of Lilith's words as his body began to burn with Absolute Fundamental Authority of Relativity.


A law that stated that what beings perceived as the forces of nature…arose from the curvature of space and time.

It also stated that the speed of light is constant for all observers, and that these observers moving at constant speeds would all be subject to this Fundamental Natural Law!

That the speed of an object through space…would reflect how much of its motion through time was being diverted. So the faster something moved through space, the more it was being diverted away from moving through time, so eventually…time slows down.

Users of the Fundamental Natural Law of Relativity could actively interfere with such concepts to not just slow down time or accelerate it…but they could cause the continuum of space to shift as at this moment, the Quantum Dimensional Ruler was utilizing the deep meanings of this law to reverse the Spacetime continuum merely to gaze at what happened in the past.

He wasn't fully reversing the fabric of Reality of this area- but merely wanting to gaze at the events of the past as before everyone's eyes, a multicolored film of light arose like a blanket in the void!

But it was extremely hard to materialize as the Quantum Dimensional Ruler sharpened his eyes, harrumphs echoing out from multiple Dimensional Rulers as from Lilith and two Mirror Dimensional Rulers that were off to the side- Absolute Mirror Essence flew out of them to enter this film of light and stabilized its reflection for all to see.<.com>

And on the film of light, events from moments ago began to rewind.

Lilith's ferocious assault came under the gazes of everyone in slow motion as in real time, her figure had a devilish smile while watching it all!

The events then showed her figure moving in reverse as thereafter, moments before anyone arrived…


Two of Noah's Clones appeared in reverse.

It was the Prana Dimensional Chassis and the Dream Dimensional Chassis he had sent away after getting the prompt that just the former was entering the stage of the Point of Death and Rebirth!

Yet when they were shown on the film of light, they didn't show the glow and grandeur of green and gold.

They didn't show their connection to the Dream and Prana Dimensions as Noah's heartfelt profound ease- the Heart of Destiny within him shockingly working retroactively to hide what he wanted to hide from the gazes of others the identities of his Clones weren't revealed!

But this didn't prevent Lilith and the others from locking onto this moment as her authoritative voice came out.

<Why did you send two of your bodies away before our arrival?>

Her voice was sharp and filled with power as Noah raised his head towards her calmly.

And without any ounce of authority, he replied with even more calm.

"It takes a heavy toll on me to maintain so many bodies, those two could not maintain the same level of power here so I sent them away."


His words flowed naturally as the Dimensional Rulers turned a part of their wills to his other bodies in the cerulean domains that were still fighting with roaring Abominations.

Lilith's eyes turned even sharper at this as she continued to watch, the figures of the Dream and Avalon Dimensional Rulers parting away on the film of light as a crucial moment came.

The moment that would show the ending of the Dream Dimension in this location!

And it began to show as a point of golden radiant light slowly bloomed as the Dimensional Rulers watched in expectations, but a second later…


The film of light stopped, fissured, and cracked in a mere instant as everyone watched the scene incredulously!

They were all existences that had integrated with Nature so they could read what Nature portrayed at this moment.

And Noah could also read it as for him, it came in the form of a prompt!

<An Irreversible Nexus Event cannot be gazed upon.>



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